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  1. Can't get away (BUT must go after this post). The more I look at Flamengo the more stories there are. 75 Rated keeper Rodriguez Thiago plays every game between 11June & 23 July & then Diego Alves 90 rated has the place from 3 August til now. 75 to 80 for R Thiago surely & if he can get more gametime ... more hopefully.
  2. Not b4 my time Guys who knew very little used to "Hoover up" anybody from a number of big clubs in 1 huge go... like 36 in one go & just waited to see if they went up, with no research done at all on their part. Must go now tonight, Will try & find some interesting posts on here for you tomorrow. Specially while "Ar" is missing. Atb Socca
  3. Ok Roachy & Kierans. tho I'm really pressed for time tonight, had a quick look at V.Junior & of course we all know about Willians Arao +4 last review. But maybe I've unearthed one I missed earlier. Flamengo are doing moderately well in 5th & I see Miguel Anget Trauco (83) has almost the same minutes as W Arao (86). If he carries on like this he could get a nice rise. Probably a month or 2 be4 Brazil is looked at again, so I'll keep an eye on him. Socca
  4. Well played Roachy, it certainly does help the people left on the forum. I haven't looked at Brazil recently BUT viniciuis junior is going to be either a great player or a "Flash in the Pan". 2 goals & 1 assist in 15appearances isn't as yet "setting the world on fire" but I have him in all my GW's .... here's hoping. It's a fair start for a 70 rated forward who has pretensions of being the next Neymar. Keep it going & cheers mate, Socca is
  5. Another follow up.... Spurs are in communication & trying to get a deal YET again. The asking price would seem to be just too BIG for ANY of the interested parties. Maybe Spurs are so frustrated with this "window" they may pay well over their own & others estimation, basically because their pockets are burning & the window closing, grows closer???
  6. He played first 60mins & played well but was outshone by that other young Everton talent Calvert-Lewin who was tremendous for his age. Still Koeman selected him so the rumours can't be true. Don't hold back unless of course C-Lewin fits your bill??
  7. Tom Davies played way over his rating last season but there is a rumour he upset the manager Koeman end of last season for some reason. He only played 30mins in Everton's first premiership game. I'll be watching there game against Man City tomorrow wondering if he'll be picked & play 90mins or wether there is any truth in the rumour & he's not used. Whatever happens he will become a top player eventually but Koeman maybe showing him who is Boss at themoment?
  8. Hi I'm a neutral on these things believe me I support a club in the the lower Leagues. I've always liked Pogba & always thought he COULD get to a level of "Exeptional" (Messi, Suarez, Neymar 95+etc). I was disappointed last season overall but... Todays game for 80minutes I was thinking I'm disappointed again in Pogba, he's just been Ok & a bit of a Red Card risk ... (say 88/90 level). Last 10mins I have to say he played at 93/94 level showing he has got it in him to improve. So, all he needs now is more consistency & his potential will carry him thru (OR NOT if he can't be consistent). I think he will & maybe that last 10mins is the catalyst giving him all the confidence to do it this season?? Matic played well (Up to his SM rating). Lukaku did everything you could ask (was quiet but scored the vital goal & worked very hard). Yes, Abraham was mostly played out of the game but battled against more mature top defensive players & is still a big prospect. Jones did really well. So if you all start arguing about ManU n Chelsea my comments are completely neutral as is my opinion after watching the whole match.
  9. C'est La Vie ...
  10. I've repeated my post above for obvious reasons, Sir Rahul has left us (See last post in his thread today) & just loading more on arsenalrocs will only to my mind, bring about an action replay eventually. So keep enquiries interesting & more to the point of arsenalrocs thread or this "partial wilderness of a forum" nowadays MAY turn into a full scale "desert" (In both senses of the word). Showing appreciation of his efforts in answering by liking his posts is also just good manners. B4 u all say that u do I know many do, but if u get a reply then 100% should. I always try to remember & hope I haven't forgot any. I think, SM do not allow more than 10 likes per day but I would always hope I'd remember to come back 24hours later & rectify matters. Let me say not having much available time myself, if arsenalrocs also left then we have lost the most valuable scouting resource on this forum. BIG THANK YOU to arsenalrocs & since Sir Rahul has left may I say his title should go to ... "SIR arsenalrocs" & be greatly appropriate now
  11. There is a thread for "Help with Deals". I know the forum is a pretty dead nowadays but loading more & more on such as Arsenalrocs may well turn him away from the Forum altogether. I've seen it happen. If he wanted to do this kind of post I'm sure he would contribute there. Sir Rahuul is already very busy elsewhere so let's give Ar a little bit of breathing room & let him do his own thing please.
  12. No, I don't think there is BUT I think Dele Alli will be the first with a bit of luck. He isn't even 22 til next April & already 91
  13. He may be over-rated, I don't know, I haven't seen him play at all but let me give you a perspective from my own experience why he may need time to "settle in". I once played against a future (I emphasise future) Full England International forward, he was 19yo & I was the same. TBH it was pre-season on Huddersfield Town's pitch & I had direct resposibility to mark this "budding star" out of the game. I'd just joined my club & it was inferior to Huddersfield Town no doubt. I've never played a worse game, I was all-over the place & completely lost my composure. I was well known for man-marking & composure. I look back on the game (he scored 3!) & it all felt totally new to my previous side way of play & everybody seemed out of place. I felt i was "in a spin" almost dizzy, the game flew. I was never tight on him & he was just too quick to the ball & grew in confidence throughout. To cut a long story short, we played again later in the propper season & we won 1-0 on our own pitch. He never got a look in & looked half hearted as I was really tight & first to the ball. All my team were now fully prepared & we were a "confident Team" having won a number of games on the bounce. It was still a big shock for them. So don't give up on Lindelof, he might just be in a "big spin" at the moment & he'll show his true composure, get his head together in due course... The Guy I marked was Frank Worthington who went on to play for Huddersfield Town, Bolton, Leeds United, Birmingam, Sunderland, Southampton, Tampa Bay & many others including 8 Caps for England, But yes b4 u say it, it was a long time ago! Ps He is right now facing his greatest ever battle, unfortunately it's an unfair one against Alzheimers...
  14. Almost identical to my "uneducated" opinion on Chelsea, so good from that perspective. Didn't know about Mount though & I see he's just gone to Vitesse so will keep my eye on him this coming season. Many thanks
  15. Bit of a follow up on Juan Foyth. Reports have it that Spurs think Estudiantes are asking too much & MAY have ended their interest.This is good news as far as I am thinking as Juan Foyth will rise quicker the longer he has first team opportunities But now BAD news both Milan & possibly Real Madrid are considering a deal along with PSG who have waxed & waned when Spurs looked favourites Socca