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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sorry to a number of forumers & their posts. Reading through many pages on this thread I ran-out of likes "for today" & hope when I get back on to catch-up again. Many thanks to all foumers who are keeping this thread & indeed the whole forum alive. Socca-Happy
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Rahul, Monolithic & others are doing a great job on here & should be given nothing but respect & thanks. Criticism however slight has a way of discouraging reviewers over time & in the end great forumers disappear. It's happened b4, many times & many, many are long gone & much missed.
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I see Lemar at Monaco and Nainggollen at Roma are not predicted to rise this coming review possibly later this month sometime. Could Sir Rahul & other forumers if they want have a stab at wether they have zero, 25%, 50% chance etc. My guess below:- Lemar 25% Nainggolen 50% (more if they get thru to final) Cheers Socca
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sir Rahul, Was looking at predictions on first page for Frankfurt and all 3 of Hradecky, Boateng & Haller are rightly predicted on minutes to rise from 88 to 89. Unfortunately are we relying on SM to break the squad Cap of 88? I know Frankfurt being 7th deserve at least 89 or even 90 squad cap but they didn't raise it last time. BUT will SM do it this time is the question? They should in my mind but will they ....
  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Pleased to vote for you Rahul
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Copied from Sir Rahul predictions on first page:- (My thinking as I just looked at the minutes today) Leipzig: Gulacsi +1 to 89 (SM & GK's are to my mind unpredictable) Orban +1 to 89 ...... Yes 2037mins Demme +1 to 89 ....... Yes 2017mins Halstenberg +1 to 89...... No only 1179mins Upamecano +1 to 88 ...... Yes 1995mins Klostermann +2 to 87 ...... Yes 1922mins Augustin +1 to 87 ...... Maybe 1087mins Laimer +1 to 86 ...... Probably Yes 1219mins Konate +2 to 82 ...... Yes 1047mins possibly +3/5??? as, (if Augustin goes to 87 for appx same minutes why not??) Note: I'm trying to be helpful as looked at the minutes & not in anyway being critical of Sir Rahul whose doing a great job here Many thanks SR Soccahappy
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    UNDER Must have a chance of +2 as it's only to 87 BUT he hasn't played full 90mins all season & 990mins total isn't great with 7to 10mins here & there etc. Started 12 matches, subbed in 10times & hasn't played at all 10times. Being such a good 20yo prospect with minutes & a goal in Champ Lge already, I WOULD give him +2 but will SM??? Interested to see what Sir Rahul says
  8. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Hi All, Dortmund: I think it unlikely that Weigl (1581mins out of 2700) and Max Philipp with 958mins out of 2700 will get a rise in the coming review BUT how would you quantify their chances ie say possible 40% chance Weigl & 25% chance Philipp? Or definitely Not. I have to buy one at least, as bids in for both in my Gw. As always, greatly appreciate other formites views ta... Also, Best future potential of these 20yo's Upamecano, Retsos, Tousart, Maitland Niles, Chiesa, Leon Bailey, Cengiz Under - could they be put in order of importance. Thanks again to whoever responds with their priority list, cheers
  9. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I would greatly appreciate forumers gut feeling (between 0-100%) on the forthcoming Big 5 review chances of a rise for the following players. I'm without an up to date database nowadays so "my gut feeling" may be suspect. But here goes anyway:- Matic 0%? Martial 50% Otamendi 75% Alonso 25% Sokratis 25% Gaya 50% Asensio 75% Icardi 25% Belotti 25% Rabiot 50% Roberto 75% Kimmich 100% Kolasinac 25% Bellerin 25% Tolisso 50% Jesus 50% Xhaka 25% Hysaj 50% Sule 75% Bailly 25% Gagliardini 50% Guedes 50% Interesting to see how Optimistic or Pessimistic I am compared to forumers, please give it a try as a bit of fun &to show me just how far I am out of touch nowadays
  10. Site information Not Secure/SM Credits

    I just clicked on Buy Credits & then the Credit Card I would buy with in the shop and it came to a secure payment page https etc Are you not getting this JayBilston???
  11. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Any good value players in Portugal review fairly certain of rising? Like for example 88 rated Alex Telles 7m +1 probably increases his value from 7m to 10m if he rises? I already have from memory, Bruno Fernandez, Cancelo, Gelson Martins, Battaglia, Piccini, Bruno Viano, Ruben Dias, Marega etc Am sure I've missed some, not having half the time I used to have playing SM now... and of course the review has started
  12. A new risers thread

    Sorry i've been missing from forum for so long. I still have a serious auto-Immune-condition & 1 consequence of many is I can't spend excessive time on computer. As I already had 2 lacerated discs in my neck, It may be many months before I can get back to my former self. Specialists are unable to help at the moment, but I still hope... My apologies for not keeping up with my posts, hope at some time to be able to return..... keep up with the good work all "Formites"
  13. Worldwide Risers

    Yes like a shot.
  14. Worldwide Risers

    My small offering today, an update on Villarreal. Remember it's the "More" column that matters, showing who is ahead a rating rise presently & who is behind their required minutes presently:- Cheers Socca
  15. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Third has taken the words out of my mouth. The only thing I can add is, he has & Napoli have to keep it up, as 92 is the squad cap, BUT YES he has 9% more minutes than he needs & plays regularly & well