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  1. I think Monolithic is a Soccerwiki user & see's edited players queing up to be sent into SM. Can't be bothered to look every day myself but credit to Monolithic letting the forum know in advance cheers M
  2. Yes this is true, but as Kev said this is NOT an age thing just SM reducing players values for their own reasons.
  3. I keep saying on here SM do not like what scouts do ie buy & sell for profit. They have engineered the game for a number of years now, in various ways, so good managers make less & less profit & now lose money on some PLUS of course WAGES on top. Many managers have left the game in previous years. I think back & probably only 5% remain from when I first started & probably 25 to 40% have left in last 2 to 3years. I have 4 clubs left and at the height about 8 or 9. Starting to think I should get out altogether, even tho 2 of my remaining clubs have in excess of a £Billion each. I've never known a business that actively works against it's customers the way SM does what with this & encouraging cheats instead of getting rid of them the way they should. Rant Over Soccahappy ish.......
  4. that's fair enough, gives a good estimation Cheers
  5. Sir R There are so many "Nopes" in your list, SM must surely tidy these up soon & not wait for the next review? Otherwise it might be helpful to say which should be definitely kept & others where you can to some extent understand SM, be noted a "Sell"??
  6. Bite his hand off .... Without salt & vinegar ...... without washing your hands & don't laugh when you run away or he'll know he's got ripped off ...... Mr Free Agent I mean
  7. Quite agree but SM are not consistent with the smaller Leagues. might easily miss him. Cheers tho
  8. The BIG Leagues require a tweak? Could start in May
  9. Ghayas Zahid rated 82 rise to 84???
  10. Wendell, Mendy, Fabinho, Cancelo etc etc
  11. Just common sense, quite correct. No wingers in Wing/ BACK positions ---- Suicide, they will just watch players run down the wing & not mark them at all ie Hazard!
  12. SM are so miserly with their Risers values, just one example Kaio (Sao Paoulo I think) up +6 & value now 380k from 240k bought. This continues SM's war against managers who spend big-time on & researching players, Used to be bought at 10k & value rise much more. You have to take account of wages too. Don't they want customers???
  13. Lets say this could be a bit of a mindbending puzzle As you probably know I do my own ratings but do have problems with those "In-betweeners". I would greatly appreciate Arsenal Rocks, Sir Rahul & also anyone else who might have an appreciation of the players on this list:- What I'm looking for is some kind of chance of.... :- 1) 100% +1 (or whatever else +2 etc) OR 2) This is what I really meant by Inbetweener, what is in your estimation the % chance of a rise e.g 60/40% for or 10/90% against etc etc... I know these estimations are difficult (Particularly with SM rating them) but a general idea/ yardstick would be great. % plays is either current or recent Michail Antonio rated 88 Played 84.7% of available games but currently injured Cancelo rated 89 Played 75.6% of available Mario Gaspar 90 Played 96.8% of available Roque Mesa 88 Played 89.1% of available Gerhardt 88 Played 78.4% ditto Tolisso 90 Played 80.4% ditto Ginter 89 Played 77% ditto Fazio 88 Played 90.1% ditto Burgui 84 Played 54.1% ditto Gerard Moreno 87 Played 95% ditto Sergi Roberto 91 Played 71.2% ditto Most grateful for any contributions
  14. And Gasanov at Anzhi? Trouble with Promes MAY BE Squad Cap at 89???
  15. SM advising why they are having the problems they always seem to have.