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  1. With the Italian review imminent & looking at less well known Chievo & Cagliari players, what rise please for follwing if any? Inglese (+1 or 2?) Depaoli (+4 or 5?) Radovanovic (+1) Bastien (+2?) Thanks
  2. Have to agree KDB was robbed of his rise Yes thought that would be the answer Muchas Gracias
  3. Great - while we're talking Atletico, Koke 50/50 on another rise OR Atletico slightly down on last season ... so no???
  4. Is Lucas Hernandez at Atletico a definite +1 OR could he get +2 or nothing even??
  5. Still possible more tomorrow but who knows with SM
  6. Appreciate it if you can run your eyes over the following, as usual some are close to but may not get a rise this time:- Cancelo (70.2% of available mins) Sarabia (63.4% of available mins) Stefan Savic (79.2% of available mins) Vesga (50.9% of available mins) Inaki Williams (82.7% of available mins) Baselli (67.9% of available mins) Cheers Mates
  7. I see 3 from Osasuna were reviewed today I thought it was Italy next, indication it's Spain? Does naybody know from action on SW???
  8. Good chance the following Seria A players will rise soon, but which do you think might not or indeed might go up +2 (mainly +1 is my estimate) Masina (74.6% of availabe mins) Krejci (82.1% of availabe mins) Simeone (78.9% of availabe mins) Lazovic (70.4% of availabe mins) Nagy (55.8% of availabe mins) Linetty (70.5% of availabe mins) Insigne (84.6% of availabe mins & 15goals & 7a) Hoedt (55.3% of availabe mins) Keita Balde (57.5% of availabe mins) Salah (72.5% of availabe mins, 13g & 11a!) Rudiger (62.5% of availabe mins) Bruno Peres (68.6% of availabe mins) and same for Nacho @ Real Madrid (amazingly 70.5% of availabe mins) (possibly +2?? percentage chance??) Many thanks in advance
  9. Maybe as they have started English b4 French is finished, they'll do the same with Spain & Italy thereby slowing up enough to still have Juve & Real to do b4final? There is still a fair amount to do in the premiership b4 they start. I also remember SM slowing down the review a little as it came to the last 2, last year.
  10. Have to agree, I always thought players at the Top C/L Clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG etc were rated higher but a Monaco player being valued 10m more then a same rated Bayern signed player seemed exceptionally over the top. Why have reviews for revaluing rating & valuation & then load it up so buyers would make zilch after a review seems beyond the pale to me & cheating managers who are customers after all.
  11. Is that religion or Gabriel??
  12. The "sense" was forecast in my post a few pages back, how could SM raise his value when he was 89 & already worth 24m? All these were 89 & valued at 14m at the same time All below are 21yo rated 89 & valued at 14m Sule Going to Bayern so SM will probably adjust this value upwards when he arrives or plays his first few games. Christensen, Gaya & Max Meyer Also note:- Tah & Asensio are valued at 16m & Sane has been inflated to 20m so at least if Sane goes +1 then he could & probably will rise by 4m. But this is still SM "Engineering" the reviews, so the enjoyable part of the game we all like is less profitable for us scouters Boo to you SM!
  13. Definitely Spinazzola & Krunic for me, without hesitation & hang on to them instead
  14. Welcome to the World of Engineering stats courtesy of SM
  15. Eibar 8th in Spain have some interesting possibles:- Lejeune surely nailed on for +2 to 87? (86.5% Played Mins) Escalante +1 to 86? (58.2% Played Mins) Here's where a squad cap of 88 might deter SM:- Capa just MIGHT get +1 to 88??? with (74.4% Played Mins) Surely Enrich +1 to 88? with (82.6% played mins) Considered opinions please....