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  1. Thanks for this brocky. Do you or anybody else on here know where Luan is actually going I'd love to see him playing for Liverpool alongside Coutinho but do Barcelona have him "wrapped up"???
  2. More like headless staff
  3. This is stupid! Don't u think I would have reported you b4 now if I wasn't loathe to report someone. Your remarks saying SM are racist are senseless. Of course they ARE NOT RACIST. Does anyone on here actually agree they are?? I think your in a majority of one with this very extreme comment. Saying I have no class is "water off a ducks back" ... meaningless coming from you. Your in the wrong, just totally wrong to say SM are racist & refuse to apologise. It's legally deflamatory & SM could take you to court. Stupidity, total stupidity! Anyone else agree with him??
  4. Twice as many minutes appx, really, unbelievable...
  5. So you would welcome your post being reported to SM for their consideration???
  6. No but will guess things will liven up 15days after they slowed down???
  7. Man-up & apologise for accusing SM of racism over something so silly as missing a rating increase. Then & only then can you be taken seriously. I could accuse them of being racist about not dealing with cheats but that would be equally stupid, ignorent & just plain wrong. Up to you, as I say just apologise, surely you can see there is not an ounce of truth in what you said?
  8. I've got Salah & think he should of got a rise BUT SM have missed over 40 others who should have got a rise. I have been a massive critic of SM & still am BUT all I can say to any hint of racism by SM over Salah missing out ... is Small game Mo, very small. You should retract the slur rather than try to defend a defenceless accusation.
  9. What about Lazio?? Should be more than a few risers out of Strakosha, Felipe Anderson, Keita Balde, Hoedt, Milinkovic Savic & Fortuna Wallace .... Even SM can't be missing even more than they have already
  10. Obviously you mean Ronaldo Vierra at Leeds United - couldn't possibly be anyone else now... could it?
  11. Wouldn't buy Harry Winks just yet myself been out with an ankle injury since 1st April. I'd like to see how he's doing in September. Otherwise bright future but mainly subbing up to his injury. I've heard good things about Barberan Maycon but not seen him play. Not sure that helps tho?.
  12. It's slipshod, many, many missed altogether throughout the Big 5. Worst review EVER in terms of number of players totally missed ( & I've been playing 8 Years)! Shame on you SM. SM = Super Messed-UP! When it's finished gonna try & add them all-up, or maybe I won't bother... just like SM.
  13. Actually you touch on a point there. I have always thought SM has a hidden rating maybe called "Form" & they vary it for EVERY player, EVERY season & different in EVERY individual GW. What does everybody think to "my flight of fancy"???
  14. Thought it was a prediction he was a Future SM 90 rated +4 riser & he's only played 18mins. Of coure it turns out he scored in "90+4 minutes" Had me going for a minute there .... the 94th minute actually What eventual rating does everybody predict he'll eventually get. Predict is too early to say but Pure guesses allowed, I'm guessing 94 when he's 29yo & wins C/L with Juve.