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  1. Official Manchester United Thread

    Jamie Redknapp is right about the game - Everyone puts the blame on Mourinho but Klopp is as guilty as not opening the door and settling for a draw by taking off their best 2. I laugh saying delusional etc, City score 5,6,7 goals and people like you think they on another planet but they forget the Everton, Bournemouth, Brighton games where they weren't at their best. Like I said I take 2 points off City atm as it only takes 1 slip up
  2. Official Manchester United Thread

    On another Planet? Everton game, they should of lost but Koeman took off Williams when Everton looked comfortable at 1-0. In the Bournemouth game, Defoe should of scored and it was a last minute goal. Brighton, It took until the 70th min. Against Liverpool, Liverpool were threatening until Mane red. All team including United don't have easy games but I take 2 points behind as It can take only 1 slip up/ bad period of the season to overtake them
  3. Official Manchester United Thread

    Stoke for the last few seasons are known for letting in many goals City Struggled to Score vs Everton, Brighton, Bournemouth and to a point Liverpool(Mane was sent off) so City can have an off day, its only a 2 point gap and 30 games to go City could score 10 but it only means 3 points, they still have to face United twice etc, who says a team like Burnley, WBA, Leicester etc cant take points off them
  4. Official Manchester United Thread

    I am a Manchester United fan, alway have been
  5. Official Manchester United Thread

    I am pointing out that Chelsea lost and are 7 points behind United
  6. Official Manchester United Thread

    You just thinking of the result, It might have been different with a Pogba etc in the team Its an early game back from the international break(players travelled for both sides) at a Hard Anfield ground and have a midweek game as well to come, the team only has 2 Midfielders fit, Rashford and Lukaku who recovering from injury during that time as well then it would be hard. Only 2 points off City, 7 away from Chelsea - I take that atm, only need City to slip up 1 time or even beat them - IMO if Mane wasn't stupid vs City they might of got a result This is joint United best start with 1999/00 and 2011/12 season Call him Borinho etc what you like, admittedly wasn't the best game but United didn't have that strong Midfield of the likes of Pogba or Fellaini
  7. Official Manchester United Thread

    Not the best game - but I take it as no Pogba, Fellaini, Bailly and I take it as Chelsea dropped points Like Mourinho said Liverpool had the power in the Midfield and that he was waiting/hoping Klopp would change it as he had no 1 in the midfield to chance the game Anfield not an easy place to go
  8. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Crystal Palace says Thank You
  9. Official Manchester United Thread

    He still young
  10. Official Manchester United Thread

    Mourinho will go out to win and with Liverpool defence atm United should score Predicted Line up - De Gea, Valencia, Bailly, Jones/Smalling, Young, Matic, Herrera, Mkhitaryan, Mata, Rashford, Lukaku D.Rose might be coming to United according to reports
  11. Official Manchester United Thread

    Atkinson the ref for Liverpool vs Man United game - Last time he was ref, Gerrard lasted 42 Seconds in his last ever United game
  12. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Mourinho won't like it but still have Herrera and Carrick - Herrera has a great chance to get a starting spot Karma on Chelsea as well - sweating on Kante and all the rumours about Conte and players
  13. Official Manchester United Thread

    No serious injury to Lukaku after scan - Hope he sits out the qualifiers s he can play vs Liverpool United are preparing to expand the Sir Bobby Stand by more than 12,000 to make the capacity 88,000 which would be 3rd biggest stadium in the world
  14. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Morata out or over a month accordingly - Is Conte gonna play no Striker in next game Bit in Red, Mourinho has said Belgium is Martinez responsibility, 'It's his decision to play him or not to play him. I cannot, professionally speaking, say do this or do that - Belgium was the 1st Europe team to qualify in WC All Manager want their players rested and no injures in the international break
  15. Official Manchester United Thread

    Another 4-0 - Lukaku 11 goals in 10 games now - It was only Palace IMO Rashford was impressive and Mkhitaryan was poor United still need to sort that LB spot as Young isn't Defensive minded and teams seem to be exploiting that area