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Found 9 results

  1. European Championship 7511

    JOIN GAMEWORD ID: 369405 ✔ High Reputation Managers ✔Active Community ✔ Thriving Transfer Market New season just begun, secure your club today!
  2. Hi, Just looking for some help regarding advanced rule changes after completing a few seasons. I am looking to up the Economy Level as teams are struggling to stay out of debt. If I alter this will the squads empty, and everyone will be back to the start with no players? Club squads were “Empty” at the beginning and if I apply this new rule does the squad rule also apply? Thanks for advance with any assistance.
  3. New season starting in World Championship 5741 (ID: 26876). And I will sell Chiellini, Bale and Aguero to the highest bidder for the new season! Teams available include: Real Madrid - Modric, Benzema, James Rodriguez, Mascherano, Isco, Casemiro, Varane, Keylor Navas Bayern - Muller, Robben, Alcantara, Vidal, Douglas Costa Juventus - Higuain, Matuidi, Pjanic, Marchisio Ath Madrid - Diego Costa, Oblak, Juanfran, Gabi Liverpool - Firmino, Mane, Salah, Sturridge Chelsea - Courtois, Willian, Pedro, David Luiz Man Utd - Ibra, Matic, Mata, Mkhitaryan Man City - David Silva, Gundogan, Sterling, Bernado Silva, Hart
  4. e creado un nuevo mundo Game World ID: 364176 los invito. i create new world game Game World ID: 364176 come on.
  5. New Game world 341185

    Please join my new game world 341185.
  6. Liga Argentina ID:334653

    Hola muchachos aca les dejo una liga recien echa! :DDDD
  7. Apply for any team, first come first serve. Enjoy
  8. I'm a long time player and know how the concerns work but in one of my game worlds Aguero has gone up in concern level 3 times in what seems a fairly short space of time i.e weeks. He's made 32 starts and one sub appearance and still went up to level 3. Sanchez just got a level 1 concern with 30 starts and 2 sub appearances and that seems a little harsh. Kompany also got a concern with 32/1 start/sub appearances too. I had a concern review in my game world today and also one 8 days ago.... usually I manager concerns really well but in one season for a player to go from no concern to level 3 with 32 starts and 1 sub seems a bit steep... Anyone else experienced this? The only thing I can think of is that I played 9 cup games which might have made players expected starts rise a bit? Normally I'd say 30 is easily enough games for no concerns to develop.
  9. Game World ID: 261915 New Game World with Empty Squads 220M to each team. Strong Economy. 1 Division, 14 Teams, 26 Matches. Open access!