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Found 10 results

  1. Best Tactics for FC Barcelona

    I've got a Barcelona team and I want to find the best formation for this team.Please post your success formations with Barcelona.Thanks!
  2. Where is Playing Style?

    Can somebody show me with a screenshot or otherwise where playing style is in tactics?
  3. Where is "play style"?

    I've seen a lot of tactics here including "playstyles". However I can't see this anywhere in-game. Am I missing something? Can somebody help??
  4. I played this game a few months ago, played it again today and I can't find the team instructions (the ones which have "play offside trap" and "use playmaker" and "use target man" etc. Help would be much appreciated
  5. Hey guys, so basically I took over this club from another manager and I find it hard to set a proper formation/tactic with the given squad. I've tried 4-2-3-1 B and lost 2-1 @ away, tried 4-4-1-1 and drew 1-1 @ home and yesterday tried 4-3-3 B lost 1-0 @ home. I am managing 3 different teams on 3 different game worlds and so far I am doing well with the other 2 teams. Idk why but I find it hard to set a proper formation/tactic with this team. Can anyone suggest me the best formation/tactic for the squad below? PS: There are many unneeded players(the super young ones) in this squad and I'll be offloading them soon
  6. Best SM Tactic

    Everybody has been looking for the formula, well here it is!!!. Firstly : Formation Best,most effective and most guaranteed, is the 4-3-3B* Formation. * - With some editing. The Fullbacks - Will both have arrows drawn to the attacking side. (Do not adjust your two central defenders) The Midfield - Your number 6 aka DM will have an arrow drawn to the defensive side. Your number 7 aka AM will have an arrow drawn to the attacking side. Your number 8 aka CM will have no arrow drawn!!!!!. The Attack - Will remain unedited. (This gives them a creative freedom). Secondly : Instructions Team Instructions Tackling Style - Hard. Mentality - Attacking. Passing Style - Mixed. Attacking - Mixed. Tempo - Fast. Pressing - All Over. Play Style Counter Attack, Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking - Yes. Playmaker, Target Man, Offside Trap - No. N.B - This is because using a playmaker and/or target man, reduces the level of creativity of the rest of the team, and sometimes all you need is a moment of brilliance. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! Always set a substitution, the workload required of the tactic is much so you need subs. AND ALSO!!!!! Only have one substitute plan (most preferably for 60th min, regardless of scores), Never bring on more than two substitutes, you never know who will get sent of or Injured!!!! GOODLUCK!!!!!!! N.B - This tactic works irrespective of squad rating but not squad depth i.e A squad with a rating of 90 but with 32 players will challenge top four and SMFA spots easily. N.B - Better teams with the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, have a 70-80% chance of beating you, especially on a good day. This is NOT! magic.
  7. Can you help with tactic, right now i play with 3-5-2 but i want a tactic that improve the goals and wins on my team. Here is print screen's of my squad: Squad: http://imgur.com/a/cJbxF Instructions: http://imgur.com/a/es9Md Schedule: http://imgur.com/a/rajXm
  8. Playing Styles

    Hi all... I've returned to SM after a few years to realise the "play style" section of the tactics is gone? Where has this gone? Being able to select counter-attack or use target-man etc was a huge part of my tactics. When I view a previous match report, these all show, checked as "no", so they are still in the game... But there is no way to adjust these? What is going on? Any help is much appreciated...
  9. Problem for the blinds

    I, my name is Matteo, and I'm a blind person. I've a big problem with the game. With the new view mode of the tactical settings, I cant set the lineup of my team, because I cant drag the players in the positions in the field. How can I solve this situation? Thanks!
  10. Squad, Formation And Tactics

    This is where you can post your accomplished/successful squad and the formation along with tactics you used with them. This is where managers can come for tactical advice from some of the more experienced managers This is where you can help each other out by posting counter formations and tactics, best player to buy etc.