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Found 3 results

  1. 7 Day Transfer Ban

    It seems that a new way of preventing another manager from completing a signing is being used (unfairly) by some members. They take over the management of a club for 1 minute and then they resign. This action cancels any transfer in progress and creates a transfer ban for the whole orphan team for up to seven days. May I suggest that either transfers in progress should be allowed to complete (which would happen in real life), or a new manager needs to be in place for at least a period of three to five days before the ban kicks in. Any suggestions?
  2. Transfer ban

    I've completed a successful transfer of Arjen Robben to my team Southampton in English Championship 11834, however, when you click on his name it says there is a transfer ban. I don't understand what is wrong and why there is a ban, and what the consequences of it are. Hoping someone can help... Thanks, SB
  3. Where can I report a manager for sending me abusive words via message, this was only because i didn't accepted his offer. I got evidence and everything neccessary, I didn't block him because there must be another way to ban this sh!t from this game. Cheers! looking forward for your reply.