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Found 4 results

  1. how can i change the club in the solo mode help please
  2. As the title says, you can build your dream team with £250m to buy your team. A lot of clubs are free right now. Lets have a bit of fun with this and see what custom squads you can build. Game World ID: 267321
  3. Hi I created a new game world but need some people to join. It's a 4 division competition with 12 teams/Div (season not too long not too short) Only the best clubs of their countries. I think about 15 countries are represented So JOIN Game World ID: 249433 You're all welcome!
  4. The people behind Soccer Manager promised us friendly changes several years ago and nothing is done. The current set up is not only Unrealistic but annoying. real life clubs don't have friendly's mid season but do at the end of the season. The managers should be free to manage there teams how they see fit and be allowed to opt out of these circumstances or atleast be able to cancel friendly's given. I hereby propose the following changes: 1) Allow managers to either cancel friendly's given or stop the Automated friendly's midseason and at the end, Or allow the given days to be set by the manager if he/she wishes. 2) Bring in friendly's for international games preferably with an option to arrange the games ourselves. 3) Player availability, How is a player able to play 2 games on the same day at the same time? I for one in real life cant be in 2 places at once.