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Found 3 results

  1. SM introduced this rule in 2011 and although the rule is good it may produce some ridiculous situations. I have in my team a starting lineup of 89-91 players in a strong game world. I also have plenty of low rated players of 75-82 and they are already >22 years and they start developing concerns. However I sacrificed my season in a tough game world in order to avoid the requested transfers and today despite having more than 15 games those players are still developing concerns. Should we sacrifice completely the players from the starting line-up in order to avoid losing some good low rated players, playing them all the season or maybe SM should re-evaluate this rule, putting a reasonable limit of 2-3 games for players <75, and 10 games for players <83.
  2. I'm a long time player and know how the concerns work but in one of my game worlds Aguero has gone up in concern level 3 times in what seems a fairly short space of time i.e weeks. He's made 32 starts and one sub appearance and still went up to level 3. Sanchez just got a level 1 concern with 30 starts and 2 sub appearances and that seems a little harsh. Kompany also got a concern with 32/1 start/sub appearances too. I had a concern review in my game world today and also one 8 days ago.... usually I manager concerns really well but in one season for a player to go from no concern to level 3 with 32 starts and 1 sub seems a bit steep... Anyone else experienced this? The only thing I can think of is that I played 9 cup games which might have made players expected starts rise a bit? Normally I'd say 30 is easily enough games for no concerns to develop.
  3. Player Concerns

    Hi, Can anyone tell what is happening with player concerns ? They are not being updated but they are still affecting player value. Will it be fixed anytime soon ? Will they disappear ?