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Found 7 results

  1. Okay guys so I bought a custom world and never got an ID to access my world, and it never showed on my profile as it was supposed to. I later realized my gold membership had expired and I need to be a gold manager to have a custom world. I then proceeded to pay a gold membership thinking everything would go back to normal. Except it hasn't. Originally payed for a custom world on May 7 and for the gold membership on May 10. I emailed on May 7 because I couldn't understand why I didn't get the ID for my world in my receipt and haven't heard back since. I don't know what to at this point. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Gw ID 348003 Each division with 20 teams based on the new Indian FA format Join still in pre seasons 8 clubs taken more 32 still available
  3. Hello guys please join my game world... Its called "Haziel Ultimate League" Id: 284043 Only one manager (me) controlling Bayern, players are on real clubs, except Neymar and Gotze only, the rest still like real condition, please join before its stopped cuz less manager.... Thankyou so much!!!!
  4. Hello I am searching people to play in my world game, there is more than 20 teams available. You can request and I'll accept! I'm waiting for you guys, peace! Game world ID: 272988 Nickname: Fred Cris E-mail:
  5. Upset because you can not buy players from a larger club or feel less passionate in pursuit of a respectable position at the end of the season because the prize is not useful. Come join us in our cash only Game World, MONEY IS EVEYTHING! ID : 265683
  6. Economy rich 5 divisions the best teams of america and europe ID:245300 Economia rica 5 divisiones los mejores equipos de america y europa ID:245300
  7. Hi everyone, It is my pleasure to announce you that a new custom game world is out there, waiting for you to join! Briefly spoken: English Championship - 5 divisions Game World ID: 242683 Very rich economy No player concerns All clubs are at their defaults at the beginning, only two of them are taken. Because there are no player concerns, you can keep your favorite players as long as you want, without the fear of losing someone. So come and grab your favorite clubs!