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  1. I am currently unable to log in on the IOS version of Soccer Manager is this due to the server change or am I having a individual problem?
  2. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME THE BEST?! - YES? Then welcome to Total Football Fantasy, the league that welcomes all managers in its quest to become the best, most interactive league on SM. What's special about this league is how all managers vote together to rule changes, managerial appointments, end of season awards and much much more! Dust off that old suit and get your application in! - GAMEWORLD ID: 357036 - QUICK - FILLING UP FAST! 1) Rules on offering current managers a better club as a reward of their success: All managers will give their opinion on who deserves new jobs, based on the success that certain manager has had after YEAR 1 of Total Football Fantasy League. I (Inside Forward) will draw up a 3 MAN shortlist of managers who have received the most recommendations from their fellow managers. Then, based on the success and ONLY on their success that season, I will decide who gets rewarded with a new job. 2) What if I finish in the bottom 3? : If you finish in the bottom three clubs, you will incidentally be relegated as per SM rules. However the manager who finishes 20TH (LAST) will automatically be sacked by the Game World. They are free to return, but at a lower club (such is the norm with real life football). The other 2 managers who also got relegated, will be held accountable for the poor form, and depending on how close they were to staying up, will face a VOTE from ALL their fellow managers in the league for who should stay, and who should go. 3) Rules are made not only by myself, but EVERYONE in the game world. I want this to be the funnest, most interactive game world there is and I know there are some great guys on here and ones I have already met and who have already jumped into the gameworld. And I cant wait to welcome you all to this fantastic league. ONCE AGAIN, GAMEWORLD ID: 357036. SO DUST OFF THAT OLD SUIT, PRINT OFF THAT CV, AND GO AND GRAB A MANAGERIAL JOB AND PROVE TO THE WORLD WHAT YOUR MANAGERIAL CAPABILITIES ARE! YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE!
  3. I tried to sign Ronaldo and Messi but they refused to sign for my club. Any idea why?
  4. Hello, first time asking for help. I recently made a new custom game world for me and 4 friends, me and 3 of my friends were smart and brought within our means, my other friend only managed to buy 18 players and no goal keeper, he only has 200k left and can't get anyone, what's going to happen to him?. The season hasn't started yet. Will he be sacked? Will the computer buy the spare players needed?, the economy is on very rich if that changes anything
  5. Relative newby here who cant seem to crack the code. Id love to hear people recommendations for my ultimate lineup D: Alderweirld, Pepe, F Luis, M Carrick, Yedlin, D Alves, F Johnson M: Modric, Alli, G Bale, F: Ronaldo, Aguero, Tevez, Dempsey, Hulk, Suarez I'm lost on where to find good advice on this but absolutely love playing the game!
  6. problem

    Guys i have a one question. I finished the season 10th January and on main page is writting ' First fixture of new season: Tue 17 January '. Today is 24th January and season doesn't start. What is doing here ?
  7. Hello can someone tell me how to add a friendly matches cause since the new updates i dont know how to add new friendly matches i wanted to play a friendly match against a friend?
  8. I used so many formations but any of them makes my team go beyond in the league. Every season I ever finish in 5th place. Someone have a tip to give to me?
  9. (id is 347739 again.)Guys pls join my game world it is awesome a european championship i just created this world and i need at least 5 managers to join to keep this game world going and actually playableso if u guys help me out that would be awesome thanks. and btw to join u needto type the id it's: 347739
  10. (id is 347739 again.)Guys pls join my game world it is awesome a european championship i just created this world and i need at least 5 managers to join to keep this game world going and actually playableso if u guys help me out that would be awesome thanks. and btw to join u needto type the id it's: 347739
  11. why after a year and half a year the game will not save when i want to quit? even if i try to save myself or the autosave doesn`t wotk anymore this is what looks like when i try Data writing failed, saving locally.
  12. The game keeps saying can't save, saving locally.... why is that?
  13. If i don't renew a player contract that has 1 season left, will that player leave the club or does the chairman always renew the contract?
  14. This is where you can post your accomplished/successful squad and the formation along with tactics you used with them. This is where managers can come for tactical advice from some of the more experienced managers This is where you can help each other out by posting counter formations and tactics, best player to buy etc.
  15. Hi all, I'm new to soccer manager 2016 but willing to try playing on the app btw. I probable have a noobish question, but ccan't find the answes anywhere so here it goes... Is it possible to hire staff? coaches, physio's etc.??? but i saw it is possible to upgrade your facilities youth academy, medical centre, training groud. But e.g. my trainers have a level of 6. How do I increase this? if it is only possible on pc, i would like to know also. Then i will play on pc... Thank you very much! Japie
  16. It's possible to change teams? If it's possibile, how I can do it? Thanks for the help
  17. There was an error whilst loading your save game. It says this whenever I try to play SM. It has been happening for a couple days now.
  18. I have just come back to sm after some time away and have been given a new custom world to create, I want a full game world where managers stay for a long time not like most who stay for 3 games then leave because they are not at the top of the table. So i am looking for any ideas of what to do or anyone who would be interested in becoming a manger in something new and willing to stick around and maybe be a regular post on the forums too
  19. Okay fixed the issue. Thanks. Please join our new league, it started there are 8 clubs already taken League info : The Official Lads & Lasses Tournament Game World ID : 242701 Reputation level 75+ to avoid fake accounts and cheating.