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    Martin AGUIRREGABIRIA is rated only 70 yet he is playing in main La Liga for Deportivo Alaves since the beginning of the season. Easily an 83-85 rated at worst. This can be seen here: https://uk.soccerway.com/players/martin-aguirregabiria-padilla/472270/ As you can see 1350 minutes is quiet a lot in one of the toughest leagues in the world. So a 70 rated is definitely wrong and he is the ONLY player to be missed of any of the 4 main Countries.
  2. Will Buffon retire?

    Will Buffon retire after this season? What do you think?

    Hello there, fellow managers all around the world. For this project I really need your help in order to make this topic one of the best over the forum. In order to be a good manager, any of us need to search some WONDERKIDS. This kind of players are young, have lots of potential and most important they really have a decisive role in their team. Some simple rules are essential in our collaboration, so in order to share some hot prospect with us, the most important rules are #1 The player must be 18 or younger ( under 18 means that he is currently 18 or less). #2 The recommended player must really play some minutes on the field ( you can share some statistics, if you have access to them) #3 Some impressions about the wonderkid are important, some rumors about transfers or even some interesting news about the player.
  4. Buying a player

    Hey am try to buy a othere player off a other team but when the bId have been accepted it corlapeisand the trade dint go though
  5. Young players on the rise (<23)

    Spanish League Rafinha - Barca - 87>89 Correa - Atletico - 87>89 Oyarzabal - Sociedad - 83>86 Lucas Hernandez - Atletico - 83>85 Saul Niguez - Atletico - 90>91 Asensio - Real Madrid - 87>89 English League Bellerin - Arsenal - 89>91 Iwobi - Arsenal - 82>86 Sterling - Man City - 90>91 Bailly - Man Utd - 87>89 Holding - Arsenal - 78>83 Hayden - Newcastle - 78>82 Origi - Liverpool - 87>88 Reine-Adelaide - Arsenal - 76>80 Bielik - Arsenal - 75>78 Keane - Burnley - 84>86 Alli - Tottenham - 89>91 Shaw - Man Utd - 88>89 Rashford - Man Utd - 83>87 Iheanacho - Man City - 83>87 German League Kimmich - Bayern - 88>90 Sanches - Bayern - 87>89 Weigl - Dortmund - 88>90 Sule - Hoffenheim - 87>89 Dahoud - Monchengladbach - 87>89 Mor - Dortmund - 80>85 Dembele - Dortmund - 85>88 Embolo - Schalke - 86>88 Italian League Locatelli - Milan - 78>85 Romagnoli - Milan - 88>89 Milik - Napoli - 88>89 French League Mammana - Lyon - 85>87 Rekik - Marseille - 86>87 Mbappe - Monaco - 78>83 Kimpembe - PSG - 80>84 Augustin - PSG - 80>82 Other Leagues Dembele - Celtic - 82>85 Grimaldo - Benfica - 82>85 I'm sure I've missed PLENTY. Give me your thoughts on my predictions and other players you think could be on the rise, 23 and under.
  6. If i don't renew a player contract that has 1 season left, will that player leave the club or does the chairman always renew the contract?
  7. I'm a long time player and know how the concerns work but in one of my game worlds Aguero has gone up in concern level 3 times in what seems a fairly short space of time i.e weeks. He's made 32 starts and one sub appearance and still went up to level 3. Sanchez just got a level 1 concern with 30 starts and 2 sub appearances and that seems a little harsh. Kompany also got a concern with 32/1 start/sub appearances too. I had a concern review in my game world today and also one 8 days ago.... usually I manager concerns really well but in one season for a player to go from no concern to level 3 with 32 starts and 1 sub seems a bit steep... Anyone else experienced this? The only thing I can think of is that I played 9 cup games which might have made players expected starts rise a bit? Normally I'd say 30 is easily enough games for no concerns to develop.