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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys. Need some players for my league. Chelsea have an excellent squad and are a day away from being raided. Every other available club has lots of money. My league is 280714
  2. An old but good World championship needs competitive players. Real Madrid is free among other big names. Up to now any manager that is involved plays on daily basis.
  3. I just want to find out what is the max of players you can have at one club. I think I have 250.. I get hooked into it buying youth players lol but what Is the maximum of players at one club... you can hold to many goal keepers.. as this was the case at my club and I couldn't buy any more players, sold a few and things seem ok now.. Thanks Jose'' Lazio''
  4. So the first rating reviews were rubbish leaving a lot of players behind..but how about round 2??? Kante being first on the list for a good one and Kane second for me. So what's your opinion..!
  5. PART ONE - REVISED Alli 86>89 Alderwiereld 90>91 Koscielny 92>93 Barkley 89>89/90 I think he deserves more but with Everton being poor I'm not 100% if he'll get it Douglas Costa 92>93 Elneny 86>87 - 88 if he stays in the team Andre Gray 82>85 Although I think he should rise more Griezmann 93>94 Suarez 96>97 Mahrez 89>90 Drinkwater 86>88 Vardy 89>90 Kane 90>92 Bellarin 88>90 Coman 87>89 Ben Arfa 88>89 Lingard 85>86 Martial 89>90 (Didn't realise he was only 90 before lol!) Rashford 78>84 Butland 87>89 Posting Part 2 shortly...
  6. PART 1 Chelsea, Man United & Arsenal - WHO COULD DROP IN RATING? Hazard 95>94 Rooney 93>92? Hard one up for debate?? Walcott 91>90 Depay 90>89 Young 90>89 Terry 91>90 Oscar 92>91 Doesn't deserve such a high rating though not particularly bad in a horrible season for Chelsea Ivanovic 91>90 Ramires 91>90 Begovic 89>88 Debatable? Falcao 91>90 Arteta 88>86 Rosicky 88>86 WHO HAVE I MISSED? WHO DO YOU THINK SHOULD DROP? DO YOU AGREE WITH MY RATINGS? LET ME KNOW!!
  7. Over the last several years the managers have less and less control over the team daily management. I would love to see the following changes. 1) Stop chairman interference with player contracts. I haven't done a player contract for a few years now as the owners, Chairman takes everything over. 2) The manager gets to decide who goes out on loan and not the chairman. I have players I need out on loan as I already have the players in a given position at a rating level I need. This constant interference is severely irritating and the manager should get to decide how his team is run any not everyone else. 3) Friendly's at stupid times of the season, Mid season and end of season and once again the manager has no way of cancelling them. Either get rid of the stupid automated friendly's and replace them with friendly option days or allow us to cancel friendly's as we please. 4) Bring in the changes you promised us several years ago to friendly's. For example, Be able to arrange our own club friendly's outside the country we live in, and 2 Be able to create international friendly's. 5) Player availability, How is a player able to play 2 games on the same day at the same time? I for one in real life cant be in 2 places at once. 6) I seem to have no longer access to my clubs information like stadium capacity and so on. why? I like to keep track of such things. 7) On the upgrade announcement you mentioned a fan base and yet you do not show us the number of fans the club has? 8) A playoff tree for world cups that you also said you had put forward to be brought in 3 or 4 years ago. 9) Bring back the option to make a player Unavailable for transfer. Shouldn't have to spend my time rejecting irritating offers I don't want. If I want a player transferred I will list him as such. May I suggest you actually do the upgrades and changes you promise the sites users.
  8. An unmanaged team in one of my gameworlds sold a player even though they only had 21 of their own players and one loaned to them by me. Is the squad minimum size still 21? The team has received a bid for another player so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I can only assume a bug has made the game think the team had 22 players... unless the minimum limit has been removed or made smaller?