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Found 3 results

  1. Today I was excited as it was my first SMFA Cup match that I would be able to manage. Anyways I had set up tactics prior to the game considering the hectic week ahead. While the game was in progress (before the results came in) I decided that I would set up the team for tomorrows game as I may be busy I forget to do so. When the results came in, I realized that the team that played was the B team I set up while the game was already in progress. Is this normal? Does this mean I can change my tactics for a game once the notification about the result does show?
  2. NEW WORLD ID :362584

    Brand new world with a bunch of teams left that need to be taken. i want to start up a Whatsapp group chat or any kind of media chat. i want to start making it like real life with a good group of players that come on daily to enjoy playing SMW I WANT TO FILL THIS SERVER OUT !!
  3. New game world

    Hi i have made a new game world id 357460. All the teams are currently available . Please join as soon as possible. Invite your friends too ?????