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Found 7 results

  1. Good morning! I'll introduce you to a new game. is a new website of soccer manager online. Play against the whole world, buy and sell players, win tournaments, sell lots of tickets, train your team, use the best strategies and consecrate yourself as a champion !. You have the possibility to change the virtual coins that you win, in real money in dollars paying for paypal, and it is completely free to play.
  2. People when will come soccer manager 2018 on the PC ?? And will it be released on the PC at all? When will she appear in Steam? And will it be free?
  3. Wijnaldum of Liverpool was also very important in Liverpool's ascension to UCL again.He was ever present for the team due to the trust Klopp had in him and he never proved him wrong. He deserves an increase at least from 90 to 91. He is far beyond just a 90 rating. Coutinho rose to 93, Firmino and Mane rose to 92, and therefore Wijnaldum deserves an increase from 90 to at least 91. So as Henderson too from 91 to 92
  4. Okay guys so I bought a custom world and never got an ID to access my world, and it never showed on my profile as it was supposed to. I later realized my gold membership had expired and I need to be a gold manager to have a custom world. I then proceeded to pay a gold membership thinking everything would go back to normal. Except it hasn't. Originally payed for a custom world on May 7 and for the gold membership on May 10. I emailed on May 7 because I couldn't understand why I didn't get the ID for my world in my receipt and haven't heard back since. I don't know what to at this point. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have been losing matches in my club I have players likw thiago silva , pique, lahm, filipe Luis, modric , fab, silva, robben , muller , aguero and so on ....please which tactics and formation do you think I should use.....
  6. Hello , I could talk to a forum moderator , I need to have some information if possible. Antoine Rigot
  7. Economy rich 5 divisions the best teams of america and europe ID:245300 Economia rica 5 divisiones los mejores equipos de america y europa ID:245300