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Found 4 results

  1. I've just come back to all of this from a year's break - back when I used Soccerwiki regularly I could suggest a change, and within 2/3 days a decision would have been made. I made an 'edit' on 1st December and it's still being voted on? Is this a regular thing now?
  2. Soccer Wiki - New Badge Votes Needed

    Hey, anybody wants to help me out and vote on soccer wiki on the many genuine badges? I have uploaded a lot on there for the database today - it would help my level increase. I am looking to add 3 new English non-league clubs (eventually) to the database, if i can reach level 4. Please help with the votes. All help gratefully appreciated. My username - Jamesee1
  3. Hey all, Just been browsing through the Eerste Divisie (Dutch 2nd league) and the teams are overdue a systematic review. Many players have changed teams in the past year. Players have been let go; retired or moved to non league teams etc. I have been trying to update them myself on SW (since 26th July) but the voting process is painstakingly slow, could people assist me in getting more votes or editing the teams/missing players. I already have been editing Go Ahead Eagles, FC Volendam, Almere City and De Graafschap so far. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Im not actually sure if this is built into the current game engine or not. I am guessing it isnt. But wouldnt it be good, if Your selected penalty taker had a better chance of success from all penalties if he had "taking penalties" as a green attribute in Soccerwiki? Or you were more likely to score from corners, if you selected someone like Xabi Alonso to be your corner taker. (he has 'corners' listed as a green attribute in his SW profile) Or even will your team perform better if you select a Captain, who actually captains his side in real life. (and thus will probably be reflected on the SW profile page for that player)