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Peppo Espy

Serie A Rating Predictions

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15 hours ago, tupac_healy said:

Thoughts on the summer review for the following:

Dybala stay

Hamsik stay


Rugani stay

Gagliardini stay

DeSciglio stay

Gerson stay

M. Rui stay

M. Kean 82

Verde 86

Pellegri stay

P. Neto (Lazio) stay

L. Felipe (Lazio) stay

Grassi 85



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19 minutes ago, Marek said:

What about Cragno? Chances for a +2 at the end of the season?

Unfortunately, the chances of that +2 increase not exist in that case. 
In the most optimistic way, a +1 is maybe too generous for his performance. Don't get me wrong, he is decent, but he is already 86. Cagliari are near relegation, and Cragno share the position with Rafael, so he is not a „full time” keeper.

Simone SCUFFET is a better option from Serie A, in my opinion. Or, why not a keeper from Serie B, like Ivan PROVEDEL (he is really good as his team is currently first place).

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14 hours ago, Bumblebee said:

Allan of Napoli to get a rise? 

I hope so

9 hours ago, chanchooooo said:

Hi! what'll about the ranking of these players in the next review?:

Paulo Dybala stay

Alex Sandro stay

Daniele Rugani stay

Alisson Becker 91

Lorenzo Pellegrini 89 50/50

Pietro Pellegri now in Ligue 1 but maybe 82


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