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The problem is that we don't get any money from playing in UCL, unless you win it, but that is impossible with medium teams.

Why don't you give, like in real life, money for every point earned in group stage and so on?

If you start with a team that doesn't have a huge amount of money and expensive players, you don't stand a chance.

1. The players that you want to sell - we sell them for around 80-90% of their value.

2. The players that you want to buy - 200% of they value.

3. Few money for winning the leagues, cups.

4, Few money from the club at the beginning of every season.

5. Few money from attendance/TV revenue/sponsors.

I play this game for a few month and still this is not fixed! You make me fill that the only thing you want is money from coins. Most of us don't want to play only with the biggest clubs in the world. I want to grow players, to play them and the sell them. I've started with a team from Romania, with a budget of 1,5 million and I won the League so I played in Champion League. There, I earned 7 points and didn't qualify for the next stage, and NO MONEY.

WHAT'S THE POINT to play in UCL if you don't earn something unless you win UCL? And that's impossible with my team. If I were rewarded, like in real life (minimum 10 million + money for every point earned) now my team could buy some better players for next year...

What's the point of paying to be VIP? I could have this things on FM2015, but I gave you a chance, because I liked the game and hoped to improve this things that make the game to be playable.

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