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Zion Man

Best tactic !

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How do you play the game ? 


My set 4-3-2-1 with "small ball" type of players, short and fast in the attack with no Target man,

toll and very aggressive in the middle and pushing forward defence with Full backs on defence mode


-Passing style: short\direct

-Pressure: all over

-Tackling: normal\aggressive.


Sometimes i use playmakers, usually when i lead the game in the end.
Always use short GK and the most important is not to use target man striker, fast deep striker will be perfect.
Advice me with better set and show yours so every one can learn.
Thank you :)

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Tactics don't decide results in this game, it's way more random than that unfortunately. It's not like rock-paper-scissors where my scissors will always cut your paper but will always get blunted by someone else's stone etc.


Always use 3 subs in game, change the point of your attack in response to losing at 60 or 75 mins. The rest of the stuff (passing style etc) are all a smoke screen to make us think that things are so very complicated when it often boils down to random number generation. This of course is impossible to prove but it's as good a theory as any other. Saying that, I do now believe that the results are slightly more reliable than they used to be.

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