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Welling United Career Mode

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So a while ago I made a Welling United career mode after failing multiple times with Excelsior, Kidderminster Harriers and Borussia M'Gladbach.


After a very shaky start the team got up and running and we managed to become champions in the National League. But now that I've done that the team expects me to gain promotion to the League One this season. Is this because of the overall strength of the squad or the way I won the title in the National League? (I won the league on the last day of the season.)


I'd also really like to hear a few good players to loan/buy with less than 150k of money left. Furthermore I'd like to hear your best career mode stories as well.

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Good on you for taking over one of the minnows, it's way more fun to take over a little team and make them achieve something. Where's the fun in taking over Man Utd etc and having millions of pounds to spend on players and bidding for the same old players all the time?


It's very difficult to find players at those prices nowadays, have a look on an external site and look at youth team players. You may have to sell one of your better players to raise some cash to kick start a team rebuilding job. I do lots of swap deals with external teams and you can do pretty well out of those to slightly improve your team. To be honest I like it better this way as it's more of a challenge.


To save some money try to loan out as many players as possible as it saves you half their wages, which soon adds up. Don't have a massive squad either. It's actually impossible to keep more than 17/18 first team players happy with enough game time.

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