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Project Gateshead

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Hi all found the game about a week ago really love it brings me back to the champman days 

I started a new project with Gateshead the aim 4 promotions in a row and get in the premier league 

Im doing this with just Youth Players we won the Conference with ease Scored over 150 goals. just about to start our second season

Here are just some quality youngsters

Mitchell Van Bergen from Vitesse only 16 and scored 21 goals from midfield in first season cost me 2 million rated 72

Fillipe Richalison Striker (Brazilian) 19 he was a fee agent and scored 36 goals in the conference rated 77

STAR MAN Dani Romera from Barcelone Striker 20 already rated 80 netted 63 times in 46 appreances last season the whole team is built around him.

Only disapontmet to me with the game is the player history is blank 

If you guys know of any superstar youngsters i could pick up i would appreciate it 

I have spent around 40 euro got 5 million in bank a top rated Scouting network and just 1 star off a top rated youth academy

Anyway just wanted to say hi and if you have any useful tips would be grateful. 

mysquad.pngupload gambar


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