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good players for lower league managers

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For those in the lower leagues, here are some future amazing player.

A. Semper: GK- at age 25 rating is 90

M. Barco:  D,DM(RL)- at age 25 rating is 86

T. Fazio*: M(C),AM(RLC)- at age 24 rating is 86

L. Chambers: D(RC)- at age 25 rating is 87

M. Romero: F(RLC)- at age 24 rating is 90

D. Horner*: AM(RL),F(RLC)- at age 20 rating is 85

S. Vencato*: D,DM,M(C)- at age 24 rating is 85

G. Donnarumma: GK- at 24 rating is 95,  he is the best goalkeeper ever.  if you have the money when you first start the game, make a transfer offer of 12.5-16 million.  it's a lot but, he is worth it.  I went 10 games in a row without conceding a goal in the premier league. 

*Doesn't exist until 207 or 2018

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