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Formation review

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I wanna hear other opinions about the 4-5-1 B formation, I did some review myself and i can tell that this formation is perfectly build for those who play possession football

Here in this pic is an example how i play in one league, with the wide players an arrow forward, the results are mixed but if u give it time it can turn up into one of the best formations that was hugely under looked.

So what are you thoughts, will u be give it a try?

Chelsea Soccer Club Last Fixture Report.png

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Hi, it is similar to the 4-1-4-1 formation of city, the results are mostly positive you will have possession against any formation, but the team needs to be adapted to the tactics, i use attacking mentality, down both flanks and hard tackles with normal tempo and pressure all over, for the players instructions i use only 3 counter attack, use playmaker and use striker

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