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Shirt badge/Association crest

 Football Associació de Catalunya

After separation from Spain, the following clubs decided to create their own league to compete in. The league was divided into 2 divisions and will also feature the Copa Catalunya and Supercopa de Catalunya. The following teams that will be competing in this league will go as follows. Due to FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol having high stadium capacity, they have been allowed to stay in La Liga. Gameworld ID: 381084


  • CE SABADELL - Mr Noisy
  • CE EUROPA - Pavel Levski
  • LLEIDA ESPORTIU - iAwesome . 
  • GIRONA FC - Albion Ballisti
  • CF BADALONA - Kristaps Zvirbulis
  • PALAMOS CF - Pip
  • UE FIGUERES - Afeeq Amarro
  • UE SANT ANDREU - Nick Ford


  • CF REUS DEPORTIU - Thumbs Up
  • UE LLAGOSTERA - Stewart Lauder
  • FC ASCO - ChrisGeoRM
  • POBLA DE MAFUMET - The only Mr-Hammer
  • L'HOSPITALET - Nick Justice
  • CF GAVA - Filippo Inzaghi
  • AE PRAT - Davey Stewart
  • UE CORNELLA - Ryan Shaw
  • UE OLOT - Ashley Holtom
  • CF PERALADA - Kev Wright



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Overall Team Attendance - Season 1

Girona FC 11,712 11,712 Estadi Montilivi (13,500)
Terrassa FC 4,365 4,365 Olímpic de Terrassa (11,500)
UE Sant Andreu 2,707 2,707 Narcís Sala (15,000)
CE Sabadell 2,234 2,234 Nova Creu Alta (14,950)
CF Badalona 1,184 1,184 Camp del Centenari (10,000)
CE Europa 0 0 Nou Sardenya (7,000)
PALAMÓS CF 0 0 Nou Municipal (8,000)
Gimnàstic Tarragona 0 0 Nou Estadi (14,500)
UE Figueres 0 0 Vilatenim (9,472)
Lleida Esportiu 0 0

Camp d'Esports (13,500)



UE Llagostera 1,431 1,431 Estadi Municipal (1,947)
CF Peralada 1,287 1,287 Municipal Peralada (1,500)
CF Gavà 516 516 La Bòbila (5,000)
Pobla de Mafumet 516 516 Estadi Municipal La Pobla (1,000)
AE Prat 516 516 Municipal Sagnier (1,000)
CF Reus Deportiu 0 0 Camp Nou Municipal (5,000)
UE Cornellà 0 0 Municipal de la Via Fèrria (1,500)
UE Olot 0 0 Municipal d'Olot (5,000)
L'Hospitalet 0 0 Feixa Llarga (6,400)
FC Ascó 0 0 Estadio Municipal de Ascó (1,000)

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Terrassa FC

In an independent Catalonia, Terrassa FC have taken a new found national pride for the coming season. From the start of next season, the club will be made up exclusively of Catalan players. The new inclusive transfer policy will allow only players born in Catalonia, or players who have lived in Catalonia for ten years, to join the club. 

They will be led by returning player Angel Rangel, who's success for the club over a decade ago earned him a move to Swansea City. Despite enjoying life in Swansea, he's returned to his now independent homeland due to the opportunity he's been given that he's been given the opportunity to captain a team of Catalans. 


Division 1 Winners (Season 1)


Hall of Fame


Top Appearances

1. Kiko Casilla - 19 appearances

2. Gerard Deulofeu - 18 appearances

= Aaron Martin - 18 appearances

= Oriol Romeu - 18 appearances

= Cristian Tello - 18 appearances

= Jonathan Soriano - 18 appearances


Top Goalscorers

1. Jonathan Soriano - 5 goals 

2. Cristiano Tello - 3 goals

= Gerard Deulofeu - 3 goals

4. Oriol Romeu - 2 goals

= Alvaro Vazquez - 2 goals

= Alex Granell - 2 goals


Top Assists

1. Gerard Deulofeu - 8 assists

2. Cristian Tello - 6 assists

3. Jonathan Soriano - 4 assists

4. Aleix Garcia - 1 assist

= Alex Granell - 1 assist

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Terrassa FC

Season 1 

Squad Numbers

1. Kiko Casilla

2. Pol Lilora

3. Aaron Martin

4. Jordi Amat

5. Sergi Gomez

6. Alex Granell

7. Adama Traore 

8. Oriol Romeu 

9. Jonathan Soriano 

10. Gerard Deulofeu

11. Cristian Tello

12. Marc Cucurella

13. Sergi Puig

14. Joan Jordan

15. Alvaro Vazquez

16. Pablo Maffeo

17. Oscar Melendo 

18. Dani Olmo 

19. Bruno Saltor 

20. Aleix Garcia

21. Sergio Gomez

22. Angel Rangel (captain)

23. Jordy Mboula




Strongest XI:

Casilla (89)

Rangel [C] (85) - Amat (86) - Gomez (87) - Martin (87)

Romeu (88) - Granell (85)

Tello (89) - Soriano (88) - Deulofeu (89)

Vazquez (86)

Gerard Deulofeu represents the talisman in our side. He's obviously had an up and down career, but has so much ability and despite his career stalling, he's still only 23 and I imagine will have a very good career at the highest level. He will be supported on the opposite wing by another key player in Cristian Tello, who's been in good form for Real Betis this season and hopefully between the pair they can provide plenty of creativity in my team for seasons to come. 

We had plenty of strong options in midfield, but we eventually decided that Oriol Romeu was the best option given his form this season for Southampton. Despite Southampton struggling, Romeu is showing that he definitely belongs at this level and I imagine will have plenty of interest in him if Southampton were to go down. 

Adama Traore offers cover on either flank for the time being, but long term is somebody that we'd back to potentially kick on quite a bit in his career in the future. Traore has so much potential, but has already been on the receiving end of two Premier League relegation's. He's been one of the best players in the Championship this season and I think it's only really a matter of time before he's impressing in the Premier League.

Pol Lilora and Aaron Martin come in as two young full backs that will make an immediate first team impact. Lilora is a regular for Sassuolo, whilst Aaron Martin is one of Espanyol's most valuable players and we were more than happy to invest £12 million to have us sorted at full back for the foreseeable future. 

We were obviously particularly limited with the players we could bring in for long term success, and as a result are well aware that on the face of it we've paid over the odds for Pablo Maffeo. He comes in as the only player that we were prepared to pay over the odds for (he eventually joined for just shy of £6 million), but safe in the knowledge that he was the best talent available to us.

Aleix Garcia is another Manchester City youngster on loan at Girona that we've picked up. He's not made the same short term impact that Maffeo has done at Girona, but is highly thought of and a player that we expect to eventually become a regular for our side.

An exciting prospect to join the club is Terressa born 19 year old winger Dani Olmo, who's come through the ranks at Dinamo Zagreb after leaving Barcelona for them at the age of 16. Olmo has been a regular on the wing for Zagreb this season, scoring six goals in twenty two appearances and quite a nice rogue choice to make up part of our squad. He's also the sole representative of the town of Terressa in our side, so it's nice to have a local resident as part of the long term future of the club.

We've brought in another two players who left Barcelona at a similar age, allowing us to bring in extremely talented players without it having an effect on the amount of players we can bring in from Barcelona themselves. Sergio Gomez is the youngest prospect to come in, at just 17 years of age. He's recently left Barcelona for Borussia Dortmund for 3 million having been pretty much sensational for Spain U17's, and he's expected to make a first team impact for them in seasons to come. Similarly, we've brought in Jordi Mboula, who left Barcelona for Monaco last summer for the same fee and whilst he's yet to feature for his name club professionally, in time we expect these two to be among our most valuable players.

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Terrassa FC

Season 1 Review


Terrassa FC have gripped the hearts of the newly formed nation of Catalonia, winning the inaugural season of the Catalonian First Division with their team of players exclusively born in the region. The team saw their crowds increase by over 2,500 over the course of the season, as the locals got behind the side that have tapped into the nationalist sentiment  in the area following their political freedom. The season has seen key players in the sides title winning campaign become national heroes, as the likes of Gerard Deulofeu, Cristian Tello and Jonathan Soriano have cemented their names in to the history of Catalonian football.

The league was won on the final day of the season as a draw at Girona proved to be enough to win the title. Joan Jordan scored his first goal for the club at the most vital time, and his equaliser gave Terrassa the point they needed. Angel Rangel was sent off in the dying minutes, but returned at full time to lift the title for the club he first joined in 2006.


Player of the Season: Gerard Deulofeu (18 games, 3 goals, 8 assists, AvP 7.28)

Young Player of the Season: Aaron Martin (18 games, 0 goals, 0 assists, AvP 6.17)

Top Scorer: Jonathan Soriano - 5 goals

Most Assists: Gerard Deulofeu - 8 assists

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Very much enjoyed Season 1 at Peralada, but then we only lost one game and won the Division 2 title, so I suppose that will sway my opinion. That said, it was very close and 4 teams could have finished top going into the final game. Lots of clubs, including us, have very small stadiums, so I expect many teams are in debt. 1.5m for finishing top didn't settle the accounts, so I'm hoping the chairman is in a good mood or we'll have the same squad for Division 1!

It was very much a team effort as well, and the goals were shared out:

Richarlison - 6

Quagliarella - 6

Lingard - 5

Bailey - 4

We also had the best defence, conceding only 11 goals across the season (18 games).

Jesse Lingard was our player of the season with an average performance rating of 7.61 out of 10. He also chipped in with an excellent 10 assists. 

Hopefully promotion brings in a few more fans, because an average attendance of 879 isn't paying the bills! Very much looking forward to the challenge of Season 2! Great little league this!


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