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  3. Do I sign Calvert Lewin? Rise beyond 88 long term?
  4. Rating Changes Chris Mepham, 83 > 85 It's a really good rating increase for Chris Mepham, perhaps due to his accomplishments with Wales, given that he hadn't played too many minutes for Bournemouth given his injuries. He's recently undergone surgery, and will be out until April, so had he not been given a generous rating increase now then he certainly wouldn't have got one later in the season so it's much needed for us and gives us some real strength at centre-back. Mepham should now be certain to start for us in our campaign to reach Division 1, and I expect that his likely centre-back partner will end up being Reece James when he gets his rating increase in the next week or two. CB: Mepham (85), R. James (82), Adarabioyo (82), Clare-Salter (82), White (82), Rodon (80) Aaron Ramsdale, 80 > 83 This was the first real disappointment with for us, as despite out performing fellow HJK players who have got rating increases to 85, such as Chris Mepham, he gets a disappointingly stingy increase. He deserves to be 85, and will be for sure when he's next reviewed, but we're going to have to wait now until the April/May review. His rating increase does cement his place as our first choice goalkeeper though, and helps to improve the spine of the side in what was previously the weakest position in the side. We're hoping that his performances can warrant a rating increase mid-season, as is sometimes the case for some of the top prospects. GK: Ramsdale (83), Peacock-Farrell (80), Travers (76) Mark Travers, 73 > 76 A nice rating increase as well for Mark Travers, who looks to be established as Bournemouth's back up goalkeeper. He's on his way to potentially challenging Peacock-Farrell as our reserve goalkeeper, and he is still very young for a goalkeeper at 20 so we're pleased with his progress. GK: Ramsdale (83), Peacock-Farrell (80), Travers (76) Strongest XI Ramsdale (83) Aarons (85) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (85) - Lewis (85) Brooks (87) - Davies (86) Wan-Bissaka (87) - Cantwell (85) - James (85) Penaranda (83) Pre-Review Strongest XI Ramsdale (80) Wan-Bissaka (87) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (83) - Aarons (83) Brooks (87) - Davies (86) McNeil (83) - Roberts (84) - James (85) Penaranda (83) The next player due for a rating increase is Ben Wilmot, who we're hoping will get a small rating increase for his game time out on loan at Swansea. It shouldn't be enough to provide competition for a place in the first team, but provides us with good depth in that position with one of our original signings who's making solid progress in the Championship. Premier League Predictions Max Aarons, 83 > 84/85 (85) Jamal Lewis, 83 > 84 (85) Todd Cantwell, 80 > 84/83 (85) Aaron Ramsdale, 80 > 84 (83) Chris Mepham, 83 > 84/83 (85) Ben Wilmot, 78 > 80
  5. It has been a busy few days for new boss SMH. A transfer has been agreed for Tanzanian striker Mbwana Samatta with a free in region of £5.5 million heading to Chelsea for the player. Future prospects Stepan Oganeysan (75) & Dean Campbell (73) also arrive for minimum fees. Tranmere Rovers beat Portsmouth 3 - 1 in their Division 3 fixture. Laxalt scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Zapata and Jullien were also amongst the goalscorers. Back to back wins move us up to ninth in the table at the halfway stage.
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  7. You've repeated this as if you've made a good point, you haven't I'm afraid. VvD has still been monster & if he doesn't rise it won't be a performance issue. It just seems to be the recent ceiling for top CBs. If that's the case then Ramos should just drop to 94 at the end of the season instead, leaving him on his own as the best.
  8. Incredible. I bought him a year ago in all my clubs but not with 1 club.. . Forgot.
  9. I agree that living in the present is important, but in 🎁 time player's are either "overrated" or "underrated". SM was a bit more predictable and smoother to play (not so long ago) in the past. This meant a better gaming experience for all of us, as there was less complaining and debating regarding player ratings. Not sure who you mean. We'll I didn't mention N.Vidic as a 95. 😝 😇 I was just mentioning player's who reached up to 95-96, and we're more consistant than VVD over the years, before they reached such heights. I really don't think B.Mendy will rise. Even so it's great to see him finnaly fit and playing regularly-ish again for City this season. He's averaged (mostly) near to a 7.00 in his last 6 games, which isn't too bad but won't increase his chances of a rise. I would actually do a swap for J.Gaya (91) because B.Mendy (90) isn't certain to be City's 1st choice left back (with his injury record) and the fact that he isn't that good defensively. Add to the competition he faces with Zinchencho and Angelino.
  10. Made his debut today, him and Holgate were the only standout players in a poor game. Both have a ton of potential, Holgate has been our best player the past 10 games while Gordons been our best u23
  11. Saul at lb again. Bought him in the hope he would get the position but I'll settle for the rise
  12. What is the chance of City's Mendy of increasing in rating? Would you swap Gaya for him?
  13. Summer very probanly, now i have some doubts
  14. Vvd rise 100% next review or in summer trust me
  15. Wasn’t Vidic a 96 at his peak, not 95 as inferred above?
  16. So based on your logic Modric last year deserved his huge boost? Balon d'or and other awards are part popularity contest, Ronaldo for example was third in the voting when over 2019 he wasn't better than players like Lewandowski, etc... Vvd is a brilliant cb but he's not in a league of his own like you make out, Koulibaly isn't far off him. Cannavaro, Maldini, and Carlos are some of the best players in those 2 positions we've ever seen in football. If Van djik was consistent then I agree he should get another +1,right now he's having a worse season than his first season at the top level. It's way too soon
  17. There is no disputing it because???? Because you said so????? Well glad that's all over and done with then..... honestly
  18. Ramsdale missed one game this season, through a clearly reported injury, other than that he's been an ever present and other than Nathan Ake has been Bournemouth's best player this season. I don't understand the plus three at all, especially when they were generous with other players who've not performed as well (Mepham, Wilson). Bizarre really, hopefully because he is such a stand out performer he gets his rating corrected in the next month or two. If Cantwell's an 85, Jamal Lewis is an 85 and Mepham's an 85 then Ramsdale must be. First thing they've got wrong so far for the Prem.
  19. Wow. Just checked out the Ballon D'or on wiki. In the last 20 odd years! Only 3 other defenders have finished in the top 3 in it. Cannavaro, Maldini and Roberto Carlos. Wow. This is the company VVD is in.
  20. Forget the future my friends. Forget the past. The time is now. Get to living in the present. A players current standing in the game should be reflected in his rating. We're talking about a footballer who if it wasn't for, maybe the greatest of all time Lionel Messi, if it wasn't for him, VVD would have won a Ballon D'or. When was the last time a CB was even considered for that award? He's in a league of his own and it should be duly reflected
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