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  5. I have this problem for over a year, i can't set up formation, renewal contract, i simply can't play SM Worlds, on the end of link there is # which won't let me play.. sorry for bad english i'm from Bosnia
  6. Who says it's erased? He'll probably get a random review before the Bundesliga review or get it all at once. He'll definitely get 85/86 at the end of the season.
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  8. So his performance till Dec/Jan just gets erased? This means he will be reviewed after 1 and half years. I know De Jong got reviewed after couple of days but Adams is no De Jong. Not sure how many SW members will knock on their door to let SW know
  9. How has Castagne played? I red only that Courtois did a stupid mistake. Is a while I don't update about Castagne: Atalanta has 3 players for 2 spots, so there's always turnover, Castagne continues with solid performances, last week he played 40' but he helped a lot the team to reach the 1-1 against Chievo. He improved a lot since he arrived, I hope he will have more space and stays in Atalanta.
  10. The England vs Czech match will begin at Wembley soon. But the England coach, Gareth Southgate, had to turn his mind because some of their pillar players had to be dropped from the England national team list. The England national team had to repatriate a total of 6 players. Of the six players there are 2 Manchester City players, 2 Manchester United players, 1 Liverpool player and 1 Chelsea player. They all experienced the same problem of injury and lack of physical fitness to continue the match, especially the upcoming England national team match in Euro 2020 qualifying. The Manchester City player who was sent home to his club, John Stone, whose status is still injured according to medical data from Manchester City. Actually John had been injured before he would join the England national team and was considered to have been recovered by the coach but due to consideration City's report Gareth changed his intention to play John. Furthermore Fabian Delph is one of Gareth's favorite players who was always included when the England national team played, including at the 2018 World Cup. However, he was forced to be sent home to the club due to injury during training. Manchester United players who were repatriated, Marcus Rashford and Luke Shaw, both were mainstay players of the England national team but were forced to be sent home due to injuries during training sessions with other English players. Liverpool player Alexander-Arnold is confident that he has questioned the England national team this season because since Liverpool his condition has been injured. The last player to be dropped from Chelsea, Ruben Loftus-Cheek. It is still unclear what is the reason the coach crossed his name from the list of squad nicknamed the three lions, but that is clearly still related to his fitness problems. Overall the above players can certainly not play in English vs. Czech. Bahasa Indonesia Pertandingan Inggris vs Ceko akan segera dimulai di Wembley. Namun pelatih Inggris, Gareth Southgate, harus memutar otaknya karena beberapa pemain pilar mereka harus dicoret dari daftar timnas Inggris. Timnas Inggris pun harus memulangkan yang keseluruhan berjumlah 6 orang pemain. Dari ke enam pemain tersebut terdapat 2 pemain Manchester City, 2 pemain Manchester United, 1 pemain Liverpool dan 1 pemain Chelsea. Mereka semua mengalami masalah yang sama yaitu cedera dan kurangnya kebugaran fisik untuk melanjutkan pertandingan terutama pertandingan mendatang timnas Inggris dalam kualifikasi Piala Eropa 2020. Pemain Manchester City yang dipulangkan ke klubnya adalah, John Stone, yang statusnya masih cedera menurut data medis dari Manchester City. Sebenarnya John sudah cedera sebelum dirinya akan bergabung ke timnas Inggris dan dianggap telah pulih oleh pelatih namun karena pertimbangan laporan City Gareth merubah niatnya untuk memainkan John. Selanjutnya Fabian Delph yang mana salah satu pemain favorite dari Gareth yang selalu diikut sertakan saat timnas Inggris bermain, termasuk pada Piala Dunia 2018. Namun dengan terpaksa dirinya harus dipulangkan ke klub karena cedera saat latihan. Pemain Manchester United yang dipulangkan, Marcus Rashford dan Luke Shaw, kedua merupakan pemain andalan timnas Inggris namun terpaksa dipulangkan karena cidera saat sesi latihan bersama pemain Inggris yang lain. Pemain Liverpool, Alexander-Arnold, dirinya memang sudah diragukan akan membela timnas Inggris musim ini karena sejak di Liverpool kondisinya sudah cidera. Pemain terakhir yang dicoret dari Chelsea, Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Masih belum jelas apa alasan pelatih mencoret namanya dari daftar skuad yang berjulukan tiga singa ini, tapi yang jelas masih berhubungan dengan masalah kebugaran dirinya. Keseluruhan pemain diatas dapat dipastikan tidak akan bermain dilaga Inggris vs ceko.
  11. When there's a good young player in Italy he's always linked to Juventus, are 2 years that newspaper say the same about Melegoni, but are only rumors. Bianconeri observed him, like several other teams, because last year he had an amazing impact in Serie B, with an hattrick in the first match, then he showed in Cagliari he wasn't ready for Serie A, and this year he had some difficulties with Alessandro Nesta (Perugia's coach), but now he's showing again his potentiality, and he's replacing more Luca Vido in the line up. I would keep him and see what happen, Giulini, Cagliari's chairman told that next year Kwang-Son Han will stay in his team, and plays again in Serie A
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  13. I'd take Skrinniar. I'm a massive fan of Laporte, i think he's great and 100% for a +1 next changes, also at the best team of the 3 mentioned, but Skrinniar has the most potential for me, with the right move i think he'll peak the highest. All top level CB's though. Fairly good chance i'd say, but unsure when it would be. If you're thinking of selling, don't. Well, +1 is nailed on. I know others have mentioned the rating cap for EF being 89, but he'll move in the summer or at worst go back to his parent club, so i think +2 is pretty likely if i'm honest. Regardless, if not next changes then the ones after, he's a 92+ player in the near future. 50/50. United need to keep performing at a very high level, but he's definitely their best player. LOL'd at this. Surely safe for me, been an ever present for a team doing better than many expected. If you can get Kane for Coutinho then you 100% have to, its a no brainer. Take the deal and run before the other manager comes down off the drugs.
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  17. THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(a) & THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(b) - 44589/400590 - SEASON 1 - After 2 games - 28 games left -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BT(a) - 400589 ------------------------- SD Noja(Jenny Solros) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits Ripensia Timisoara(Christian Schweitz) - Prom to BT(Premier) Smorgon(Simon Purssord) - Prom to BT(Premier) Achaiki FC(Daniel Achim) - Prom to BT(Premier) Dumbarton(Jim Garvock) - Prom to BT(Premier) Makedonija GP(Martin Burke) - Prom to BT(Premier) BT(b) - 400590 ------------------------- Edinburgh City(John Carter) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits FSV Union Furstenwalde(Lukas Eggen) - Prom to BT(Premier) Unmanaged team
  18. Piatek and Jovic can +2 at the end of the season I guess. He has a very good chance. He didn't get his rise in Winter when most of the WC winners got increase. So, if Utd finishes top 4, he will get +1. Patricio and Moutinho will keep their ratings. I'd take the duo.
  19. KLORWAY MARATHON CHALLENGE - 365380 - Season 5 - After 4 games - 34 games left. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Al Ahly(Dean Jackson) - Prom - 500 credits SC Internacional(David Garvock) - Prom - 500 credits Coritiba(Graham Bush) - Prom - 500 credits Independiente Santa Fe(Martin Burke) - Playoff Shimizu S-Pulse(Daniel Achim) - Playoff Sao Paulo FC(Allan Was Here) - Playoff Club Guarani(Chris Mackenzie) - Playoff
  20. Can anybody give me an opinion on Kwang-Son Han? The North Korean wonderkid. Was supposed to transfer to Juventus but it never went through. Only managed 3 goals in Serie B this season. Still a big prospect?
  21. Climbing To The Summit - 363701 - Season 5 after 10 games - 28 games left. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- Kaizer Chiefs(Deek Mills) - 28(+31) - 5,000 credits Division 2 ---------------- Chicago Fire(Dean Lord) - 30(+39) - 4,000 credits Division 3 -----------------  Fortaleza EC(Martin Burke) - 28(+34) - 3,000 credits Division 4 ------------------ Ponte Preta(Daniel Achim) - 30(+41) - 2,000 credits Division 5 ------------------ CS Herediano(Simon Purssord) - 25(+28) - 1,000 credits
  22. Klorway Prize World 1,2 & 3 - 363188,363192 & 363213 - Season 5 After 12 games - 26 games left ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- KP3 - VfB Stuttgart(Jenny Solros) - 36(+35) - 15,000 credits KP1 - Hannover 96(Jenny Solros) - 33(+34) - 12,000 credits KP2 - Feyenoord(Jenny Solros) - 33(+29) Division 2 ---------------- KP2 - 1.FSV Mainz 05(Lukas Eggen) - 36(+37) - 10,000 credits KP1 - VfB Stuttgart(Christian Schweitz) - 34(+23) - 8,000 credits KP1 - Dinamo Zagreb(Lukas Eggen) - 32(+32) Division 3 ---------------- KP2 - Maccabi Tel Aviv(Mahatma Gandhi) - 36(+31) - 6,000 credits KP1 - FK Rostov(Samir Badrani) - 34(+30) - 5,000 credits KP3 - Hannover 96(Rasta Man) - 33(+27) Division 4 ---------------- KP2 - EA Guingamp(Daniel Achim) - 34(+40) - 4,000 credits KP3 - AZ Alkmaar(Ricardo Silva) - 34(+38) - 3,000 credits KP3 - FC Kobenhavn(Pai Natal) - 33(+35) Division 5 --------------- KP1 - Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk(Anders Dahlby) - 33(+23) - 2,000 credits KP2 - Sparta Praha(Scott Lafferty) - 31(+31) - 1,000 credits KP2 - FC Kobenhavn(Simon Purssord) - 30(+28)
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