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  2. I think he deserves 90 88 73-75 Don't know enough to rank them Pau should get 88 - worth following as big clubs are tracking him (maybe City will get him) I think big leagues Shaw's frustrating when he goes forward but he's been alright overall recently. I believe he's a better form of Phil Jones - won't fulfil the potential he had when he joined but will be around for most of his 20s. That double leg break he had was really sad to see. Don't think Brandon is the future at LB either. He's right footed and might be a good squad player but maybe not more. Happy to be proven wrong. United have too many right footed full-backs atm (AWB, Dalot, Brandon, Laird, even TFM). Yeah Rodri I think he's good, one to follow next season I would, I see White getting 86/87 by end of next season Can't help sorry
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  4. I’ve got two GWs, both all the teams were drafted with balanced squads. The GWs have squad caps which means lots of talent still on the market. Both GWs are only missing one or two managers. Very balanced & competitive GWs. DM me if interested in joining one or both. Two spaces left in one GW, one in the other. Thanks
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  6. 4-2-3-1 o 4-3-3? ¿Qué forma es la mejor cuando eres el mejor equipo? Si ataco en el middle, creo que la mejor opción es 4-2-3-1A o 4-3-3 A Si ataco por ambas bandas, creo que la mejor opción es 4-2-3-1B o 4-3-3 B ¿Que piensas?
  7. What do people think to using Thiago Silva in a deal instead of Ben White to get Wirtz? Not got other high rates cb’s other than Klostermann so would have to replace Silva but have funds. Thinking with Silva currently around 4m and potential to drop both in value and rating, it may make more sense to keep White as he looks promising
  8. Rodri. He is poised to be key to Man City's midfield with Fernandinho dropping to defence or playing less time due to his age.
  9. Omer Faruk Beyaz Club - Fenerbahce Age - 16 Position - CAM Beyaz is a very technically gifted attacking midfielder who has huge potential to become a star player for Turkey in years to come. He came on against Trabzonspor in the cup for a cameo role and has done the same this evening in Fenerbahce’s 1-1 draw in the league. Video below of a few years ago in the youth setup: Incredible on the dribble as you can see above. Thorgan has also mentioned this player in previous posts so all the more reason to believe the hype with this kid. SM rating - 67 Value - 220k
  10. Tough one, I think Rodri just edges it though, he’s already rated higher and he’s playing in a team who can realistically only get better next season. He’s got a slim chance of rising to 92 also. I will be interested to see how often he will play and if he can step up straight away, the future does look bright at Barca though with Fati and Puig also. He’s a left footed winger who can go either way, cutting inside to get the shot off or go on the outside, he doesn’t posses great pace but I do think he looks a good fit. I have him in most of my GW’s
  11. Have any one watch barca's new boy Francisco trincao i read that he will be joining the first team and won't be loaned out just wondering if anyone has watched am play
  12. Omer Faruk Beyaz (16) made his league debut for Fenerbahce today.
  13. I'm not complaining, I am just letting you know your efforts are appreciated! We expect your return only when it works for you
  14. Are you kidding me?! Alphonso Davies >>>>>>>>>> Chilwell!!
  15. Chilwell + Cherki. I think Chilwell may get a 91 with Leicester likely to get Champs League. But Davies in the long-run (2-3 years). Bentacur & Barella. Neither if you can. Both may retire soon. Keep Felix. Duo + Cash. Ndidi & Brandt. Wirtz. Yes. Looks very likely.
  16. Adria Guerrero came on from the bench for Valencia over the weekend but starts tonight. 73 rated - 360k value. Worth keeping an eye just in case he plays throughout the remainder of the season for a decent rise. Quote from Rahul below, looks like it’s heading to the big leagues next. Hope this helps Liam 😊
  17. He has played a bit better recently but a rise would be very generous. He's neither good at defending or at going forward. He'll do for now at United until Brandon Williams comes through but he's nothing but a place holder in my opinion. A few good games doesn't wipe out his years of mediocrity. PS. Bruno +3 😂
  18. Ndidi = Milieu gagnant du ballon c'est bon pour moi
  19. Brazil being done now? Will it be USA next?
  20. Klosterman, D. Alaba, Saka, Pogba, T. Muller, A. Florenzi, and TAA. Arsenal are letting go of the wrong Afro. They should consider trying M. Guendouzi at CB instead. D. Luiz is Arsenal's answer to Phil Jones - don't know who's had more brain farts during his illustrious career. 😀 It's an interesting offer... However, If Cherki was making a greater mark on the game then I would have said go for/keep the duo. I'm sure that he will rise quicker than Ben White, and he is pretty talented.
  21. I don’t particularly rate him but if Man United get top 4 to qualify for UCL then I guess he has a chance of getting to 90. Marcos Llorente - 87 -> 88 Anthony Gordon - 70 -> 75 (Not sure on this though, not played a massive amount of games since he got added) Milenkovic, Torres, Konate, Kounde Torres - 87 -> 88
  22. Please rank - Milenkovic (Fiorentina) Konate Kounde Pau Torres. Also prediction for P. Torres please. Think I am out of reactions. Thank you to all who will answer.
  23. Yep i know...sory guys. I will "restart" sooner or later...awkward times 😕
  24. any predictions for Marcos Llorente and Anthony Gordon?
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