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  2. Sterling, Werner, Son, Lacazette all could easily get +1s in order of who I'd buy
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  4. Can somebody tell me why Ruben Dias (22 y/o, 88 DC) is valued at 16m while Milenkovic (21 y/o, 88 DR and DC) is valued at 10m?
  5. The two you mentioned are probably the best options, unless you wanna consider C.Immobile, L.Insigne, R.Lukaku or M.Icardi.
  6. Can you recomend any striker between 91-93 who can improve soon ? What you think about Lacazette and Gabi Jesus ?
  7. I think their idea is to buy lazzari to replace him and make some profit which would hold up the deal as they would need lazzari first
  8. See what Rashford does in the summer, if he stays at United I'd sell
  9. Leroy Sane Gabriel Jesus David Neres Firmino Mbappe Jadon Sancho Rashford Sell David Neres?
  10. Bad offer imo, you have Pavard who could be your first choice rb in a year or so and Kimmich who easily deserves a +1 in a few weeks who can play in midfield. Kimmich has much higher potential than Carvajal. I'd also look to sell Alli when his transfer ban expires as he's had an awful season, use this thread to see who to buy when you can sell him
  11. No one beated Lisandro Martinez yet
  12. Mr Lesar i can make an attempt to advice you: I guess Rodri and Kante are better as a defensive unit as Rod is +1 then FDJ, and probably has more morale than FDJ as well. About morale i think playing players regular, which means they are less likely to develop concerns is good way to avoid player morale dropping.... Offering your players a new, longer contract can really boost a players morale and possibly help performance as well. I hope this somewhat helps.
  13. David Alaba 100% stay? Also good option for future transfer?
  14. I think I should stay actually, I think I rather meant I will leave that Gameworld after 3 years haha, I hope I don't leave because I totally love this game and talking to you guys
  15. Well, now i can sell him for a good profit. Although i do agree up to 90 for him is complete wrong by SM. If u are really not planning on staying on SMW for the long term then accept the deal. Although it sucks that you will possibly be leaving us in 3 years.
  16. Absolutely...not even a starter...90 is way way way too much
  17. I thought I would never sell kimmich for my Bayern team(A new GW, only been 2 weeks), But Madrid have made me a very tempting offer of Modric+Carvajal. Do you think Carvajal can keep his rating for the next 2-3 years? Then it may he Worth it because I Don't think I will be playing SMW after 3 years anyway tbh 😅, Also I have Pavard at RB in case Carvajal declines and my Alli will be ready by the time Modric declines, so would you accept the offer?
  18. Because he's Brazilian, Brazilians are the most overrated players in SM. If he's 90, Tadic, Ziyech, De Ligt, De Jong, should get at least 91, LOL. What a joke!
  19. shoutout to costa and others for hlozek tip, will make a good profit on him
  20. In the interview of today Correa said that Pedro Neto is a crack and has incredible skills
  21. For me is 87, 88 in the next winter revies, I changed the post because Jgos2 made a good consideration anyway keep him, is a good player
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