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  3. Kean Duo Normally lenglet will keep his place. Piatek 92, Pepe can reach 93/94 imo I really rate him Oblak, Alisson, mats, ddg
  4. Based on last season, Oblak, Allison, DDG, MATS
  5. Rank DDG, Oblak, MATS and Alisson?
  6. Thanks for joining in. I am busy snapping up some of these I look forward to it. Hopefully we can get @TMCosta to put together a XI wether that be under 83 or any other variables.
  7. P and P both have the potential of 93+, but first N.Pepe must move to a bigger club and challenge for trophies/perform very welll there, Piatek must be at the forefront of AC Milan's (i'm hopeful) revival as a European force again. If there are no other decent CB out there then I would keep C.Lenglet. Not sure if he will either be at Barca or PSG next season the latest reports suggest Barca may offer C.Lenglet+cash in order to buy Neymar.
  8. GOSSIP: Sevilla FC want Dutch winger Steven Bergwijn but PSV demands 40M euros source: http://www.soccernews.nl/news/601822/sevilla-ontvangt-gunstige-indicatie-over-bergwijntransfer
  9. is lengelet worth keeping? will he be first choice at barca next year? could he improve do youthing rating? also what about piatek & pepe what are their rating potential?
  10. I will make in one of the following days
  11. Fulham sign an academy player from Chelsea, gets added to database 1 week later Everton youngster Ellis Simms signs his first professional contract may 9th when he's one of the most exciting young strikers coming through who was constantly linked with Bayern yet still isn't added... SM...?
  12. Bolat, Teunckens, De Winter, Lathouwers 1st keeper Sinan Bolat can still leave, but is not 100% sure if he stays. It will then have to get a replacement, but for now it is all right. Buta, Opare, De Laet, Kakudji, Arslanagić, Muanza, Seck, Diaby, Batubinsika, Borges, Píus, Juklerød Van Damme's loss is big. He was the leader with enough qualities for a team that have the ambitions to play Play-Off 1. The youngsters Kakudji, Muanza and Diaby will mainly train with them. Píus is seen as the replacement for Jelle Van Damme. All in all, the defense is still nice in terms of Antwerp his level. A backup of Juklerød is still needed. Juklerød played almost everything last season that did not benefit his qualities at the end of the season. Haroun, Hongla, Yatabaré, De Sart, Nazaryna, Quirynen, Refaelov, Coopman, Hairemans, Niangadou Yatabaré and Hairemans are allowed to leave the team, while Niangadou goes back to the -21. Quirynen is another young person who is added to the A-team. Haroun, Hongla and De Sart as the ashes of midfield seems to me not enough. A player with physical qualities out on the '8' is certainly still welcome. Refaelov and Coopman have to take on the role of attacking midfielder. Baby, Ivo Rodrigues, Lamkel Zé 3 wingers. You read that right. That is indeed not enough. In addition, Lamkel Zé is arguing with the team. Plus again that Amara Baby and Ivo Rodrigues don't actually show what is expected of them. There must absolutely be 2 technically skilled wingers signed. Offensive, Royal Antwerp has to hit a level higher or it becomes difficult to reach the Europa League first and secondly the Belgian top teams to make it difficult in the attacking field. Mbokani, Bolingi, Mendy Mbokani extended his contract with Royal Antwerp. It let Van Damme go, but keeping Mbokani is quite a prestation. Bolingi is not really a goal scorer, but he can try to make a defense tired. Mendy is not enough. Also as a central attacker there is still something to be added as a backup for Mbokani. Conclusion The midfield is not yet strong enough to play football and offense is simply not enough. Royal Antwerp is a difficult team to beat, but now they have to make the move to be able to beat any team. With today's team, it will fight for PO1 again, but it will be a bit harder. Offensive reinforcement and it can play Play-Off 1 again. Players to look out for... Pìus, Alexis De Sart
  13. Here is my fourth select XI: I invite others to make a side and post it. I used footballuser.com for the formation setup.
  14. Bossut, Bostyn, Bansen Bostyn and Bansen have been preparing for a while to take over the place of Bossut. Bossut had good years, but now it's time to give other players the chance. Bostyn is not doing badly, but Bansen impressed more and could well start the season. The hierarchy is likely to change, but things are going well. Walsh, De Fauw, Bürki, Pletinckx, Humphreys, Heylen, Baudry, Timotheou, Kainourgios, Demir The defense is on point. Baudry, Humphreys, Pletinckx and Bürki are all 4 of good quality. The young Australian Timotheou still has to work on his soccer ability and to grow physically. But for this he signed in Belgium. If you want to grow as a defender, Belgium and Italy are nowadays the countries. De Fauw is gradually getting too old to be able to participate, but Walsh is an important players as rightback. Kainourgios has convinced on a trial and can start with the team of Zulte Waregem with Demir as a competitor. Seck, Marcq, Tardieu, Govea, Nissilä, De Smet That midfield needs to be set a bit sharper in his core, but with Seck it has someone who physically makes Zulte Waregem stronger and adds with Govea footballing power. Marcq can be the experiential backup. Tardieu may leave. Someone who can play both DM and CM is needed. Nissilä and De Smet are not players who are ready. An attacking midfielder is also necessary Soisalo, Bjørdal, Zarandia, De Pauw The young Finn Soisalo and the young Norwegian Bjørdal are entering their 2nd season in Waregem. They seem to be on the point of breakthrough. Zarandia adds a little more technology. De Pauw adds experience, but one more winger would be ideal to get a complete core. Oberlin, Larin, Sylla The young Swiss is extremely fast, but also has a nose for goals. If he is involved well, the opponents will have it difficult. Larin is a physical striker who was very successful in the MLS and did quite well at Bešiktas in the beginning. With the right wing players, Zulte Waregem becomes dangerous in the attack. Sylla is the ideal striker with experience and his qualities. Unfortunately, Oberlin is out for a while now, so it will have to count on Canadian Larin. Conclusion If the midfield is sharpened even more and can get 1 winger to the standards of Zulte Waregem, they will end up in the left-hand column in the classement. Players to look out for... Ewoud Pletinckx, Kainourgios, Govea, Oberlin and Larin.
  15. With a little bit of time on my hands I decided to make a low rated side rated 83 and below and under 21 years of age. The idea is to make a side that will hopefully get gametime in the new season and hopefully rise up the ratings. Here is my third select XI: I invite others to make a side and post it. I used footballuser.com for the formation setup.
  16. GREECE 23/07/2019 MP 30 Name Club SM Value 1M MAX SM Rat 77 MAX Age 21MAX Min 550M WS League Pos. 1 Giannis Bouzoukis Panathinaikos 380 k 73 21 1988 6,50 46 69 2 Alexandros Malis Panetolikos 340 k 76 22 1499 6,50 44 61 3 Georgios Liavas Panetolikos 360 k 76 18 978 6,50 44 61 4 Moise Adilehou Levadiakos 320 k 76 23 1720 6,50 32 60 5 Angelos Tsingaras Panetolikos 300 k 73 19 890 6,50 44 60 6 Ioannis Oikonomidis Panionios 200 k 70 21 785 6,50 50 60 7 Christian D'Urso Apollon Smyrnis 1 M 77 21 1991 6,50 30 60 8 Ilias Chatzitheodoridis Panathinaikos 260 k 70 21 942 6,50 46 59 9 Dimitris Stavropoulos Panionios 340 k 75 22 1232 6,50 50 59 10 Nikos Vafeas Apollon Smyrnis 300 k 75 22 1484 6,50 30 59 11 Enea Mihaj Panetolikos 700 k 78 21 1626 6,50 44 58 12 Fotis Ioannidis Levadiakos 240 k 70 19 593 6,50 32 57 13 Argyris Kampetsis Panathinaikos 340 k 75 20 750 6,50 46 56 14 Panagiotis Liagas Levadiakos 300 k 73 19 649 6,50 32 56 15 Felipe Ferreyra Ofi 300 k 73 21 874 6,50 36 56 16 Zisis Karachalios Levadiakos 360 k 77 23 1347 6,50 32 55 17 Admir Bajrovic Panetolikos 320 k 76 23 956 6,50 44 53 18 Spyros Natsos Atromitos 280 k 73 21 412 6,50 54 53 19 Dimitris Meliopoulos Xanthi 360 k 76 19 472 6,50 38 53 20 Goncalo Rodrigues Panetolikos 600 k 75 22 672 6,50 44 51 21 Alexandros Katranis Atromitos 700 k 78 21 719 6,50 54 50
  17. Hi guys, in this period I haven't many time for update the thread with the latest news etc. But I'll do my best for help you. I post also a like of Serie A transfermarket https://sport.sky.it/calciomercato/tabellone.html
  18. Made a team of players 76 rating and under who are a bit lesser known who I think will get plenty of game time next season
  19. He is a good goalkeeper, that is going to rise and be the starter (Sportiello is hated here and I can't see him in the line up) You can keep him, I'm curious to see Gollini for a whole season if you are looking for someone +90 I don't think so, he is in Atalanta Gravillon can play if someone leave (it means if Atalanta keep Ferrari), otherwise I'm not sure he can be a starter and have a +3/+4 Mancini is going to play and rise in Roma, but isn't anymore the team of 10 years ago, I don't rate him as a future "star" he does mistakes, but he scores several goals. He can grow, but Caldara is a player of another level (if he can come back to his level before the injury). Anyway he should have a +1 for december, Roma's defense is poor Skov Olsen should plays more, because is going to play for Bologna (if he doesn't change another time opinion) Instead Napoli kept Elmes, so won't have as much space as the danish. If you can keep both I would go with Kean
  20. It seems you have enough fire power with them 4 plus Kane. (Excuse me for stating the obvious) the game is really about using the correct formation/instruction you set for your players to overcome the opposition (of course having higher rated players helps). If you need help to overcome stronger opposition feel free to send me a message (i have a formula which seems to work well, when adopted correctly, anyhow it works for me). Good day.
  21. I think ziyech and draxler for me Keep kane Godin if you have to sell. Why don't you just keep all for now, one player as replacement in case of suspension and injury? I think kean for me
  22. Yesterday
  23. Here is my PRIZE LIST WINNERS ----------------------------------------------------------------- Jenny Solros - 94,000 credits (8 Wins) Rasta Man - 44,000 credits (5 Wins) Deek Mills - 43,500 credits (11 Wins) Lukas Eggen - 43,000 credits (6 Wins) Samir Badrani - 27,000 credits (5 Wins) Christian Schweitz - 24,000 credits (4 Wins) Matt Crossley - 20,000 credits (2 Wins) John Carter - 18,000 credits (3 Wins) Dean Lord - 15,000 credits (5 Wins) Jim Garvock - 13,000 credits (3 Wins) Al Phe - 9,000 credits (3 Wins) Steve Morris - 8,500 (4 Wins) Ricardo Silva - 7,000 credits (2 Wins) Martin Burke - 7,000 credits (4 Wins) Damian Colautti - 3,500 credits(3 Wins) Andrew Achilleos - 2,000 credits (1 Win) Pai Natal - 2,000 credits(1 Win) Simon Purssord - 2,000 credits(1 Win) David Garvock - 2,000 credits (4 Wins) Chris Mackenzie - 1,500 credits (3 Wins) Daniel Achim - 1,000 credits(1 Win) Vesko Nik - 1,000 credits(1 Win) Martin Field - 1,000 credits (2 Wins) Graham Bush - 500 credits (1 Win) Dean Jackson - 500 credits(1 Win)
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