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  9. Godin or Bonucci now that Godin is leaving Madrid? Will he drop soon because of the move???
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  11. Hi, in my opinion Perotti should have a -1 he had a season full of injuries, and when he played his performances weren't so good, yes, he scored 4 goals, 3 on penalty kick. Furthermore Roma is having a bad season. Boca Juniors wants him and if not this summer the next ones he could go. A lot depends on Roma's new coach and his plans.
  12. He doesn't deserve to rise, he struggles against top teams. But if he will? probably!
  13. I think so. He had injury issues but finished the season strong. Unfortunately BVB didn't win the league which would have guaranteed it but they pushed Bayern all the way, even if it is a poor enough Bayern team...
  14. Hi, Sir Raul has Diego Perotti to go down from 90 to 89. Am I alone in thinking that may be a little harsh? He has had a tough season injury wise and has 4 goals in 6 games wrth of playing time? Any thoughts as I will have to sell him before the review to protect his value, but dont want to sell if he doesnt go down! Very full game world so not much in way of replacement only willian jose of real sociadad is free to replace him. thanks in advance for any thoughts
  15. Yes +1 to 92. He has played well for BM since arriving there.
  16. 1. A.Plea 2. A.Kramaric 3. D.Berardi/G.Martins.
  17. Ederson is better. I think Alisson is overrated because of the L'pool team he is in
  18. I would Keep kane and Firminho. Lukaku isn't worth keeping with you having the above two in your team. Icardi is a great player (better than Lukaku and possibly Firminho as well) but he is an unsettled player, so who knows what will happen with him next. His agent claims he wants to remain at Inter, other reports say Inter want to sell him, and one report suggests that Juve will bid for him. He is not included in Argentinas Copa squad. At this moment it is better to sell him.
  19. Hi guys. How do I change my display name here on the forum? I’d rather have a different name instead of an email address.
  20. Allison is better. I think Ederson is overrated because of the city team he is in
  21. This is a great write up pal, I'm helping a friend recruit top managers to a new game world that will start on 27th May. There's also a Facebook group for the competitive and fun community! It's for clubs in England across 5 divisions. You can join us on Facebook, just type Excel Sports SM in the search bar and we should be the only group you'll find! Can't wait for your response bud
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