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  2. With AC Milan skipping out on UEL next season, will Torino players get a bump for making it to UEL?
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  4. I changed the sack time for not logging in and for some reason it turned on SMFA Transfer Monitoring on when I didn’t select that, this sucks because I’m going to have to wait a whole season where me and my friends can hardly make transfers.
  5. If you go to the manager list of the GW you can report multiple accounts that way.
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  7. I disagree, I think it helps him keep it, he'll be the main CB for Dortmund. He woulda had lots of competition at Bayern & his reputation woulda continued to fade (even though he's been playing pretty well of late). & they're a top team with some exciting new signings so he can challenge for honours (as a bigger factor in their success) which would also help. I think he fits well with pacy defenders like Akanji. It does affect other Dortmund CBs though like you say.
  8. This is terrible, did you try to contact the support ?
  9. Tell us more about your idea please what do you mean by "live" cause I dont get it
  10. Highly likely Shaw, Rose, Firpo, and look at emerson palmieri Sarri wants him at Juve. Injured a lot but can go up to 90 at least in time
  11. This is the Seville Forward, In 54 apps, in season 18/19 he has 30 goals and 11 assists. It would be a SM crime if he doesn't get a +1.
  12. Hummels to Borussia Dortmund Well now that's puts him on course for 92 quicker. Not to mention some Dortmund CBs will get pushed down pecking order
  13. Many of us if not all of us would pick Pepe as you probably think. It is still a bit early to predict how far Pepe can go as he is very likely to play for a better club next season (many reports link him to Liverpool). Therefore he will/may have to adapt to a new league, will be under more pressure due to the high transfer fee, and possibly get use to playing in a new system.
  14. mahrez or pepe at Lillie, think I know the majority of votes but how far can pepe go
  15. Alexander-Arnold should get 91, imo.
  16. looking for a Left back my budget is 11 million
  17. Militao as he is rated higher and in a stronger team, but no doubt Konate is a very talented defender to.
  18. Starting for a Ligue 1 winning side (Bernat) doesn't get you a rise but finishing 7th in the PL will (Maguire).
  19. I would swap De Jong for Pogba now. Pogba likely to move soon and has already shown 94+ form. De Jong is a risk having just moved with huge expectation on him.
  20. I agreed Cam. Giroud is a hugely under-rated player. I am hoping he stays, but betting he will drop given how the system works
  21. Yea, this is the problem, I must speculate this. If he get 94 I don't have enough money to buy him.
  22. Rodri +1 for sure, Saul not sure if he stays or +1.
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