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  2. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. I don't watch Bundesliga much but from what I read in various sources, it is clearly proves Bayern are going to get rid of aging squad especially after what Dortmund did with young squad in this season. Also, I don't see Boateng and Hummels getting more chances than Sule and Lucas. So yeah, I'm predicting they will be the heart of Bayern defense atleast for a year or two. As I said I'm going to stand by this point.
  3. Hi Hesselink, Hateboer had a great season, he improved a lot at level at level of goals and assist, he scored 6 times (as I recall) and also as defensive performances, furthermore he kept a spot in Netherlands' team. I would love to see him to 89, and he could have a chance with the 3rd place, but I think is difficult because we are speaking of a "small team", that SM doesn't rate so much, I can see him more as 88.
  4. Hateboer 87 (Atalanta) Any chance for +2? Didn't get +1 in last review.
  5. Karamoko Dembele the 16 year old future star who plays for Celtic and made is debut for Celtic this year needs adding..😁
  6. Should I get rid of my De Gea and maybe try swapping him for Oblak/Ter Stegen/Alisson?
  7. Chinese Super League, the best league ever... who is not a fanatic of it? 😂😂😂 Anyway I checked and they did the last review around the end of october 2018, so if Carrasco move to Europe, like it seems he could be safe
  8. Good day 1000dB, I really hope Empoli can do us a favour and at least draw to Inter. The last time these two sides met Inter scraped a 1-0 win. Suso is now playing much better, looks fitter (from our last game). So i pray that as a team Milan don't let them selves down again on the final day (judgement day)!
  9. Hi 1000dB, I remember your great analysis, was last week, were I was more confident about Coppa Italia, against Lazio, a weaker team than us, unluckily the pression of the match and the referee (hadn't checked the VAR without give a penalty kick for Atalanta and a red card to Bastos) gave the victory to them,anyway congratulation to Lazio. Is unbelieveble what Atalanta is doing, we ended a season without lose against Juventus in 3 matches, but I don't claim victory, we still need 3 points in the last match for reach an unbelieveble result, but until that is only a dream, I still remember Serie B and the matches against Pistoiese or Albinoleffe. Anyway, in theory, Rome could catch us up: if Atalanta lose, Inter win/draw, Milan draw, Roma win, Atalanta would arrive 6th (Milan, Rome, Atalanta 66 points, in direct matches Milan 8, Rome 3(GF 8 GA 9), Atalanta 3 (GF 9, GA11) with a worst goal difference in it), but I know is a remote option. Atalanta is master of its own destiny
  10. I definitely saved my team. There was a couple of subs in the starting 11 and a random youth team player amongst my subs who came on.
  11. Any of you football fanatics watch Chinese Super League? What do you make of Carrasco, will he drop? When is the CSL review?
  12. TOP PYRAMID, MIDDLE PYRAMID ONE, MIDDLE PYRAMID TWO, BASE PYRAMID ONE, BASE PYRAMID TWO, BASE PYRAMID THREE & BASE PYRAMID FOUR - After 17 games - 21 games left ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TP - Penarol(Jenny Solros) - 40,000 credits MP1 - Uruwa Red Diamonds(Unm) - Prom to TP MP1 - Fluminense(Unm) - Prom to TP MP2 - Newell's Old Boys(Martin Burke) - Prom to TP MP2 - Sportivo Luqueno(Jim Garvock) - Prom to TP BP1 - Velez Sarsfield(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP1 - Colo Colo(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP2 - Coritiba(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP2 - Velez Sarsfield(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP3 - Velez Sarsfield(Bob Fairchild) - Prom to MP2 BP3 - Colo Colo(Unm) - Prom to MP2 BP4 - Kaizer Chiefs(Iain Reeves) - Prom to MP2 BP4 - Los Angeles Galaxy(Unm) - Prom to MP2 
  13. THE INFINITY WARS 1,2 & 3 - 403353,403354 & 403355 - Season 1 After 1 game - 37 games left -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IW1 - Grimsby Town(Christian Schweitz) - 3(+6) - 10,000 credits IW1 - Cambridge United(Lukas Eggen) - 3(+5) - 7,000 credits IW3 - Exeter City(Damian Colautti) - 3(+5) - 7,000 credits IW1 - Swindon Town(Rasta Man) - 3(+4) - 2,500 credits IW1 - Tranmere Rovers(Damian Colautti) - 3(+4) - 2,500 credits IW2 - Carlisle United(Jenny Solros) - 3(+4) - 2,500 credits IW3 - Raith Rovers(Samir Badrani) - 3(+4) - 2,500 credits IW1 - Carlisle United(Jim Garvock) - 3(+3) IW2 - Queen of the South(Unm) - 3(+3) IW2 - Port Vale(Damian Colautti) - 3(+3) IW3 - Greenock Morton(David Garvock) - 3(+3)
  14. THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(a) & THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(b) - 44589/400590 - SEASON 1 - After 19 games - 11 games left -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BT(a) - 400589 ------------------------- Ripensia Timisoara(Christian Schweitz) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits Dumbarton(Jim Garvock) - Prom to BT(Premier) Smorgon(Simon Purssord) - Prom to BT(Premier) SD Noja(Jenny Solros) - Prom to BT(Premier) Achaiki FC(Daniel Achim) - Prom to BT(Premier) Cove Rangers(Ricardo Silva) - Prom to BT(Premier) BT(b) - 400590 ------------------------- FSV Union Furstenwalde(Lukas Eggen) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits Edinburgh City(John Carter) - Prom to BT(Premier) AFC Sudbury(Rasta Man) - Prom to BT(Premier)
  15. KLORWAY MARATHON CHALLENGE - 365380 - Season 5 - After 21 games - 17 games left. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SC Internacional(David Garvock) - Prom - 500 credits Al Ahly(Dean Jackson) - Prom - 500 credits Seongnam FC(Deek Mills) - Prom - 500 credits EC Vitoria(Damian Colautti) - Playoffs Coritiba(Graham Bush) - Playoff Independiente Santa Fe(Martin Burke) - Playoff Tigres UANL(Jim Garvock) - Playoff
  16. Climbing To The Summit - 363701 - Season 5 after 27 games - 11 games left. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- Kaizer Chiefs(Deek Mills) - 75(+85) - 5,000 credits Division 2 ---------------- Chicago Fire(Dean Lord) - 77(+80) - 4,000 credits Division 3 -----------------  Fortaleza EC(Martin Burke) - 77(+87) - 3,000 credits Division 4 ------------------ Deportivo Tachira(Dean Jackson) - 75(+73) - 2,000 credits Division 5 ------------------ JEF United Chiba(Vesko Nik) - 69(+70) - 1,000 credits
  17. Klorway Prize World 1,2 & 3 - 363188,363192 & 363213 - Season 5 After 29 games - 9 games left ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- KP3 - VfB Stuttgart(Jenny Solros) - 85(+81) - 15,000 credits KP1 - Hannover 96(Jenny Solros) - 84(+92) - 12,000 credits KP2 - Feyenoord(Jenny Solros) - 77(+76) Division 2 ---------------- KP2 - 1.FSV Mainz 05(Lukas Eggen) - 85(+86) - 10,000 credits KP1 - Dinamo Zagreb(Lukas Eggen) - 78(+71) - 8,000 credits KP1 - VfB Stuttgart(Christian Schweitz) - 76(+61) Division 3 ---------------- KP1 - FK Rostov(Samir Badrani) - 83(+76) - 6,000 credits KP3 - Hannover 96(Rasta Man) - 82(+77) - 5,000 credits KP3 - EA Guingamp(Samir Badrani) - 79(+74) Division 4 ---------------- KP3 - AZ Alkmaar(Ricardo Silva) - 83(+87) - 4,000 credits KP3 - FC Kobenhavn(Pai Natal) - 79(+80) - 3,000 credits KP1 - Slovan Liberec(Steve Morris) - 79(+78) Division 5 --------------- KP2 - FC Kobenhavn(Simon Purssord) - 78(+72) - 2,000 credits KP2 - Dynamo Moskva(Damian Colautti) - 69(+48) - 1,000 credits KP1 - Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk(Anders Dahlby) - 69(+41)
  18. Karamoko Dembele, remember the name
  19. Yesterday
  20. Kev


    It just happens that way sometimes. Nothing more than bad luck. I started a new GW tonight and one of my star signings has picked up a 3 week injury in his first game. A while ago I had a 9 week injury in another GW. That's the longest I've seen I think.
  21. Definitely doesn't deserve a +1, he's proven over this whole season he's all pace no end product. I feel the Mourinho effect has set back Rashford, Martial & Lukakus development which is a shame. Only person 89 or higher in the United side that deserves an upgrade is Shaw
  22. Check. Looking good for Atalanta with one game left. Check. Roma won't catch you now. Empoli are fighting to stay up. Inter could very well have it harder on the final matchday. If Inter drop points again there's a chance that both Atalanta and Milan get into the CL @zsp2 @Milanista1. I had Atalanta and Inter down for the last two CL places though.
  23. He'd probably get a +1, and may i add O.dembele to, as many of us were surprised they both didn't get +1 in the last review. Although both have played poorly towards the end of the season (the times i have watched them).
  24. nunno


    Hi... anyone explain how the injuries are casual for all teams... Because in the last season I had one of my best players off by 5 weeks and he starts play last match and now I have another... Different but essencial and for 5 weeks too... And I play normal...
  25. On wednesday Kortrijk and Charleroi will play each other to decide who'll face Antwerp in the EL play-off final. The final itself is on the 26th. As a reminder of what happens if KV Mechelen are excluded from Europe: - Standard go to the EL group stage instead. - If Antwerp win the EL play-off final they and Gent (who came 5th in the league) enter into the EL's qualifying rounds. If Antwerp win they get a spot in the EL's third qualifying round (instead of the second round in case they lose). - Either Kortrijk or Charleroi would have to beat the other in the semi-final and then win against Antwerp in the final to qualify for the EL's third qualifying round (they'd be left empty-handed in case they lose). Anderlecht won't play in Europe next season, ending the second longest streak in Europe. A truly horrible season. Still, their fans are looking forward to the future. What will Kompany bring?
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