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  3. Torreiera borderline. In a typically Arsenal season, we have threatened to be good and then just not been. Torreira has been a shining light along with the strike partners, and imo deserves 91, even in a 5th placed side. Europa final and 5th might be enough, im sure an EL win would almost seal it.
  4. Any rises for Lucas Torreira and Thomas Delaney? Any opinions are much appreciated!
  5. I reckon Mazraoui will increase in a day or two. His entry on soccerwiki was edited a few days ago and the others who were edited either increased today or a few days ago (bar Tagliafico).
  6. I want to see you eliminate both Madrid and Juve in UCL, win the Dutch Cup, and make a comeback to win the league...
  7. I agree with what AndBelgium, sell Alba.
  8. Respect for Ajax, but this is too much.
  9. SWITZERLAND 27-05-2019 Name Club 1 Bastien Toma Sion 73 +6 2 Toni Domgjoni Zuerich 70 +6 3 Ruben Vargas Luzern 67 +6 4 Miguel Rodrigues Thun 67 +5 5 Silvan Sidler Luzern 67 +3 6 Stephen Odey Zuerich 65 +6 7 Dereck Kutesa St. Gallen 64 +5 8 Arbenit Xhemajli Neuchatel Xamax 63 +8 9 Noam Baumann Lugano 63 +4 10 Yassin Fortune Sion 61 +6 11 Bruno Morgado Sion 59 +2 12 Roberts Uldrikis Sion 59 +5 13 Mirlind Kryeziu Zuerich 59 +5 14 Aleksandar Cvetkovic Grasshopper 59 +1 15 Jean-Pierre Rhyner Grasshopper 58 +1 16 Levan Kharabadze Zuerich 57 +2 17 Afimico Pululu Neuchatel Xamax 56 +5 18 Axel Bakayoko St. Gallen 56 +4 19 Simon Sohm Zuerich 55 20 Lavdim Zumberi Zuerich 53 21 Yves Kaiser Basel 53 +3 22 Anthony Goelzer Grasshopper 53 23 Dominik Schwizer Thun 53 +1 24 Aimery Pinga Grasshopper 53 25 Mersim Asllani Grasshopper 52 +1 26 Filip Ugrinic Luzern 51 27 Jeremy Guillemenot St. Gallen 50 +2
  10. very nice indeed but in my opinion they still need to update Tadic (to 91), Schone (to 89 - I know he's 33 years old though), Mazraoui (to 87/88).
  11. I'd let Alba go, assuming the other two will rise to 92 this review.
  12. One has to go Alba, Larporte, Robertson
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  14. Will be a pleasure see a team like Atalanta against some of the best teams of the world. Dragowski seems a really good goalkeeper, is on loan from Fiorentina, will be interesting to see where he will play. He deserve an opportunity in a good team.
  15. Serie A is over and yesterday gave some verdicts: Atalanta is 3rd for the first time in his history, best attack, 103 goals this season and a great way to play football. Congratulation to all of them that made something unbelieveble. I hope Atalanta will take a club like Barcelona or Bayern Munchen in the group stage, it would be an honor. Inter took the last spot in CL, like always "crazy Inter" was going to waste a good season, but arrived 4th, it seems Conte could be their new coach, it would be good for them. Milan 5th despite the investments of january hasn't reached CL, but missed few occasions in topic moments. Roma 6th due to a bad season, Olsen that played almost the whole season despite all his mistakes, a Pastore "desaparecido". The only positive thing is Zaniolo. Genoa, Fiorentina and Udinese are saved, despite their bad season they keep Serie A. Empoli is the last team to go to Serie B, they did their best but it wasn't enough
  16. I'm very for Atalanta, and excited to see in CL. It's good for the league as well to have different club in the CL. I guess some of Empoli tried their best (goalkeeper player very well), but some could have done better, and finished Inter off.
  17. Atalanta made it, good call, I knew was possibile but I'm honest I CANNOT BELIEVE, yesterday I went to see the game and I was in the car with 2 people with whom I saw lots of match in Serie B. Champions League was neither in my childhood dreams I barely know who scored yesterday, so I can't say anything about the match, but Empoli deserved more than Genoa to stay in Serie A, they did their best. Good article, I think at the end Milan plays in EL, is the situation of last year, where Milan didn't deserve a spot (because hasn't followed the rules, no offense for Milanista obviously) for the same stuff, but went anyway and spent 50M more in january
  18. Thank you Mr reporter (no offence). I guess the club only has it self to blame for allowing those fools on top to overspend on some not so good players, and to cause more problems for it, to this extent.
  19. Bruno Jordao played, but Lazio's season ended with the final of Coppa Italia and since 15/05 has always used bench warmer, yesterday was without 12 players including SMS, L. Alberto, and L. Leiva. There isn't any confirmation about De Paul, but he should move, I can't see him plays again in Udinese
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