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  3. Thanks a lot. So I am guessing if it's Germany they will start with the new promoted teams. In terms of Union Berlin, they still have second leg to play at home. They will drew 2-2 away to Stuttgart yesterday. Also thanks for clarifying the value of the players. As mentioned in this thread a player's value doesn't change during even years. So I don't think his value will go down on the 1st since he turned 22 a week ago.
  4. It is usually that one club is rated higher than the other, Fiorentina seems to be rated lower than Benfica??? Also and critically Dias tho birthday 14 May, is STILL retaining his previous value. This will probably change when he is reviewed or 1st June in a weeks time. Confirm Freiburg, stuttgart, Augsburg etc flowing thru to SW "Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain. SM could leave England til after Champions League Final and Europa tho for obvious reasons" - as stated previously Will check & see if I can see any promoted clubs as yet MF EDIT: YES MF I see going back 25 pages or so, I see Koln and Paderborn went thru to SW yesterday. Didn't see any Union Berlin tho they might be even further back... I guess Approx 4 to 5 days till they go to SM??
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  6. yeah for me those aren't good stats to back why a player should jump from 92 to 93 and being player of the season for a team that finished 5th after a pretty poor campaign doesn't hold much weight either
  7. Is it Croatia starting? Matej Jukic (Rudes) +3
  8. does anyone know, because i'll invest in thus phillip klement lad from paderborn
  9. After the first league match, never before that.
  10. Hi guys, quick question here. I joined a new Game World and it's still in pre-season where all the friendlies take place. After 4 days, there has been no bids from external clubs. When will they start bidding? (we have Transfer Listed a lot of our players).
  11. I red it, but newspapers write: - Castagne to Napoli for 15-20M - Lazzari to Atalanta for 20M So Atalanta would pay the same amount, Lazzari would become the 2nd player most paid in Atalanta's history, after Zapata (26M), I can't see it. Even if I'm sure Lazzari could improve a lot with Gasperini. Anyway Atalanta would still have Hateboer as RB, because Castagne is playing more as LB, so they would need more someone on the left. For that I say for me are only noisy rumors. I can tell you that nodoby in Bergamo think, like me, that this could happen, also because on sunday there is one of the most important matches in 111years of history, so is too early only for think about it. I could give a deeper analysis, but I don't want to spam the forum, if you are interested feel free to ask. P.s. As you may understood I'm and Atalanta fan, so I'm constantly updated on it with forums, friends, facebook, supporters etc
  12. Is SW doing Bundesliga or the promoted teams to Bundesliga?
  13. About morale, yes I agree with @Milanista1 playing them regularly is a must and extending their contracts will usually give a decent boost. Best to extend the contracts +/- at the beginning of your GW's season (wait for the early season loss of morale and then offer a new contract). This way you get the most mileage from the contract extension as you can only offer a new contract once a season. A high average performance boosts morale (together with the amount of games they're handed). Simply win games, concede as little as possible and bag plenty of goals/assists to get/keep high perf. ratings (top form) + morale at 100%. This also helps a lot if you want to improve a particular player's performance and morale: - put them on pen/freekick/corner duty - make them your playmaker or target man - playing higher up the pitch tends to improve performance (so use the player in his most advanced position but don't play him out of position of course) - likewise when playing close to higher rated players, e.g. playing a 90 rated striker in a front three with two 92 rated (or higher rated) players - win by a large margin and try to get the player involved in the goals - keep fitness levels up - mainly use the player against weaker opposition and rest him when you face a much stronger team - ... @thorgan lesar
  14. Likelihood of torreira hitting 91? Also, what is his projected peak rating, a player of his calibre? Thanks
  15. Germany will be reviewed next according to SW.
  16. But in 2018 december the Brazilian league was revised before the big five. And so far the Brazilian league has not had a review
  17. And why did SM anticipate the neres review? And why only his? I do not understand these crazy things. Why did they choose only him to raise the level? Of ligt, fdj, ziyech, tadic, all these would also deserve a raise of level, but why ONLY neres had high classification? I wanted to understand what goes on in the minds of those who decide to raise the level of players here on sm.
  18. THE INFINITY WARS 1,2 & 3 - 403353,403354 & 403355 - Season 1 After 2 games - 36 games left -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IW1 - Grimsby Town(Christian Schweitz) - 6(+10) - 10,000 credits IW3 - Raith Rovers(Samir Badrani) - 6(+9) - 8,000 credits IW1 - Cambridge United(Lukas Eggen) - 6(+8) - 4,333credits IW3 - Forfar Athletic(Lukas Eggen) - 6(+8) - 4,333 credits IW3 - Exeter City(Damian Colautti) - 6(+8) - 4,333 credits IW1 - Tranmere Rovers(Damian Colautti) - 6(+7) - 750 credits IW1 - Exeter City(John Carter) - 6(+7) - 750 credits IW2 - Port Vale(Damian Colautti) - 6(+7) - 750 credits IW2 - Crewe Alexandra(John Carter) - 6(+7) - 750 credits IW2 - Cheltenham Town(Lukas Eggen) - 6(+6) IW3 - Crewe Alexandra(Simon Purssord) - 6(+6) IW3 - Greenock Morton(David Garvock) - 6(+6)
  19. THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(a) & THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(b) - 44589/400590 - SEASON 1 - After 20 games - 10 games left -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BT(a) - 400589 ------------------------- Ripensia Timisoara(Christian Schweitz) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits Smorgon(Simon Purssord) - Prom to BT(Premier) Dumbarton(Jim Garvock) - Prom to BT(Premier) SD Noja(Jenny Solros) - Prom to BT(Premier) Achaiki FC(Daniel Achim) - Prom to BT(Premier) Cove Rangers(Ricardo Silva) - Prom to BT(Premier) BT(b) - 400590 ------------------------- FSV Union Furstenwalde(Lukas Eggen) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits Edinburgh City(John Carter) - Prom to BT(Premier) AFC Sudbury(Rasta Man) - Prom to BT(Premier)
  20. KLORWAY MARATHON CHALLENGE - 365380 - Season 5 - After 22 games - 16 games left. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SC Internacional(David Garvock) - Prom - 500 credits Al Ahly(Dean Jackson) - Prom - 500 credits Seongnam FC(Deek Mills) - Prom - 500 credits EC Vitoria(Damian Colautti) - Playoffs Coritiba(Graham Bush) - Playoff Independiente Santa Fe(Martin Burke) - Playoff Tigres UANL(Jim Garvock) - Playoff
  21. Climbing To The Summit - 363701 - Season 5 after 28 games - 10 games left. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- Kaizer Chiefs(Deek Mills) - 78(+89) - 5,000 credits Division 2 ---------------- Chicago Fire(Dean Lord) - 80(+81) - 4,000 credits Division 3 -----------------  Fortaleza EC(Martin Burke) - 80(+90) - 3,000 credits Division 4 ------------------ Deportivo Tachira(Dean Jackson) - 78(+75) - 2,000 credits Division 5 ------------------ JEF United Chiba(Vesko Nik) - 72(+71) - 1,000 credits
  22. Klorway Prize World 1,2 & 3 - 363188,363192 & 363213 - Season 5 After 30 games - 8 games left ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- KP3 - VfB Stuttgart(Jenny Solros) - 88(+84) - 15,000 credits KP1 - Hannover 96(Jenny Solros) - 87(+95) - 12,000 credits KP2 - Feyenoord(Jenny Solros) - 80(+79) Division 2 ---------------- KP2 - 1.FSV Mainz 05(Lukas Eggen) - 88(+89) - 10,000 credits KP1 - Dinamo Zagreb(Lukas Eggen) - 81(+73) - 8,000 credits KP1 - VfB Stuttgart(Christian Schweitz) - 79(+64) Division 3 ---------------- KP1 - FK Rostov(Samir Badrani) - 86(+81) - 6,000 credits KP3 - Hannover 96(Rasta Man) - 85(+80) - 5,000 credits KP3 - EA Guingamp(Samir Badrani) - 82(+77) Division 4 ---------------- KP3 - AZ Alkmaar(Ricardo Silva) - 86(+91) - 4,000 credits KP1 - Slovan Liberec(Steve Morris) - 82(+81) - 3,000 credits KP3 - FC Kobenhavn(Pai Natal) - 80(+80) Division 5 --------------- KP2 - FC Kobenhavn(Simon Purssord) - 81(+77) - 2,000 credits KP2 - Dynamo Moskva(Damian Colautti) - 72(+50) - 1,000 credits KP3 - FC Basel(Simon Purssord) - 70(+64)
  23. Here is The Latest Hall of Fame Table --------------------------------------------------------------
  24. THE ATLANTIC EXPERIENCE - 372457 - SEASON 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 - Rangers(Daniel Achim) - CH Division 1 - Club Brugge KV(Martin Burke) - RU Division 2 - FC Twente(Iain Reeves) - CH/PR Division 2 - Sparta Rotterdam(Tommy Smith) = RU/PR Division 3 - KAS Eupen(Rev Shoo) - PR Division 3 - Portimonense(Sean Kelly) - REL Division 4 - Queen of The South(Jackie Stewart) - CH/PR Division 5 - Heart of Midlothian(Edward Dean Coleman) - CH/PR
  25. 21 goal contributions in the league, Arsenals player of the year yet no chance of a +1 to 93? Plenty of players have got boosts for less. I worded my original comment wrong, I meant in order of the biggest chance of a +1 and that Laca has an outside chance. Shouldn't have said "easily" but still think he can get +1. I'd say 40/60 I feel like Werner deserves 92, only reason he won't get it is if SM have capped his rating till he leaves Leipzig
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