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  3. I don't. For the second half of the season he didn't play that much - especially once Kompany was back. For the last four league matches he played a grand total of 8 minutes, he didn't play a single minute in the knockout stages of the Champions League and it seems City are likely to bring in another CB to partner Laporte.
  4. Does anyone think John Stones can rise to 92?
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  6. Hi guys! Will anyone be interested to join a Private Game World with realistic transfer regulations (eg. No-play rule for loaned players against parent club, etc). We are a close community, and all the rules are available on our Facebook group! Come join us on Facebook at "Excel Sports SM". The season will be starting next week, and there almost 40 clubs taken across 5 divisions in England. It will be one Game World you won't regret joining! I'm sorry it's off-topic but this topic seems to get the highest response. Cheers everyone!
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  15. Glik as he is the weaker team and weaker league.
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  25. Guys In the list, what a probability this players get down -1? Vidal - 93 (Barcelona) Aguero - 95 (Man. City) T. Alcantara - 94 (Bayern) Bale - 94 (R. Madrid) Suarez - 96 (Barcelona)
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