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  2. I think he will get a 90 at seasons end. His price will rise. At the minute you have : De Ligt 19-89-£20 million De Jong 21-89-£28 million The current £8 million disparity should be offset when De Ligt moves to Barcelona which should see them both leveling out at 90 with £32 million values the same as Ousamane Dembele. So yes a worthy investment.
  3. In the end it was a silly decision to use a formation this team is not used before as Milan were poor going foward but played well at the back. Laxalt and Conti did not get attack enough. Caldara from what i saw played well for his first start in 7 months! I am dissapointed in Conti, you are right he is not at the level he was in Atalanta; its a shame i had hoped our RB problem would resolve with him and Calabria. I think a more experienced manager who doesnt play around with formations, plus a few additional players (of load the not so good players, like Biglia, Laxalt and Possibly one of Suso or Hakan) this will improve us much.
  4. He has had a poor first season but having to adapt to a new league and new system can take time. I think he will be better next season and hopefully he gets settled into just playing one position instead of all over the board. It depends who is available in your setup as to whether to bide your time with him or not.
  5. I would go with Goretzka, also Wijnaldum should rise, as Milanista1 said. I'm not sure Fabinho will rise, like Lingard. Milinkovic Savic has no chance, but would be interesting in a SM optic if he changes team De Ligt is a top player, he can rise if Ajax win CL, for 20 M I would take, because he has great chance to increase next year, when he should move to a top club.
  6. I haven't seen the game, but the line-up surprised me, Gattuso changed scheme just before an important match. I'm happy to see Caldara as a starter, because he is going to replace Musacchio next year. (Gattuso confirmed what I thought some days ago) What a pity for Milan, I can only hope for us tomorrow, but do the final in Olimpico, even as "neutral field" would be really difficult. What do you think of Calabria? For what I saw he's a good player, but a friend, a Milan fan told me he isn't good enough for be a starter in Milan. Instead Conti seems far away from Atalanta's level. Thanks
  7. I would sell if you can get the likes of K.Coman, Pepe, or Chiesa, as in 27 apps for A.Madrid he only as 3 goals and 3 assists, for a winger that is quite poor. A.M paid Monaco 70M! For him as well.
  8. If Ajax get into final of CL or even Win it he could surely get a +1 which will see his stock rise. I would go all out and get him while he's available. In the CL this season he has beaten some of the best teams in World football, at the age of 19! Not many players will ever achieve such a feat.
  9. I would go for either Fabinho or Goretzka both are likely to rise in next review. Goretzka is doing quite well at BM. Fabinho is quite versatile (very useful player for me), can play CB, RB or in Midfield.
  10. What about Mathias De Light? raiting and price in next 2-3 months? I have 20 milions and I don't know who to buy. I need D or DM or C.
  11. Ok... Over a year since i dont post anything, its probably time to drop something. Two GREAT Uruguayan prospects to get ASAP. Santiago Rodriguez (Nacional 19 yo) and Brian Rodriguez (Peñarol 18yo) This two kids have been performing incredibly good both in the Uruguayan league aswell as the Copa Libertadores. Both called for the U20 NT that will participate in the U20 WC in Poland. Very hot prospects right now. Udinese in pursuit of Brian as far as i know. Both are right footed LW/RW with great technique very similar. Santiago is a better playmaker Brian is a little bit faster. Other players to keep an eye on... Giovanni Gonzalez (Peñarol - 24 yo) - Emerged this season as Peñarol first choice for the RB position. His constant good performances for both the league and Copa Libertadores gave him the chance to participate in the Senior squad of Uruguay in the last two friendlies giving a good impression. Bruno Mendez (Corinthians - 19yo) - Captain of the U20 squad, also called for the Senior Squad of Uruguay leaving a good impression. Sold to Corinthians from Wanderers. Leadership and will power kind of center back. Thomas Chacon (Danubio 18yo) - Talented right footed left winger. Very agile with great dribbling. Making a great tournament and with high chances of playing the U20 world cup. Leonardo Fernandez (Fenix 20yo) - Left footed RW/AMC. This kid is also a jewel, already sold to Mexico as far as i know. Top scorer for a low team that is making a GREAT campaign so far.
  12. Hi gurus, i Hope you can help me... I need a MC, between those: Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Goretzka, Lingard, Milinkovic-Savic Who's the most probably to rise? Thx
  13. If you can get a better player with the money, sell! His progress has stalled or he was never that good, to begin with.
  14. Second pre-season of the season and Palace lose 1-0 to Bury. The manager is not happy with things so far.
  15. Great, thank you. Have you some suggestions?
  16. Grazie Amigo, I like the look of this formation (let see if it works), glad to see Caldara start! We have speed on the wings which is great, and have Paqueta on the bench. I'm happy that there no start for Hakan and Biglia. Although I hoped that Suso would have come on as a substitue rather then starting the game. With some of these hot and cold Milan players i can only hope and pray that we can win! Forza Milan!
  17. @Milanista1 What do you think about Milan's line up of today? Good luck, I hope you can go to the final.
  18. Belgium will be reviewed next. Today Soccerwiki had a look at Lokeren, Oostende, W.-Beveren and even KV Mechelen. KV Mechelen might not be promoted after all (+ a potential points deduction next season for both rounds of Belgium's 2nd division + a fine) and risks losing out on European football even if they win the cup (+ can't play in the Belgian Cup next season). Lokeren could stay up with W.-Beveren going down instead and Beerschot would take KV Mechelen's place/gain promotion. Maybe SM should review these teams at a later date.
  19. It was about time but including the appeal the final verdict could have to wait until late June. It also doesn't sound like the FA wants to get to the bottom of this (the lawyer of the crown witness lamented this fact and was puzzled they didn't follow up on the info his client disclosed about Eupen and Mouscron).
  20. Current review: Russian Premier League Next review: Belgian First League
  21. Of course, unless you have better options available.
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