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  2. Bruno Fernandes, Aouar, Ndombele are all linked with moves to the premiership. I would chose the Sporting captain as first option then Aouar then Ndombele but all three are more than decent alternatives to Tolisso.
  3. Will SM drop Bonaventura who was injured for entire season?
  4. If you can sell C.Tolisso. Go for N Dombele and-or Wijnaldum/Gundogan if you can get them.
  5. Still two two teams available. Great time to join before season starts. GAMEWORLD ID: 378544
  6. This season your Chairman expects you to finish in the top half of the table. The first of five pre-season friendlies was a 1-1 encounter with division two Huddersfield. Dembele converted a penalty for us.
  7. Keep/sell? Facundo Medina- Getting decent minutes at Tallares. definite riser. Leonardo Balerdi- I think he is a fair bit from the first team but they spent £14 million on him as a long term prospect. Depends how much you need the money for him but a decent talent for future. Gaston Togni - Definitely done well on his loan from independiente which should get him a little boost but is injured with cruciate ligaments since February and probably not back until September. These injuries can be hard to come back from instantly. I would sell. Leonel Miranda- Solid defensive midfielder will go up maybe +2 Myron Boadu- Had 3 goals/2 assists in from opening six games has been out since with an ankle injury. Looks a prospect. He has been out since September with cruciate ligament injury. Was back on bench on 4/20. I like him and hope that he can get playing next season.
  8. Thanks. No, it doesn't have a ratings cap.
  9. Wijnaldum, Gundogan, Xhaka, bruno fernandes, Brandt, ndombele, aouar, amongst various others
  10. I dont think he will go up anytime soon he has hardly played for BM this season. Who else is available in your GW 90-91 rated.
  11. Do you guys think that Tolisso will ever go up? I don't watch the Bundesliga so don't actually know how well he's doing. He's 24m, should I keep or offload for someone else?
  12. Facunda Medina - Sell Leanardo Balerdi: Keep - Favre regards him as ''one for the future", he is currently with the U23 squad but will be apart in the first team next season - Favre says. Gaston Togni - I would keep for now as a riser/ money maker as Defensa are doing well in the First division of Argentinian football (2nd place) he has played many games on their left side. L. Miranda: is 25 years old - sell M.Boada - sell Does your GW have a rating cap?
  13. I go for Dembele, is younger, in a much better team, and can play on either wing.
  14. Did Acuna of Sporting play as LB this whole season? What is his best position?
  15. Dembele or Insigne? Insigne is part of my rotation but I'm not sure I see him rising again. Opinions please?
  16. For sure, I would take that in a heart beat. If Liverpool wins either one of the UCL or BPL, Van Dijk's hitting 95
  17. Boateng and Bale for VVD? (I have a fairly deep squad).
  18. It seems you have to look in Italy for goalkeepers: Lafont +1 good season, he's young and has a good future, as soon as he understand his talent A. Radu +2/+3 maybe +2, i say +3 for the performances, but I doubt, depends on Genoa, the team isn't performing well since they sold Piatek, Inter has a buyback clause You can take Audero 85 --> good young, without the talent of Meret, good season at Sampdoria +1/+2 Musso 83 +2 I think, isn't as good as Radu Between these Lafont, has a better future, what a pity for Meret! He's amazing! France - Maignan (Lille) 87, I asked in a previous post +1/+2? But will rise Germany - Muller (Mainz) 83 +2
  19. I would guess: Lafont +1 to 88 & Radu +2 to 85 . Florian Muller should get +2 or +3. Horvath, Von Ballamos, Bain, Gazzaniga & Westwood should all get small rises.
  20. Anyone got rise predictions for Lafont and Radu? Any other keepers expecting a decent rise? Meret is taken, and got Maksimenko Thank you
  21. Maybe he will get a +1, because you never know with SM. But in my opinion: no He played 45 % in total and his individual statitics are not good enough to rise to 84. He's playing better last weeks, but that's not enough. Krépin Diatta is also playing better last weeks and have played 43 %, but he's only 78. For example Siebe Schrijvers. He "only" played 60 % in total as a 85, but he scored 12 goals in this time. He is also better in form then Dennis. So a + 1 is deserved
  22. RB J.Cancelo stay, isn't performing so well since january Florenzi possible -1 poor performances in a team that he's having lots of difficulties, I would sell and search for someone better. Tell us who you can take LB A.Sandro stay, I would sell Florenzi since you have to take a RB , otherwise are all good choices, Guerreiro I think stay, and the others +1 I would wait for other opinions
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