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  2. Much the same in my opinion, Firmino probably has a better chance of rising with Liverpool having better chances of trophies. Not much between them
  3. Hi, I’m Manlio Bosco and I manage the Italian social pages of SM. This project was born in collaboration with Steven Gore (steven.gore@soccermanager.com); he hasn't been answering my emails since long time, so who can I talk to? Thanks
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  5. Exchange SON for Firmino ? Thank you
  6. We don't have Sensa Skin System in our neck of the woods. This used to be unthinkable. Nothing is forever, not even Sensa Skin System. It works for a beginner or pro. This is how to prevent being anxious and begin living. I could do it with one hand tied behind my back. I'd like to make you this promise. I got that info right from a group of gentlepersons. You can do that for several days or several weeks before going onto the next step. Sensa Skin System is a comfortable addition to it. Sensa Skin System is normally seen there in a variety of settings. https://www.canceradvocay.org/sensa-skin-system/
  7. Im in the same situation but im keeping him for now. He played 90 mins in the first game. If he gets hype...u know the sm treatmet (3 raises per year lol)
  8. I have had to manually approve quite a few lately. We have had issues with Spam bots, but that has been for ages now. Maybe an Admin above myself or a SM rep put something in place to fight them that has cause it? Unsure as they are as frequent as ever.
  9. Players that left in the season '18-'19 and will represent the Belgian competition in Abroad... ○ Takehiro Tomiyasu (Bologna) ○ Joseph Aidoo (Celta de Vigo) ○ Stefano Denswil (Bologna) ○ Birger Verstraete (FC Köln) ○ Ražvan Marin (Ajax FC) ○ Léandro Trossard (Brighton & Hove Albion) ○ Moussa Djenepo (Southampton) ○ Moraes Wesley (Aston Villa) Probably some more that will leave: Ruslan Malinovskiy (Atalanta Bergamo) Dylan Bronn Mbwana Ally Samatta Sander Berge ...
  10. what should I do with 16 years old wonderkid Adam Hlozek (Sparta Praha)? I really want to sell him because he's worth 2M but I'm not sure if he's a very big talent
  11. I say Sule right now. He will probably become the main CB for both Club and Country next season, he is still fairly young, so can only get better with time and experience.
  12. In my opinion 100% sule. I do not consider lenglet a great cb where sule has the potential to become one
  13. Alba gets his +1 years after he deserved it, and in all honesty, he's past his peak and arguably didn't deserve the +1 based on last season.
  14. Yep problably and Daiki Sugioka also
  15. Vinicius? With all these hyped young players rising 2, 3 times a season was expecting at least a +1
  16. filling up but need a few more managers. Come and Join..
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  18. - Migs isn't allowed to leave. Klopp heaped praise on him and hopefully he gets rewarded for being a good servant to the club. - Meunier is better off in a dominant team where he doesn't have to contribute too much defensively. Man United is a no-go. - I feel for Vermaelen. Hoping he gets his wish and a PL team will still take a gamble on him. - About J.Lukaku, I can only agree with you. - Praet's versatility could be used against him. Should chose wisely to guarantee a starting (CM) spot. Leicester might not be the best choice. - Mirallas, could as well return to Belgium. - Agreed, Lille would be a fine destination for Lukebakio's next club. - Carrasco, together with Vermaelen, really needs a good move asap.
  19. □ Michy Batshuayi Stay is my advice. Morata left. Giroud is the only one before him. Giroud will not play all the games and I think Batshuayi and Giroud are a good match together. □ Romelu Lukaku I'm hoping to be surprised and he goes to Juventus FC. They are also interested.. □ Timothy Castagne Staying at Atalanta Bergamo is the best choice. □ Koen Casteels Stay aswell at VFL Wolfsburg. He was injured for a while. He needs first his top level back. Next season he can make a step up. Barcelona bought Neto. They won't get Casteels now. What do you think of the others I mentionned ?
  20. Looking at this, I'm guessing Daiki Suga and Daizen Maeda have the highest chance of hitting 80?
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