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  4. I'm not surprised about Conti, he had been unlucky last year, but he wasn't ready to leave Atalanta, he listened his agent and left the team that grew him in a really bad and unappreciative way. In Atalantaa he performed so well thanks to the coach and his scheme 3-4-2-1. About Caldara he can do his best as central in a defense of 3 (where I guess Gattuso put him), but he left the team at the right moment, so I'm sure he can perform really well in Milan next year
  5. The world is started from yesterday. If someone is willing to join, is welcomed
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  11. Also for begining a new game world which players do you consider is a must take?
  12. I'm trying to give him mane + wijnaldum for hazard
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  14. The only player worth taking from Chelsea is obviously Hazard, ask if he wants to do a Keita + Mane = Hazard!
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  17. Hey, i have Liverpool and a friend with Chelsea want Keita from me. It's ok if i ask in exchange Jorginho + Hudson Odoi or what i should ask? Also he wants Sadio Mane, what should i take from him? I have Liverpool with the basic team and he has Chelsea - basic team
  18. Some Risers: Laporte 92, Sterling 94, Mbappé 93/4, Winks 88/9, Shaw 90, Jimenez 89, Doherty 87/8, Jota 88, Chilwell 89, Maddison 88, Hughes 87, Brooks 87, Wan-Bissaka 87, Longstaff 81/2, Gunn 85, Bednarek 85/6, Meret 86/7, Klostermann 88, Konaté 87, Ndicka 86, Reguilon 85, Dembélé (Lyon) 88/9, Joelinton 87/8, Kobel 82/3, Badiashile 82, Maier 87, Neuhaus 87, Havertz 90, Cunha 85, Aarons (Norwich) 84, Saliba 80.
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  24. I think he will get a 90 at seasons end. His price will rise. At the minute you have : De Ligt 19-89-£20 million De Jong 21-89-£28 million The current £8 million disparity should be offset when De Ligt moves to Barcelona which should see them both leveling out at 90 with £32 million values the same as Ousamane Dembele. So yes a worthy investment.
  25. In the end it was a silly decision to use a formation this team is not used before as Milan were poor going foward but played well at the back. Laxalt and Conti did not get attack enough. Caldara from what i saw played well for his first start in 7 months! I am dissapointed in Conti, you are right he is not at the level he was in Atalanta; its a shame i had hoped our RB problem would resolve with him and Calabria. I think a more experienced manager who doesnt play around with formations, plus a few additional players (of load the not so good players, like Biglia, Laxalt and Possibly one of Suso or Hakan) this will improve us much.
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