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  3. I will in time. The championships are starting.
  4. It seems funds are a problem for you, then getting T.Courtois is the best option. The only others I can suggest are B.Leno or A. Onana, but i don't think they can be as rated as T.Courtois any tme soon.
  5. Thanks again for your perspective. I’m honestly not too keen on either, given De Gea is far more costly and United not inspiring much confidence right now. Quite a thin market out there for GKs in general I guess.
  6. Thanks mate. This is pretty much what I was thinking, given Courtois costs about 15 mill less than De Gea, and United being unpredictable and without Champions League football. Both are less than ideal options though IMO. I would have preferred one of Ederson, Allison, Oblak or Ter Stegen. Any other lower rated GKs you can think of, who may hit a high ceiling in coming months?
  7. Nice goal from Mason Greenwood(73 rated) against Inter https://www.clippituser.tv/c/lweynn
  8. Is that a party invite? I like parties.
  9. Yes, out until mid-September at the earliest. His inability to stay healthy is why I am now willing to sell him if I get a decent deal brewing.
  10. Depending on how many players you have listed, bids usually start within a week at the most IF the playing season is happening. If you are in the pre-season period or post-season period, bids tend to dry up until the counting matches start again.
  11. I would take the MIlitao option in a heartbeat. Top young CB with ability to play RB as well. Best future by far of the three. And defenders are much more difficult to find than wings.
  12. Respectfully, we totally disagree. Bale can remain stable if he moves and plays. He will never get a rating rise again. No chance at all. And given his stance about moving, there is actually a chance he essentially done as a player.
  13. GK impacts are generally overrated. 2 points of GK rating is not worth Sterling or Kimmich.
  14. No. Mahrez has most likely peaked given his age and playing time at Man City, but he'll also keep his rating for a long time. Bale is a straight decliner as long as he prefers to sit the bench at Madrid instead of taking a pay cut and actually playing somewhere else.
  15. after how long you MUST to receive a bid for players in transfer list? taking long time now without any offer and is impeding me to develop my team. thank you all.
  16. Anymore updates for Greece or Croatia risers?
  17. Ondoa, Dutoit Ondoa's first season was one with trial and error. Dutoit was a decent competitor. Now that Ondoa has a year of experience, he is also considered a little better by now in Ostend. Although Dutoit remains the first choice at the moment. Capon, Faes, Milovic, Sané, Lombaerts, Ndenbe, Skulason The central axis is on point and Faes can learn a lot from all 3. After Italy, Belgium is the best country for defensive growth. Is an ideal learning school for the young Wout Faes. Only something can be added on the right. Neto, Vandendriessche, Palaversa, Marquet, Özkan, Vargas, Boonen Ingebritsen likes to play 4-3-3 with 1 defensive midfielder and 2 with more attacking qualities. Neto, Palaversa and Vargas could well be the midfield that the Norwegian prefers. It has 3 valid options behind the 3 mentioned. The basis is there. Hjulsager, Bataille, Rajsel, D'Haese, Canesin The youngsters are nice players, but they are not going to make KVO play better. The Danish Hjulsager and the Brazilian Canesin take the lead in front of them, but can certainly still use a competitor. Fashion Sakala is a fast-paced player who can also be posted on the wing-position. Rajsel can leave. Güri, Sakala In Ostend people still doubt if Güri can actually help Ostend. A new central attacker is a must. Conclusion The basis is there. Offensive it can be better on both the wing position and as central attacker. It was said in advance that KV Oostende is the damned relegation candidate. I see them fighting against relegation, but all in all they will end up safely. Provided that the offensive gets better. Players to look out for Ante Palaversa, Andrew Hjulsager, Fashion Sakala
  18. Verrips, Castro, Bouzian, Valkenaers This is fine. KV Mechelen has been promoted, so they can keep Verrips. Castro is the experienced keeper and the other 2 are the youngsters. Van Cleemput, Bagayoko, Swinkels, Peyre, Lemoine, De Bie, Bateau, Bijker, Corryn, Van Hoorenbeeck This central axis still needs 1 man with technical qualities. Swinkels and Peyre are mainly the experienced men who are already a bit in return. The wing defense seems okay. Van Damme, Boni, Coveliers, El Messaoudi, Zeroual, Vranckx, Schoofs, Kaya, Bosiers, Van Keilegom Experienced midfield that is worth playing in the first class. Physically they can still come along. Technically it can be better in some areas. Fortunately El Messaoudi returns with both qualities. A central and offensive midfielder can still be useful. Coveliers, Boni, Bosiers and Van Keilegom are the youngsters. Vranckx is only 16 years old, but can get chances. Makes a great impression. Tainmont, Storm, Savic Tainmont isn't enough anymore for the highest level, while Storm has taken the step to become first class. Savic is a youngster from Bosnia. Clear reinforcement is needed on the wing-position (2 players) to mean something offensive. Engvall, Togui, De Camargo, Cornet Engvall and Togui seem ready to compete at this level. De Camargo is going to have a hard time, but he can give his experience to the younger (and better) players like Engvall and Togui. Cornet can normally leave. Conclusion The core of KV Mechelen is not bad in itself, but the midfield can still get an upgrade and quality is urgently needed on the flank. There may also be an upgrade of 1 player in the defense axis. This team can participate at this level. Although it is unable to become revelation with this team .... Players to look out for Gustav Engvall, William Togui, Michael Verrips
  19. If u really require another CB and a youngish winger player then go for it, but remember those 2 are yet to really to hit it off at RM, so who knows how they will turn out to be. Good day.
  20. That’s what I thought too, also they’re not that far age-wise and doesn’t seem likely that Mahrez will break the 91 barrier so it seems like a good deal. Because I’m the Man City manager, and don’t need any more attacking players what’s your thought of maybe asking for Militao + maybe someone like Brahim Diaz?
  21. I would wait to see if Bale moves to a top club first as RM will surely sell him, then do the swap. I think Bale is a player who can stay stable or even rise with a very good season at a top club behind him.
  22. Anyone think a straight swap of Mahrez for Bale is a good one? I know Bale is highly rated and will probably only go down from here, but just wondering if Mahrez has reached his peak yet?
  23. Thanks bro!. I'll get back to you soon with details of matches I'll test it with,
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