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  2. Do you guys rate Martinelli and bakali? (Added yesterday)
  3. No way. The only Madrid players that have potential for rises are the young ones.
  4. Udinese has a good squad, but isn't a team, so they are fighting for the relegation. De Paul is the best Udinese player, but sometime he take long period of "absence", last year from january until the end of the season, this year he had poor performances for 3 months (December - February) then he came back to a good level. Anyway he scored 9 goals, he has a good potential, but should be more continuous, but change several position haven't helped him this season he did M(C)- AM(LC) - F(C) Napoli and Inter are interested in him, this summer he should leave Udinese for a bigger club.
  5. You can't compare Havertz and Pépé. They are different players and have different positions...
  6. Destined for greatness?? It's too soon to say, buddy. Many youngsters, who were considered next Messi and Ronaldo, disappeared gradually. All the mentioned players are too young to predict. I will predict for a year or two. Milenkovic - Already first team defender in one of the good clubs in top 5 European league while Militao will be behind Ramos and Varane. Chilwell - Linked with City and slightly better talent and consistent than Shaw Havertz - Already proved star in Europe. While in the case of Sancho - I feel there's too hype around him and we have to wait and see whether he's one season wonder or not. Also, Havertz is lot better than Pepe. Piatek - He's in great form and might move soon while Rodrygo is yet to play in real comptetive league.
  7. Won't Dabbur get +1 keeping in mind he will move to Sevilla. So even if Salzburg have a rating cap it doesn't apply to him?
  8. Bernat. Wendell should have been 90 in last summer. We can expect him as well. Except Martial and Rashford, everyone has chance to get +1 Only Strakosha will get +1 in the lot.
  9. @zsp2 what is DE PAUL's future? Udinese is fighting relegation with a good squad.
  10. His natural and best position is CB but he is very capable to play as a RB (like yesterday).
  11. Rebic is doing well, I don't know if he can goes to 90, I told about E.Franfurt's cap, wait for other opinions, of a Bundersliga's expert. Anyway as AM you could take Havertz (20M-89), Sancho (16M - 88 maybe goes to 89, but he's a big talent), Aouar (16M-89), Milik (10M - 89), Ruiz (14M - 89) There are also Politano (10M - 89), Correa (12M - 89), etc Players are a lot, if are available I would take Havertz or Sancho (depends if you need more a striker or a midfielder). Cheers
  12. Thanks. I dont really understand the cap because frankfurt are 4th and their cap is 89 yet koln was relegated with hector who is 91. How was their cap higher and how has he not dropped in rating. I should probably sell rebic then and khazri then. Any suggestions of am 89 who will rise with a value of under 20m
  13. Seems like Militao is getting rated at RB.
  14. On transfers you should try selling or releasing the lowest rated players if you can. If not try and sign two 86 or 87 rated players then try 89 or 90 and so forth until you can sign whatever rating you can. Good luck.

  15. Strakosha +1 he deserve it, great performance in the team that I guess (and fear) will arrive 6th in Serie A Lobotka stay Wahbi khazri stay Ünder stay Rebic stay (E.Frankfurt cap is 89, his rating) Hi Damien, Under played few games with Ranieri because he has been injuried for 2 months, but now will have more space, on saturday should be in the line-up
  16. Thank you for clarifying that but I was already aware of that (no offense). I understand my question to themadhatter suggested that I wasn't aware of Militao's position. Although according to FIFA 19 forum posters he is able to play either at RB or CDM.
  17. I don't watch most of them but Strakosha should rise. Can't see Under rising as he only gets a few minutes as a sub under Ranieri. I would say there's a decent chance of him moving clubs in the summer so would keep.
  18. Its one of the problems...in reality the league should have 6/8 teams.
  19. COLOMBIA 18-04-2019 Name Club 1 Kevin Viveros America de Cali 75 +3 2 Israel Alba Patriotas Boyaca 74 +5 3 Jhon Arias Patriotas Boyaca 73 +6 4 Neyder Moreno Envigado 73 +5 5 Jose Ortiz Deportivo Pasto 73 +8 6 Alvaro Montero Deportes Tolima 71 +6 7 Andres Amaya Atletico Huila 71 +5 8 Deiber Caicedo Deportivo Cali 70 +3 9 Geovanni Banguera Ind. Santa Fe 69 +5 10 Santiago Ruiz Envigado 67 +5 11 Neider Barona La Equidad 65 +5 12 Nicolas Hernandez Atletico Nacional 65 13 Michael Gomez Envigado 65 14 Jeison Quinones Atletico Bucaramanga 64 +4 15 Nilson Castrillon Deportes Tolima 64 +5 16 Alvaro Angulo Rionegro Aguilas 64 +3 17 Federico Arbelaez Patriotas Boyaca 64 +4 18 Richard Renteria Deportivo Cali 64 19 Daniel Mantilla Patriotas Boyaca 63 +3 20 David Rivas Rionegro Aguilas 63 +3 21 Andres Perea Atletico Nacional 63 +5 22 Yeison Guzman Envigado 63 +2 23 Diego Moreno Atletico Huila 62 +2 24 Mairon Quinones Deportivo Pasto 62 +4 25 Yhormar Hurtado Alianza Petrolera 59 +1 26 Sebastian Guzman Once Caldas 59 +6 27 Johan Caballero Atletico Bucaramanga 59 +2 28 Jaminton Campaz Deportes Tolima 58 29 Homer Martinez Junior 58 +3 30 Andres Balanta Deportivo Cali 57 +8 31 Marcelino Carreazo Once Caldas 57 +8 32 Jean Rivera Atletico Nacional 57 +3 33 Carlos Perez Alianza Petrolera 57 +2 34 Ivan Rojas Envigado 56 35 Victor Cabezas Deportivo Pasto 56 +3 36 Larry Angulo Independiente Med. 56 +5 37 Cristian Moya Atletico Nacional 55 38 Johan Carbonero Once Caldas 55 +8 39 Edisson Restrepo Union Magdalena 55 +2 40 Mender Garcia Once Caldas 55 +3 41 Maicol Medina Patriotas Boyaca 55 +2 42 Jean Carlos Pestana Atletico Huila 54 +5 43 Ronaldo Ariza Alianza Petrolera 54 44 Cristian Barrios Patriotas Boyaca 53 45 Edwin Torres Alianza Petrolera 53 46 Santiago Jimenez Envigado 52 47 David Camacho La Equidad 52 +5 48 Agustin Palavecino Deportivo Cali 52 +1 49 Miguel Nazarit Once Caldas 51 50 Juan Ramirez Atletico Nacional 50 +3
  20. Like Portuguese Primeira Liga should be, there are 1 ou 2 teams there just to give points to others, no other purpose what so ever.
  21. Hey guys i want to maybe do some changes in my team i have these players. Do you think they will rise in the next review? Strakosha Lobotka Wahbi khazri Ünder Rebic Thanks
  22. Love that the Russian league only has 16 teams, 15 left so they should get to the good teams pretty soon.
  23. You are right, he played more as RB, only recently he has been used more as CB due to the poor performances of Vitor Hugo 😉 They did Championship in february, anyway yes, let's hope they become faster
  24. Ligue 2, Serie B and Championship should have started already. Too boring and too slow.
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