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  2. I would hang on to him if you can't get a swap+cash deal for the likes of Ndombele, Rodri or Torriera. I think he has the potential of one day reaching up to a 92. Not sure if that will be at Milan though (I hope they don't sell him unless they get L.Torriera in return). He's been really good for us or at worst, average.
  3. Yes dani martin. I couldn't find him. Thank you
  4. Totally agree. Yet another example of how SM don't care at all about the game. Just making money. It's vomit inducting.
  5. Have you made sure you have the latest data pack selected? Not sure if it will help, but worth a try. Account Settings --> Community Data Packs
  6. Who do you mean? Dani Martin? He is definitely in the database. Rated 77.
  7. I don't think so. I agree that mbappe is better without neymar. I got impression that neymar not playing for team (PSG). He thinks he is the best player in the team so he puts himself before the team.
  8. Neymar's location has no impact on Mbappe's rating. There is plenty of talent at PSG with or without Neymar.
  9. Is The new betis's gk not in the database yet? Thanks
  10. They really just don't care. SM does not care one bit about the game, just the profits. We keep playing anyway, so why invest in any actual improvements? But at least they don't even pretend to care. I mean, no easily found contact e-mail. Passed off soccerwiki to others to maintain. Let's face it. The SM business model is keep charging for the opening of custom game worlds, keep charging for people to select their preferred teams in Gold Championships, etc., and develop ways to charge people for the single-player version of SM and screw everything, and everyone, else. But have to give them credit, they are making money and we, being the poor saps we are, keep playing. SMFH.
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  12. Mbappe doesn't need Neymar to be a great player! He's better off without him
  13. Look at pic ,I have that problem for maybe 5 days ,since I moved from Bosnia to Germany. Its same for all clubs. I tried reistalling game but no change ,any solutions?
  14. aladink

    Player info bug

    Look at pic ,i have that problem for maybe 5 days ,since i move from Bosnia to Germany ,i tried reinstalling game but no change ,any solutions?
  15. If Neymar leaves PSG does that hurt Mbappe's chances of breaking the 95 barrier? I would think Mbappe would have a better chance of going past 95 if Neymar stays. Especially if Mbappe proves himself to be the player on the team. What does everyone else think?
  16. Oblak - ALL the deals u mention Kimmich, courtois etc I wouldn't pay for Oblak and in SM I don't believe Gk's have the same effects the higher ratings for outfield players have. Throughout the years I've played I've seen very much lower Gk's performing BETTER!! I don't say they don't have an effect but you could get the same or better from such as Strakosha so don;t let go of the young "Gems" for a GK. I find that the more "dominant" you get in a GW and perhaps u have a large number on the transfer list, - the longer it takes to get bids! SM somehow likes to level the playing field and that is just one way they try to do it. With respect to a fellow LU supporter I take a counter view. Yes I think Bale nowadays possibly doesn't work as hard as he used to but IF he say went back to Spurs or another BIG club in the Premiership - I think he just might just be re-Invigorated and give us his best again. It would be very interesting to see..... Anybody kindly reply 😥 and make Socca ... Appy... Appy again?? 😯🤨😃!!
  17. Lorenzo Pellegrini at roma is this lad worth buying or available kovacic sanson can draxler others
  18. 9 days without a bid today. sent 4 bug report on june 12, june 30, july 3, july 12, get answered "we know the problem but thank you for report", but no solution was adopted as i had to share the players on TL for others same value to avoid concern. now i still have 3 on transfer list but no bid at all as of today. they just don't care or is a strategy to balance the teams?
  19. Sébastien Bruzesse, Jarno De Smet 2 keepers is not a standard for a team, so KV Kortrijk is looking for a competitor for Bruzesse. Nicholas Hagen (notably from Guatemala) is on trial. Azouni, Golubovic, Rougeaux, Kagelmacher, Kovacevic, Mujakic, Kasongo, Hines-Ike, Batsula, D'Haene, Naderi Defensively, KV Kortrijk is in good shape. Right and center is good. Even though the Serbian Kovacevic can leave. There are some doubts about Batsula. D'Haene is currently the first choice on the left, but there may still be an upgrade. Naderi normally leaves too. Lepoint, De Sart, Rolland, Van Der Bruggen, Bendianishvili, Kasong, Camara, Ajagun, Ivanof, Hoxha A real defensive midfielder is urgently needed in this team. But at the moment it is doing well with central players such as Rolland, Van Der Bruggen and De Sart. Lepoint can leave normally, so a defensive midfielder is absolutely needed. Bendianishvili is a 16-year-old Georgian who made quite some impression in the preparation. He might get some chances in the next season. Ajagun is currently the 10, but it is also allowed to go. Ivanof will leave on a rental basis. Toualy, Ocansey, Kagé, Stojanovic In terms of quality, KV Kortrijk is not good enough on this side to compete for Play-Off 1. If they want to be in PO1, they will have to be well off in an attack. Kagé - the bad boy from Kortrijk - want and is allowed to leave. Stojanovic and Ocansey are the only wingers with options that are good enough. Toualy has potential and will get opportunities, but he still has a lot of work to do. Mboyo, Ezekiel These are nice players with experience and are worthy to play for KV Kortrijk. The question is whether Mboyo is going to stay or not. 2 strikers is not enough. Avenatti - who signed with Standard Liège - will be missed seriously. A new striker is a must. Conclusion KV Kortrijk needs to sell some players and purchase efficiently in midfield. If they buy better offensively, they can become a Play-Off 1 candidate. At the moment I see a quiet season for now. Players to look out for Nihad Mujakic, Jean-Marco Toualy, Eric Ocansey
  20. Valladolid and Levante get late updates
  21. Butez, Vasic, Libertiaux Butez may still be leaving the team, causing them to lose a strong goalkeeper. Vasic also has qualities as a 1st keeper, but something new will have to be attracted here. Ciranni, Campins, Dussenne, De Medina, Boya, Sadiku, Godeau, Antonov, Gulan, Pietrzak The defense is on point in Mouscron. Something is expected from the young Rijad Sadiku at Excel Mouscron. This is a decent defense according to Mouscron standards. It is also ready for the 3-5-2 that the new coach Bernd Hollerbach has in mind. Van Durmen, Mohamed, Spahiu, Chibani, Hočko, Bakic, Ippolito The midfield is nice, but there can be an offensive boost. A foundation has already been laid here to start the competition. In a 3-5-2, Excel Mouscron wants to dominate the match with these many controlling players, but, as said, there needs to be an offensive impulse to aim for a quiet season. Dione, Olinga, Kuzmanovic, Vroman These are not players that Excel Mouscron can win with 1 action. Vroman (17) is too young to have an impact. An upgrade is important. Allagui, Osabutey, Pierrot The loss of Awoniyi will weigh, but Excel Mouscron has not sat still. It attracted the experienced Allagui and the young Osabutey who has something to offer. Pierrot is the light Awoniyi. With which I want to say less potential, but a bear that is physically good and can keep up with the ball. You can still add something to the 2-point system. Conclusion Their core is nicely arranged. If they catch the gaps with a little more swing, talents with potential and offensive quality that Excel Mouscron can play better, then they can experience a relatively quiet season. For that, it must certainly be able to attract a CAM, 2 wingers and 1 attackers. Players to look out for Rijad Sadiku, Jonah Osabutey Set up Vasic; Dussene, Sadiku, Godeau; Boya, Van Durmen; Bakic, Hočko, Mohamed; Allagui, Osabutey
  22. TOP U21s in South America 🇧🇷João Pedro 🇧🇷Antony 🇧🇷Reinier 🇧🇷Gabriel Veron 🇧🇷Lincoln 🇦🇷Agustín Almendra 🇦🇷Exequiel Palacios 🇦🇷Pedro De La Vega 🇦🇷Thiago Almada 🇺🇾Bruno Méndez 🇺🇾Brian Rodríguez 🇺🇾Emiliano Gómez 🇨🇴Iván Angulo 🇪🇨Leonardo Campana 🇻🇪Wuilker Fariñez Who do you think are the best among these?
  23. Just adding that Onana is a best on SM. So many times i've saw him doing 10!
  24. Really have to see where he ends up next season. As an overall talent, I view him as very good, but a bit limited upside. Probably about a 92-93 at the absolute best. Think of Carlos Casemiro. But again, that depends greatly on where he ends up next season for his club. He's not helped by his Ivory Coast going out in the quarters at AFCON despite him playing fairly well over their five matches nor their struggles to be a consistent World Cup Finals participant. In the end, every deal is about what you are getting in return, the quality of your squad around the players in discussion and the quality of the game world. Is Kessie replaceable in your team? In the game world? What are getting in exchange?
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  26. Thank you, some really good GK advice there! 👍
  27. What do we think the potential is for Kessie? I'm considering selling him, but wondered if we think he'll go past 90..
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