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  2. Nop and even if he is loaned from Chelsea his review is with Everton so I don't think he will have another chance for review
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  4. So seriously, no rise for Zouma? Or is he going to be done when Chelsea are reviewed?
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  8. Can't tell if the vids are country-blocked, if not here's an extensive recap: https://sporza.be/nl/matches/voetbal/eur/europees-kampioenschap-onder-21/2019/groep-a/01/polen-onder-21-belgie-onder-21/ In short: Schrijvers forgot to put on his scoring boots. Vanheusden (and a few others) were sorely missed. Mangala was solid. Belgium dominate while conserving energy. Yet instead of Belgium finishing their chances/adding to the lead, they concede very soft goals. Poland score from their first attempt/a rather "harmless" shot from distance that any keeper shouldn't have problems dealing with (but Jackers was too slow). Belgium only have themselves to blame for their unorganized, abysmal defending. As expected Belgium will be going home soon.
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  11. New 18 year old Real Madrid signing Takefusa Kubo in starting line up for Copa game v Chile
  12. GABRIEL MARTINELLI WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT ARSENAL TOMORROW AS HE TURNS 18 FEE IS AROUND £6 MILLION source: https://globoesporte.globo.com/sp/tem-esporte/futebol/noticia/gabriel-martinelli-faz-18-anos-nesta-terca-e-vai-trocar-o-ituano-pelo-arsenal-por-r-30-milhoes.ghtml
  13. Watch highlights here buddy https://www.uefa.com/under21/news/newsid=2610540.html
  14. Romagnoli is the better defender but Lenglet will likely rise faster with minutes at Barcelona.
  15. Looks like Joao has joined Atletico for 120 million Euros. I guess we will find out if true tomorrow as Benfica will have to inform the stockholders.
  16. Marcos12


    Hi, I'm new here and I have a question... Does friendly home games give money?
  17. Who do you do in your free time and in general, are simply unrealistic glad that you have it?
  18. Who has the better potential Clement Lenglet or Alessio Romagnoli?
  19. evertonev


    Hi all, Me and my mates from University have played SM Worlds for a number of years. Since we've graduated and seen less of each other SM worlds is one of the things that has kept us close funnily enough. We have 7 managers in the league at the minute, a few less than we'd like. Everyone in the league are a great laugh and are really into the game which makes it a much funner experience. Please give Game World 226682 a shot! Cheers, Evan
  20. He should get a +2, he manages them too!
  21. I agree that he is not in the top 5 for the RB position, but the benefits of being in this City side could see him get a undeserved +1 that's i was thinking just as J.Lingard got in the last review.o i believe K.Walker is not at the level of 93 or soon will be.
  22. Hi guys, can Kepa Arrizabalaga have +1? He won EL with Chelsea. Thanks
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