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  2. Bakayoko will not grow up. i would keep keita.
  3. I like to buy players who will level up to appreciate. I would very much like to hire ziyech. It is unfortunate that the SM establish such "ceilings" of maximum evaluation in each league, as the Dutch, the Portuguese. There is no one in the Dutch league with a 91 rating ... As for Giroud, is it even certain that he will fall to 90 in the next premier league evaluation?
  4. Last rating change over 2 years ago, having his best season at Ajax. I think its possibleb if they can reach CL final. It would mean SM lifting the rating cap for Ajax as they play in a weaker league compared to other teams so getting past a 90 for Ziyech is not assured. Then again Ajax have proved without doubtb that they can play with the big boys, and Ziyech has been a very important part of that so a 91 would not be impossible even at Ajax (i hope he gets it, he deserves it).
  5. Alisson > Ederson Pogba shouldn't be in the team of the season. Take away his penalties. Consider the times he has downed tools or been a liability for the team. But he peaked when the voting occured, which is why the voting should be done at the end of the season, not half way through it! I'd have Doherty over TAA too for RB. TAA has had some great games, lots of assists, but he's also had lots of quiet games, missed a fair few games as well. I'd go Doherty.
  6. What's the thought on owning LFC CMs - Keita, Fabinho etc. The reason I ask is Klopp seems to do so much rotation in midfield, as he likes fresh legs. Therefore no one is seen as first choice between Fabinho, Keita, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Milner... Next year you'll have Oxlade Chamberlain to add to the list, that's without considering any potential new signings. Due to this heavy rotation, it must make these players less likely to rise?
  7. https://www.fifplay.com/fifa-20-leagues-vote/ https://www.fifauteam.com/new-fifa-20-leagues-vote/
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  9. You can find an accurate list at page 5. IMO the top 3 is Danjuma, Saelemaekers and Tomiyasu
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  15. I'm not surprised about Conti, he had been unlucky last year, but he wasn't ready to leave Atalanta, he listened his agent and left the team that grew him in a really bad and unappreciative way. In Atalantaa he performed so well thanks to the coach and his scheme 3-4-2-1. About Caldara he can do his best as central in a defense of 3 (where I guess Gattuso put him), but he left the team at the right moment, so I'm sure he can perform really well in Milan next year
  16. The world is started from yesterday. If someone is willing to join, is welcomed
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  21. Also for begining a new game world which players do you consider is a must take?
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