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  2. Rodri or De Jong? Please provide a reason. Can't decide who I like more
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  4. Please predict at least the top 5 clubs of the big leagues, always help a lot in planning. Thanks for the hard work.
  5. Worried about not seeing the name of Boubacar Kamara, and saddened not to see Dembele. About the predictions, great work. Keep going
  6. Goretzka +1? Rodri +1? Alisson +1? Fabinho +1? Wijnaldum +1? TAA +1? Mane +1? Rashford +1? Vardy +1? Maddison +2? Ndidi +1? Sterling +1? Gnabry +1? Timo Wener +1? Pavard +1? Mbappe +1? Ter Stergen +1? Isco -1? J.Rodriguez -1? Benzema +1? Lukaku +1? Lautaro Martinez +1? Immobile +1? Stefan V. +1?
  7. Rating Changes Mikey Johnston, 78 > 80 A really welcome, but deserved rating increase for Mikey Johnston who was really harshly reviewed in the Scottish Premiership review. He was superb for Celtic for more than a year building up to the review, but an injury a few weeks before meant that the previous year was seemingly for next to nothing. I think SM understand how poorly they've reviewed him, as they rarely update Scottish players and since he's returned to the side and after just a couple of substitute appearances he's been given another rating increase. I still don't think it's at the level he deserves right now, as he's in Celtic's strongest eleven in my view, which should put him at a rating of at least 82 and pushing to be around the 84/85 mark within the next year, so hopefully he gets another rating change in time. It might take him to make his Scottish debut for him to get that next rating increase, which has been long overdue. This review puts him on the fringes of the first team, although if possible we'll look to loan him out where he's now likely to get a lot more regular football. Wing: James (85), Roberts (84), McNeil (83), L. Nmecha (80), Johnston (80), Middleton (76), Matondo (76)
  8. On SWiki going thru today, Montpellier, St Etienne, Angers, Marseille, Rennes, Lille, Lyon Example result(s) and a bit of analysis:- Here you can see some of the predictions all are higher except Diakite who got injured and I think I showed lower on a different upload. Being my first predictions I tried to make a very complex formula so that it did err on the safer side. I can at the next review adjust where to put the 0% line, hopefully to make them a bit more accurate. KAA was a disapointment at+7.9% tho the 3.7% got his. Wow!! way out with +5 for Chouiar 40.5% at a plus 9! But I really liked the 0.4% paying out and obviously the -17.8% NOT. So the 0% line looks accurate but could have been even further down than -0.9% ie a -10% might have paid out too. Might well leave the 0% there for Dijon where it is safer next time. I expect this under predicting probably to continue for most of the Big5 review but we'll have to wait and see. Should have seen the 81 for S Mavididi. SM don't do 81's very often, so I guess if u see the 81 please see that SM is likely to go 80 or 82! I won't have enough time to put many of these results up separately BUT will do the whole FranceBest List at the end and maybe a few interesting Single ones b4 then. Hope above is as interesting to a few of you guys as it is to me. More later... Ps I am doing a huge amount of inputs into my spreadsheet so it will be remarkable if I don't make a few input mistakes. Please point them out if u see any.
  9. Hi Oliver, thank you for your analysis, that helps me to improve my prediction INTER - L. Martinez is playing well and he could get it, but, for me more +1 - Candreva took back his spot on the right with good result, but yes, we know SM with old players - Maybe the chances of Lukaku +1 aren’t so much, as you and TM Costa told me JUVENTUS - You are right, Ronaldo could drop - Bentancur is improving his performances and getting minutes, but I don’t know if is enough - Bernardeschi is playing, but with bad performances, he doesn’t deserve a rise, none of Juventus fan is happy about him - De Ligt, I thought about him, but he is playing a lot for Chiellini’s injury, he is playing a bit better now, after an hard start, so, for me is more in summer LAZIO - L. Felipe you are right CAGLIARI - Lo. Pellegrini hasn’t the impact of last year, he’s growing, but Cagliari in 4th, +5 is also my hope, but I think more +4 ATALANTA Is my team so is hard for me be partial, but Hateboer isn’t playing well, several Atalanta fans (included me) hope that Castagne take his spot on the right soon Is simplest that Gosens reach 89, he is simply amazing this year NAPOLI You are right AC Milan I would ask the opinion to @Milanista1 that knows the team better than me
  10. My thoughts on the topteams: Inter: Lautaro Martinez might even jump to 91, according to SM's generosity to hyped players. De Vrij deserves a 92, he is very important in Contes system! I dont think they will rise Candreva (SM and old players) and Lukaku (if he keep banging goals, +1 in summer) Juventus: I think they will drop Ronaldo to 98 or even 97. You see his level is going down... I hope they finally rise Szczesny to 92, he simply deserves it. Bentancur, Bernardeschi and De Ligt have a chance to get +1 Lazio: Luiz Felipe might get a +2 Cagliari: I'm hoping Luca Pellegrini will get +5 Nainggolan should keep his 92, he is chosen as best player in november of Serie A Atalanta: a bit risky to comment, as Atalanta is your team Hateboer, I think they will give him a + 1, because Napoli: Ghoulam and Hysaj both deserve to drop to 89 Milan: Ricardo Rodriguez deserves to drop to 89 I only see Theo Hernandez rising this review. Conti, Bennacer and Leao maybe in summer Milan:
  11. I think more +1 Yes, +1 surely, as Milanista said he has been brilliant, expecially in the first matches and he got the national team, if he gets more is because he is a big talent. Anyway you can check it here and, if you have any suggestion please tell me. Cheers
  12. To early for a +1 for Rodri i think
  13. Hi Milanista1, Lorenzo Pellegrini is doing a great job in As Roma as an assistman, but I don't think he will rise, because he missed 10 games this season, so half of the matches played, I think is too early for a rise, but, if he continues to play well he'll get in the summer review https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/lorenzo-pellegrini/verletzungen/spieler/286297 Davide Calabria this year suffered his bad start of the season, but he played 10 matches, 7 as a starter on 14 in Serie A, for this reason, in my opinion, he is safe, but if he won't plays more and better I agree he could have a -1 in the next. But, also for him I think is too soon https://us.soccerway.com/players/davide-calabria/289810/ For this reason I think that Conti, now is stable, but probably will have a +1 in the summer review. You should be happy that he is finally back, and Caldara should come back soon, then a 3-5-2 could be a good solution, with Conti and T. Hernandez as fullback
  14. Nope Yep Probably, or at least he should
  15. Marcus Rashford +1? Serge Gnabry +1? Ciro Immobile +1?
  16. Hiya mate, just thought I'd message you to say how much your work on the thread is appreciated. I know not too many people use the forum to the extent they did back in the day, but it's given the forum an ounce of much needed life. Keep it up.

    1. Soccahappy


      Many Thanks SwanseaJack Your doing a great, Great job yourself Mate! I'll try to keep it up.

      The Inputting is coming thick and fast on my spreadsheet and I only hope I can keep up with it and keep it accurate without mistakes....

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  18. Excuse me for erasing your response.. . 👍Get work with your predictions: Don't you think L.Pelligrini +1? (maybe it's too soon). D.Calabria -1? (has been poor all season and now Conti has taken his place in the starting eleven).
  19. Fernandinho (defensivly) is probably the most complete players out there. https://en.soccerwiki.org/player.php?pid=4165 Was shocked 😲 to see he is still rated 92! He certainly deserves to be at a 93/94 rating already. I believe he should rise in the Winter +1 or +2. He's got his national team debut this season and has played well so far in his debut season in Serie A particulary against Juve and Inter (the two clubs he is currently being linked with).
  20. Interesting read. But I also checked and he’s not played a single Real Madrid game at RB since 13/14. Definitely should lose the RB
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