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  2. It was a random update problably. I need Croatia and Serbia
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  4. Difficult to say, you ll have to wait at list the top 5 Champs I think..... I expect also other random updates for Ajax players
  5. Guys Im in a GW and i play 4-2-4....no problems in the defense and midfield but i have doubts in the attack and i want to know ur opinions. Currently im playing: D. Silva in the right, Sterling in the left...Dybala and Kane ( Kane its my only certain) in the centre. I still have Icardi (im trying him in the friendly today with Kane), Sane, Isco and Immobile. Whats the best line up?
  6. Does pogba deserve a +1? Will he get one?
  7. I also want to know, because I have torreira in my teams. Arsenal does not help, that's a problem. rodri hernandez is available in some leagues in which I participate, I think of selling torreira and buy rodri.
  8. I thought the Brazilian league had a semiannual review
  9. These lads speak the truth. Come at us!
  10. Yes! Next review: German Bundesliga!
  11. Brazil doesn't get reviewed that often. Brazil's previous reviews June 2016 April 2017 December 2017 October 2018 Brazil likely won't be reviewed until at some point in the last five months of the year. There are other leagues which have been waiting longer since their last review: South Korea & Japan - March 2018 Greece - May 2018 Croatia - June 2018 Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland & Poland - July 2018 After the big five are done, I expect most of those leagues will be done before Brazil is reviewed again.
  12. Thanks a lot. So I am guessing if it's Germany they will start with the new promoted teams. In terms of Union Berlin, they still have second leg to play at home. They drew 2-2 away to Stuttgart yesterday. Also thanks for clarifying the value of the players. As mentioned in this thread a player's value doesn't change during even years. So I don't think his value will go down on the 1st since he turned 22 a week ago.
  13. It is usually that one club is rated higher than the other, Fiorentina seems to be rated lower than Benfica??? Also and critically Dias tho birthday 14 May, is STILL retaining his previous value. This will probably change when he is reviewed or 1st June in a weeks time. Confirm Freiburg, stuttgart, Augsburg etc flowing thru to SW "Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain. SM could leave England til after Champions League Final and Europa tho for obvious reasons" - as stated previously Will check & see if I can see any promoted clubs as yet MF EDIT: YES MF I see going back 25 pages or so, I see Koln and Paderborn went thru to SW yesterday. Didn't see any Union Berlin tho they might be even further back... I guess Approx 4 to 5 days till they go to SM??
  14. yeah for me those aren't good stats to back why a player should jump from 92 to 93 and being player of the season for a team that finished 5th after a pretty poor campaign doesn't hold much weight either
  15. Is it Croatia starting? Matej Jukic (Rudes) +3
  16. does anyone know, because i'll invest in thus phillip klement lad from paderborn
  17. After the first league match, never before that.
  18. Hi guys, quick question here. I joined a new Game World and it's still in pre-season where all the friendlies take place. After 4 days, there has been no bids from external clubs. When will they start bidding? (we have Transfer Listed a lot of our players).
  19. I red it, but newspapers write: - Castagne to Napoli for 15-20M - Lazzari to Atalanta for 20M So Atalanta would pay the same amount, Lazzari would become the 2nd player most paid in Atalanta's history, after Zapata (26M), I can't see it. Even if I'm sure Lazzari could improve a lot with Gasperini. Anyway Atalanta would still have Hateboer as RB, because Castagne is playing more as LB, so they would need more someone on the left. For that I say for me are only noisy rumors. I can tell you that nodoby in Bergamo think, like me, that this could happen, also because on sunday there is one of the most important matches in 111years of history, so is too early only for think about it. I could give a deeper analysis, but I don't want to spam the forum, if you are interested feel free to ask. P.s. As you may understood I'm and Atalanta fan, so I'm constantly updated on it with forums, friends, facebook, supporters etc
  20. Is SW doing Bundesliga or the promoted teams to Bundesliga?
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