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  4. I'd sell Florenzi and buy a better RB. And yeah, you should sell Sandro. I'd go for Chilwell / Mendy in that list. I'd keep VVD. Boateng and Bale has no future. Dembele. He's injured for most of the season. We have to wait till December to analyse his performance. As of now, he will not rise in summer review. I'd sell Tolisso and buy Ndombele / Wijnaldum Depends on your need - Starter or young potential. If you need starter, go for Pepe > Milik > Neres. If you need young potential, go for Kean.
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  6. Which means he’s definitely getting 90 in the German review
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  8. He's young and he plays under age in U20 team, where is scoring. Piccoli did only few minutes with the first team against Empoli, he's from Bergamo and he wanted to show that he's good enough for Atalanta. I don't know if he will have other opportunities this year, but Gasperini will give him the opportunity for show his potential in next pre-season camp, the same stuff he will do with Kulusevski.
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  12. Which Dembele? If Ousmane, as I guess, I would go with the french player that has a huge talent. Insigne could leave Napoli at the end of the season, but he has already showed his potential It depends: what do you need? A starter? A young with potential? Is a long term GW? Milik: 17 goals in serie A, will rise to 90, in the future can rise more Kean: 6 goals, amazing potential, won't rise to 87, maybe 85 --> if you need a long term player keep him D.Neres plays in Ajax, he rose in January, depends on their result in CL, if they win or not. Can't you gather 2,7 M and take Zapata and Kean? Would be a player of 21 goals (even if he's 28) and a really interesting young player. Obviously wait for other opinions Cheers
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  20. Milik (10 million, 89 rating, 25 years old) or kean (7 million , 83, 19 yo), which of them i buy? I have only 12 million, and think milik will grow up to 90 (42 matches, many goals, many minutes). But i think kean can grow up the value, if he get 87 level in june, can cost 14 million. Other players that cost 12 million: david neres, pepé, i think they will grow up more 1 level.
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  22. Bruno Fernandes, Aouar, Ndombele are all linked with moves to the premiership. I would chose the Sporting captain as first option then Aouar then Ndombele but all three are more than decent alternatives to Tolisso.
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