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  2. THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(a) & THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(b) - 44589/400590 - SEASON 1 - After 11 games - 19 games left -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BT(a) - 400589 ------------------------- Ripensia Timisoara(Christian Schweitz) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits Dumbarton(Jim Garvock) - Prom to BT(Premier) Smorgon(Simon Purssord) - Prom to BT(Premier) Achaiki FC(Daniel Achim) - Prom to BT(Premier) SD Noja(Jenny Solros) - Prom to BT(Premier) Cove Rangers(Ricardo Silva) - Prom to BT(Premier) BT(b) - 400590 ------------------------- FSV Union Furstenwalde(Lukas Eggen) - Prom to BT(Premier) - 5,000 credits Edinburgh City(John Carter) - Prom to BT(Premier) AC Castellana(Deek Mills) - Prom to BT(Premier)
  3. KLORWAY MARATHON CHALLENGE - 365380 - Season 5 - After 13 games - 25 games left. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SC Internacional(David Garvock) - Prom - 500 credits Al Ahly(Dean Jackson) - Prom - 500 credits Coritiba(Graham Bush) - Prom - 500 credits EC Vitoria(Damian Colautti) - Playoff Independiente Santa Fe(Martin Burke) - Playoff Club Guarani(Chris Mackenzie) - Playoff Seongnam FC(Deek Mills) - Playoff
  4. Climbing To The Summit - 363701 - Season 5 after 19 games - 19 games left. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- Kaizer Chiefs(Deek Mills) - 53(+60) - 5,000 credits Division 2 ---------------- Chicago Fire(Dean Lord) - 55(+59) - 4,000 credits Division 3 -----------------  Fortaleza EC(Martin Burke) - 53(+62) - 3,000 credits Division 4 ------------------ Ponte Preta(Daniel Achim) - 52(+51) - 2,000 credits Division 5 ------------------ Avispa Fukuoka(Juan Carlos Pelotudo) - 49(+41) - 1,000 credits
  5. Klorway Prize World 1,2 & 3 - 363188,363192 & 363213 - Season 5 After 21 games - 17 games left ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 1 ----------------- KP3 - VfB Stuttgart(Jenny Solros) - 63(+62) - 15,000 credits KP1 - Hannover 96(Jenny Solros) - 60(+69) - 12,000 credits KP2 - FC Augsburg(Rasta Man) - 57(+53) Division 2 ---------------- KP2 - 1.FSV Mainz 05(Lukas Eggen) - 61(+63) - 10,000 credits KP1 - Dinamo Zagreb(Lukas Eggen) - 59(+62) - 8,000 credits KP1 - VfB Stuttgart(Christian Schweitz) - 59(+49) Division 3 ---------------- KP3 - Hannover 96(Rasta Man) - 60(+52) - 6,000 credits KP1 - FK Rostov(Samir Badrani) - 59(+52) - 5,000 credits KP3 - EA Guingamp(Samir Badrani) - 58(+56) Division 4 ---------------- KP3 - AZ Alkmaar(Ricardo Silva) - 59(+65) - 4,000 credits KP3 - FC Kobenhavn(Pai Natal) - 58(+63) - 3,000 credits KP1 - Slovan Liberec(Steve Morris) - 57(+57) Division 5 --------------- KP2 - FC Kobenhavn(Simon Purssord) - 54(+46) - 2,000 credits KP1 - Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk(Anders Dahlby) - 51(+29) - 1,000 credits KP1 - FC Kobenhavn(Scott Lafferty) - 50(+27)
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  7. I think a +1 to Martial is ridiculous.
  8. A friendly match against division two Burnley tonight ended up with us going 1-0 down. Kostic was sent off in five minutes.
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  10. No, I just posted them in alphabetical order. In terms of when they were last reviewed, here are the dates (year 2018): South Korea (Mar) Japan (Mar) Belgium (Apr) Ukraine (Apr) Austria (Apr) Switzerland (Apr) Czech Republic (May) Greece (May) Russia was reviewed more recently (in April) than South Korea and Japan though. My guess is it could be Belgium/Ukraine/Austria next but the order isn't really something that can be predicted 100%
  11. Currently Russia. Next country could be any of: Austria Belgium Czech Republic Greece Japan South Korea Switzerland Ukraine
  12. The United prediction needs to be revisited.
  13. From what I can gather of T.Almada, he is strongly being linked with Man City as reported by The Sun, Daily Mail, Givemesport, and Talksport: Man City to offer up to 20 Million! For him, and will use there links with Girona to help get him a work permit. He is an AM, who can also play as a second striker as well, playing regular for his side in the Argentina Primera 16 apps so far. He is likened to Messi, and is touted as the next best young Argentine player who is most likely to make it big from their current crop of young players. *In an article from a tactical analysis of his games a reporter stated: "Thiago Almada is growing into an ideal attacking midfielder. He has been compared to Messi but he is now reminiscent of Bernardo Silva rather than the Argentine. He shows elusive dribbling, quick changes of direction, good awareness and vision and on top of that he has the technique to execute the passes, just not feet as quick as Messi’s in tight spaces". I would add that he probably doesn't get challenged as much by defenders in Argentina so looks better than he really is. I will buy him as a riser and see what he may bring to Europe next season
  14. Hello to all We are thinking of creating an English league and where we can make real money. If you are interested then you can join us in the Soccer Group Pk Group on Facebook. I welcome you all. https://www.facebook.com/groups/363819957675001
  15. I would go for Sterling, though H.M.S is a more versatile player of the two, but older, and in the long term Sterling is a better option.
  16. Hi, can someone tell me which country's review is going on currently? And which 2 - 3 countries' review will be done next?
  17. Do you think they will rise in the next review? Sadio Mané +1? Leroy Sane +1? Loureiro Allan +1? Aaron Ramsey +1? Yussuf Poulsen +1? Duvan Zapata +1?
  18. First 3 will rise for sure. Koulibaly - Doubtful VVD > Varane > Kouli - at the moment. +1 is assured. +2 - if he gets a move to bigger club / wins some individual / club trophies. Sterling.
  19. Does anybody know anything about thiago almada? He has been linked today with a move to Europe
  20. Have read those reports... Hoping it's not true
  21. VVD, Varane, K2 (great defensor, but he reached his best rating in Napoli)
  22. Hello, I've taken a look at the clubs on offer and I've settled on Manchester City
  23. I can not find where I can post this, but I would like to invite you to a league that has just started and there are many free clubs (no modified club) ID 402410. Whoever wants will be more than welcome 😁😁
  24. New game World ID 402410 All clubs without modifications
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