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  2. Gomez to Westham United. So this 1 "dying" is dead in ratings.
  3. Sterling had a higher rating ceiling in my opinion. Another assist for Bruno Fernandes. I'd say his chances are 90/10 for a +1 and is only hindered by the lack of CL qualification. Dying to know where him and a few others will end up during the summer. I have him, Pepe and Gomez of Celta Vigo in my main game world, all will move but to where!?
  4. Moraes cost more because the age, he is younger. I said that think he will no grow up to a level bigger than samatta. If samatta grow up to 86, moraes will not be 87.
  5. I will sell isco and with the money can get two options: sterling 40 k, 24 years old, and heiung-min son (28 k, 27 years old). I think the two will grow up their ratings, but i dont know which of them to buy.
  6. Not Koulibaly but the other 3 all should. Probably the order you've put them in to be honest. I think 89 first, can't see 90 in the main review in a couple of months.
  7. My answer is samatta will cost you $10m to buy and Moraes will cost you $25m soooo...should be rated higher
  8. @Sir Rahul in the first page under Prediction Done section, are those the ordersl of the leagues (country) you expect the reviews to be done before top5?
  9. 75 teams taken, 5 spaces available in BACK TO THE 80S, new season starts next week, info above! Game World ID 378544
  10. Kev

    Private locked world

    Go to the shop and then pre-owned custom GWs.
  11. Hi, how can we buy it and unlock it please ?
  12. você resolveu seu problema ou ainda não?
  13. Luka Jovic of Frankfurt currently 88. Projected +1 rise. Second in Bundesliga scoring and looks like he is on his way to Real Madrid. +2 perhaps ?
  14. But samatta with 22 goals (more goals in the league) is only 85... Wesley moraes is 83, and have only 12 goals.
  15. Yes to all three, or at least a very good chance. Koulibaly, I don't think so. Napoli poor in EL and a ways behind Juve.
  16. Raheem, Son and Bernardo Silva to rise? How about Kouli?
  17. I would try and buy him. He seems to be a very good winger for his age. But he's 17, so I really doubt he'll break into Benfica first team any time soon.
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