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  3. I hope you can just create a way we can get funds other than selling players or winning trophies.. Maybe you can just create it true friendly match we can get some funds through it too
  4. https://forum.soccermanager.com/forum/1443-tactical-help/ Here is a link. i'm not sure if it will be of much help. If it doesn't help, just send me a personal message and I will try to advise you best I can. I'm no expert, but I have read some expert guides, and only recently beat a team with a 95 ratings average (my team average is 93) This came after testing and trying different tactics which meant losing games to it, before I finally beat it again. 😁(he changes formation every season).
  5. Guys anyone knows of a tactical help thread?
  6. Hey u guys! Do u guys think K.Mbappe (20, 94) is unsellable at any price/players swap? Right now i somewhat think he is. If you don't think so, then which player/2 players would you want to get (No Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar or Hazard allowed in this swap deal). I have been offered £63M + S.Augero for K.Mbappe. I'm not gonna bother responding to this offer, as it will decline itself in a few days. Plus i am hoping to stay long term so Kun will possibly be of no use to me in a few years time. The rival manager is hell bent in getting K. Mbappe (it's a shame i can't block him from making offers for K.Mbappe like we use to be able to).
  7. Not sure as i don't usually come up against this formation often
  8. Which 2 are the better long term investments? Hoogma of Hoffenheim Rasmussen of Fiorentina Montero of Atletico Madrid Pedrosa of Espanyol
  9. Tough one, maybe umtiti because I am not sure whether he will be starter for barca next season. Yes he is. 40 mil actually is a lot. You can buy good CM with those money. Just search which players are available
  10. I’d defo not straight swap Sancho for Pepe. Pepe has a great season as did Sancho but he’s 3/4 years older and Sancho could easily be on the same rating as him by Christmas. I’d do: Pepe+Werner Or Pepe+Ndombele Not sure he would accept either tho lol
  11. You can't really blame him for not letting go of K.Havertz. I would swap Sancho for Pepe and Ndombele.
  12. As you can imagine majority are taken but the likes of kovacic, kondogbia, I'd would consider lower rated player also
  13. Thank you all for the answers. He does allow two players for Sancho, but now he somehow doesn't want to exchange Havertz anymore, I'm still trying to convince him, but he doesn't seem to change his mind. So theoretically I could exchange Pepe as you all suggested and some other player from that list. What you all think? Is still worth it? Some of you recommended exchanging only pepe for him, do you really think that he's that good? And which player more from that list would you prefer if I don't convince him of Havertz? Or just pepe? And as some asked I don't need a position preferably a midfielder or a winger are both good and considering that I could get both that worry is not so relevant. For me what matters more is potential mid to longer term.
  14. Ok me neither...gun to the head: maybe Tomas Esteves atm. And of course i invite everybody for this one
  15. Which decent CM, who cost 20 Million or slightly less are available to you? I would take AWB for 20M, he could become a much better player at MU (well i hope he does).
  16. Not really, it is too soon for me, lot's of unknowns, but in a month i can say something about it.
  17. Is arron wan bissaka worth 20 million I have Kyle walker but looking for some young quality I also need another cm with a budget of 40mill
  18. Do u already have a contender for this season?
  19. Last week
  20. Samuel Umtiti Milan Skriniar Jose Gimenez 1 must go
  21. don't judge me but I need money... so off he goes with Ladra and Zitny
  22. For me I will ask for Pepe and Wener Or Ndombele. Pepe scores all the time on SM I use him alot and is also a good player in real life and given the fact that he is linked with a big club in Serie A. Wener has the capacity of hitting 93 before Sancho once he moves to Bayern. Sancho has just played one good season. Timo has done quite well in the last 2 seasons. Ndombele is a young and promising midfielder that can hit 94 with time. He's done well in the National team. I have watched him severally. Moving to Spurs and playing in the PL is an improvement. Felt United would have gone for him but it's all good.
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