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  3. In the interview of today Correa said that Pedro Neto is a crack and has incredible skills
  4. For me is 87, 88 in the next winter revies, I changed the post because Jgos2 made a good consideration anyway keep him, is a good player
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  12. Kessie, Ceballos, Barella, Tousart and maybe Soler
  13. The super laundry Jorge Mendes made that sell from Braga to Lazio. It was a big surprise then and a lot of money for Braga (or not lol). Pedro Neto is a very good player...Bruno JordĂŁo i really cant say.
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  15. Kdb, kante, alli, tungay ndembele lyon, rabiot this is my first team I promote from within and sell on what I dont think is good enough. Then have havertz, frankie de Jong, bentancur, aouar, kessie, ceballos, barrella, tousart, soler. Out of these who is worth keeping and selling on once the next review is done?
  16. This is a World Championship Game World.
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  20. Hi Jgos2, thank you very much for your opinion, if you have any other rating suggestion please tell me, anyway for the end of the year Castagne should get 88. I confirm that yesterday lots of newspapers wrote Castagne has the agreement with Napoli, but not with Atalanta, consider the day before they wrote the same about Ilicic and today they have already said were fake news. Have you red any amount of money for Castagne? In Italy they say there isn't any agreement with Atalanta, but the offer should be around 15M€ (that I don't consider realistic, because Atalanta refused 10-12M€ in january) We have to wait the end of the season and the final result of Atalanta, for know more about the strategies but the team doesn't need to sell, in june enter 60M for previous agreement (Cristante, Kessie, Petagna). I agree with you that Napoli would make a great deal with Castagne and would be a better option than Malcuit or Mario Rui.
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