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  2. He rose last March, with the Dutch review +5 from 78 to 83 and 10 months later in January he got +6 from 83 to 89 after having been playing 2 seasons for Ajax and is now a starter for the renewed Dutch NT. After his last review, Ajax took the reigns of the championship from PSV and is currently first in Eredivisie, will play in the final of the Dutch Pokal and will be in CL half-final after defeating Real Madrid and Juventus, potentially they can win the treble or nothing at all. I don't think it's a lot considering the quality of the player and his performances.
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  4. Brandt. Martial is too inconsistent. Both will get +1 in the summer review. I'd hold on to Coutinho for a while (at least till end of summer transfer window) so that we will get to know where he ends up and then you can decide. Lucas > Laporte. I see these two as CBs while Robertson is LB. So can't compare him with those two. Matip / Blind. Both players at UCL semis and also have a chance to win the domestic league title. But with Matip playing in top league, I'd go with Matip. Yes for sure.
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  7. Hi guys, can you confirm this please? Maignan (Lille) 87 +1 Celik (Lille) 85 +2 Thank you all
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  9. Probably good for Chelsea in a way as it will no doubt scupper any transfer plans he might have had.
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  13. Only if someone reports dodgy activity and it gets investigated. Will you only be using it from that shared computer or will you be accessing it elsewhere as well?
  14. Hey I am thinking of starting a game world with some of my mates. The thing is some of us will be accessing it from the same computer at work, so the same ip. Others will access from different ip's. Is this a problem or those using the same ip run the chance of being banned because of it? thanks
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  16. I suppose career-wise it's better to have this kind of injury going over the summer break. Not good for Chelsea for the last 3 or 4 games and he'll miss the Nation's League games with England. If he can come back soon into the new season it hopefully won't hold his development back as much as if he'd done it in September or whatever and missed a chunk of the season.
  17. True, he could be, I'm not sure how they'll do it to be honest. Win CL and he could get +1 whatever though. But I'd say to be on the safe side don't expect a certain review before the La Liga winter review... and even then a rise isn't guaranteed depending on how much he player. +5 last summer, +6 in January and another review in June (ish) is a heck of a lot.
  18. De Jong is a Barça player in SM, so he'll be reviewed with Barça in May/June if else fails.
  19. Bruno Fernandes is a very good player and too good for Primeira Liga, but he needs to prove himself in a more competitive league to get more than 90.
  20. Looks like a bad injury for Hudson-Odoi. ruptured achilles.
  21. Keep/sell? Facundo Medina Leonardo Balerdi Gaston Togni Leonel Miranda Myron Boadu
  22. Armstrong Okoflex 17yold-Celtic-Not on database Okoflex joined Celtic from Arsenal and joined the youth setup but it was quickly noticed that he was too good to play in the youth team. Celtic stepped him up to the reserve league and he is shining. He has been called up to the first team squad already (although he has yet to play for first team) which is no mean feat as he just turned seventeen in March. He is a member of the England under 17's squad. Anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the talent can watch the reserve league cup final between Celtic and Rangers on Thursday 25th April on BBC1 @ 7.05.
  23. Brandt. Martial needs to get his act together. Dembele is probably 50/50. Ajax won't get reviewed in the summer so unless de Jong gets a random +1 he might have to wait for the winter review. Not at the moment. The future of all 3 players could change soon with potential moves for them all. Only reason to make that deal is if you need a quick fix. I'd probably go Robertson. Matip is the form player. It's possible but not guaranteed. Not sure he's played enough. A good end to the season and he could rise though.
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    Iniesta has been in Japan less than a year, so not even a full (standard length) season time and has only really missed games through injury, he hasn't really been dropped at all. Not sure when Japan will be reviewed but he'll likely drop quite considerably then, probably to 90, maybe 89. Bernat will be reviewed when France is done again, around June. It's rare that players change ratings outside of the regular updates for their specific league, although it can happen. For someone like Bernat there's no great need to review him more than twice a year with the rest of Ligue 1. Aubameyang got his 95 when in Germany rather than at Arsenal. I guess his decent scoring record for Arsenal means they feel dropping him would be a bit harsh when his form's been good.
  25. Barca fans rate him very highly, they say he is a mix of Xavi and Busquets. The say: "He has eyes at the back of his head", "plays out of pressure easily", "should be a bit selfish and try to shoot more often". They reckon he could run a bit more faster as well, but note that he has had ankle ligament surgery (last year i think). That probably effects his game, like him not putting too much pressure on it when running. +1 for sure I would say.
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