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  2. Lol It's not my team.. I saw it somewhere.. The Highest i have gone is 62 Games
  3. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 304 What?!!!!
  4. TOP PYRAMID, MIDDLE PYRAMID ONE, MIDDLE PYRAMID TWO, BASE PYRAMID ONE, BASE PYRAMID TWO, BASE PYRAMID THREE & BASE PYRAMID FOUR - After 9 games - 29 games left ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TP - Avispa Fukuoka(Samir Badrani) - 40,000 credits MP1 - Uruwa Red Diamonds(Unm) - Prom to TP MP1 - Delfin SC(Unm) - Prom to TP MP2 - Newell's Old Boys(Martin Burke) - Prom to TP MP2 - Deportivo Tachira(Scott Lafferty) - Prom to TP BP1 - Velez Sarsfield(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP1 - Montreal Impact(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP2 - Coritiba(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP2 - Americs de Cali(Unm) - Prom to MP1 BP3 - Velez Sarsfield(Bob Fairchild) - Prom to MP2 BP3 - Al Gharafa(Unm) - Prom to MP2 BP4 - Los Angeles Galaxy(Unm) - Prom to MP2  BP4 - Kaizer Chiefs(Iain Reeves) - Prom to MP2 
  5. Messi, Neymar, Salah, Gomez,VVD, Kimmich, Oblak, Kante .... 😬 After their result against Weymouth, Bournemouth are now unbeaten in 304 games setting a new club record for most games unbeaten in a row. 😬
  6. Hello guys/admins, Could anyone please explain to me few ratings. I dont want to go into deep analyis, but will name a few players that urgently need an rating update. 1. How is Iniesta still 93 ??? The guy has been playing for Vissel Kobe in Japan for 2 seasons, with 20games played in that period ?? He is 35 years old, and soon could be finishing his career. 2. Juan Bernat (PSG) This guy is 26 years old, hes been playing for PSG all season, won the championship and played in Champions League round of 16. Before that he has been playing for Bayern Munich for 5 years and won 3 or 4 bundesliga titles, and played reguarely in Champions League Semi finals. 3. P.E. Aubameyang You gave him 95 rating ? Put him on the same level as Salah,Hazard or Griezmann ? Cmnoon Would like to see these 3guys rating changed because these are the ones that stick to the eyes and you could see that they have wrong ratings. Thanks a lot
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  12. BELGIAN RISERS – FIRST DIVISION Link 2nd division: Risers in second division (age) KRC Genk: Danny Vukovic (34) + 2 to 84 Joakim Maehle (21) + 3 to 85 Joseph Aidoo (23) + 2 to 85 Sebastien Dewaest (27) + 2 to 85 Jhon Lucumi (20) + 2 to 80 Ruslan Malinovskiy (25) + 1 to 87 Dieumerci Ndongola (27) + 1 to 84 Jere Uronen (24) + 1 to 84 Casper De Norre (22) + 2 to 80 Bryan Heynen (22) + 1 to 85 Léandro Trossard (24) +1 to 86 Mbwana Samatta (26) + 2 to 87 Royal Antwerp FC: Sinan Bolat (30) +2 to 84 Aurelio Buta (22) + 4 to 82 Dino Arslanagic (25) +2 to 84 Simen Juklerod (24) + 6 to 84 Faris Haroun (33) + 1 to 84 Egor Nazaryna (21) + 2 to 75 Jonathan Bolingi (24) + 2 to 82 Jelle Van Damme (35) + 1 to 83 Club Brugge: Benoît Poulain (31) + 1 to 84 Arnaut 'Danjuma' Groeneveld (22) + 2 to 80 Thibault Vlietinck (21) + 1 to 76 Moraes Wesley (22) + 2 to 85 Brandon Mechele (26) + 1 to 86 Hans Vanaken (26) + 1 to 89 Ethan Horvath (23) + 1 to 83 Mats Rits (25) + 1 to 86 Krépin Diatta (20) + 2 to 80 Siebe Schrijvers (22) + 1 to 86 Standard De Liège: Zinho Vanheusden (19) + 4 to 82 Konstantinos Laifis (25) + 1 to 86 Moussa Djenepo (20) + 4 to 82 Rénaud Emond (27) + 1 to 84 Razvan Marin (22) + 1 to 87 STVV: Takehiro Tomiyasu (20) + 6 to 82 Pol Garcia (24) + 2 to 82 Jordan Botaka (25) + 3 to 83 Samuel Asamoah (25) + 2 to 82 Elton Acolatse (23) + 1 to 78 Yohan Boli (25) + 1 to 83 Alexis De Sart (22) + 1 to 83 Daichi Kamada (22) + 1 to 83 KAA Gent: Aboubakary Koita (20) + 3 to 73 (Yes) Sigurd Rosted (24) + 2 to 84 Birger Verstraete (25) + 2 to 84 Giorgi Chakvetadze (19) + 2 to 82 Stallone Limbombe (28) + 1 to 81 Thomas Kaminski (26) + 1 to 84 Jonathan David (19) + 5 to 78 Roman Yaremchuk (23) + 1 to 84 RSC Anderlecht: James Lawrence (26) + 3 to 80 (+5 --> 82) Sebastiaan Bornauw (20) + 5 to 78 Alexis Saelemaekers (19) + 7 to 80 Francis Amuzu (19) + 4 to 80 Yari Verschaeren (17) + 5 to 75 Edo Kayémbe (20) + 2 to 75 Thomas Didillon (23) + 1 to 86 Charleroi SC: Dorian Dessoleil (26) + 1 to 84 Marco Ilaimaharitra (23) + 2 to 84 Ali Gholizadeh (23) + 2 to 80 Victor Osimhen (20) + 4 to 82 Stergos Marinos (31) + 1 to 83 David Henen (23) + 1 to 76 KV Kortrijk: Brendan Hines-Ike (24) + 1 to 81 Jovan Stojanovic (27) + 1 to 81 Kristof D'Haene (28) + 1 to 83 KAS Eupen: Silas Gnaka (20) + 3 to 78 (+ 1 --> 76) Rocky Bushiri (19) + 4 to 77 Xavi Molina (32) + 1 to 81 Sulayman Marreh (23) + 2 to 80 Luis Garcia (38) + 1 to 83 Yuta Toyokawa (24) + 2 to 80 Alessio Castro-Montes (21) + 2 to 77 Excel Moeskroen: Jean Butez (23) + 4 to 80 Frank Boya (22) + 3 to 76 Benjamin Van Durmen (22) + 2 to 78 Frantzdy Pierrot (24) + 5 to 75 Selim Amallah (22) + 2 to 80 Sidney Friede (21) + 2 to 75 Manuel Benson (22) + 1 to 79 Zulte Waregem: Ewoud Pletinckx (18) + 2 to 75 Cercle Brugge: Yoann Etienne (21) + 4 to 80 Isaac Koné (28) + 2 to 80 Adrien Bongiovanni (19) + 2 to 75 Johanna Omolo (29) + 1 to 80 Kylian Hazard (23) + 1 to 78 Issa Marega (21) + 3 to 73 KV Oostende: Fabrice Ondoa (23) + 2 to 82 Wout Faes (21) + 4 to 82 Jelle Bataille (19) + 3 to 73 Indy Boonen (20) + 2 to 75 Fashion Jr. Sakala (22) + 1 to 78 Waasland-Beveren: Jur Schryvers (22) + 3 to 80 Maximiliano Caufriez (22) + 2 to 80 Aleksandar Vukotic (23) + 3 to 80 Denzel Jubitana (19) + 5 to 70 Daam Foulon (20) + 2 to 75 Louis Verstraete (19) + 2 to 78 Aleksandar Boljevic (23) + 1 to 81 Milan Massop (25) + 1 to 81 Lokeren OSV: Ortwin De Wolf (21) + 3 to 76 Bambo Diaby (21) + 5 to 75
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  14. At the top of this page: Belgian risers Do you want I put their age in the list for the next time ? Future talents Takehiro Tomiyasu (76) Silas Gnaka (76) Jonathan David (73) Yari Verschaeren (70) Sebastiaan Bornauw (73) Ewoud Pletinckx (73) Others Francis Amuzu (76) David Henen (75) Rocky Bushiri (73) Adrien Bongiovanni (73) Issa Marega (70) Jelle Bataille (70) Indy Boonen (73)
  15. SEASON 4 MATCH 35 3 games left to play and Juventus are almost there Bayern Munich have pushed them despite Juventus being unbeaten Liverpool have almost guaranteed a top 4 spot and you would think Man City will get the other with Swindon losing form but they should still hold on to 5th despite losing the last game Chelsea have been in decent form. At the other end PSG are down and Barcelona and FC Porto have 4 points to make up in 3 games if they are to catch Villarreal wo will be safe if they win and Barcelona and FC Port do not. DIVISION 1 WORLD CLUBS CUP WORLD CLUBS SHIELD CHARITY SHIELD SMFA CUP SMFA SHIELD SMFA SUPER CUP DIVISION 2 DIVISION 3
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