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  6. It seems you have enough fire power with them 4 plus Kane. (Excuse me for stating the obvious) the game is really about using the correct formation/instruction you set for your players to overcome the opposition (of course having higher rated players helps). If you need help to overcome stronger opposition feel free to send me a message (i have a formula which seems to work well, when adopted correctly, anyhow it works for me). Good day.
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  8. I think ziyech and draxler for me Keep kane Godin if you have to sell. Why don't you just keep all for now, one player as replacement in case of suspension and injury? I think kean for me
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  10. Here is my PRIZE LIST WINNERS ----------------------------------------------------------------- Jenny Solros - 94,000 credits (8 Wins) Rasta Man - 44,000 credits (5 Wins) Deek Mills - 43,500 credits (11 Wins) Lukas Eggen - 43,000 credits (6 Wins) Samir Badrani - 27,000 credits (5 Wins) Christian Schweitz - 24,000 credits (4 Wins) Matt Crossley - 20,000 credits (2 Wins) John Carter - 18,000 credits (3 Wins) Dean Lord - 15,000 credits (5 Wins) Jim Garvock - 13,000 credits (3 Wins) Al Phe - 9,000 credits (3 Wins) Steve Morris - 8,500 (4 Wins) Ricardo Silva - 7,000 credits (2 Wins) Martin Burke - 7,000 credits (4 Wins) Damian Colautti - 3,500 credits(3 Wins) Andrew Achilleos - 2,000 credits (1 Win) Pai Natal - 2,000 credits(1 Win) Simon Purssord - 2,000 credits(1 Win) David Garvock - 2,000 credits (4 Wins) Chris Mackenzie - 1,500 credits (3 Wins) Daniel Achim - 1,000 credits(1 Win) Vesko Nik - 1,000 credits(1 Win) Martin Field - 1,000 credits (2 Wins) Graham Bush - 500 credits (1 Win) Dean Jackson - 500 credits(1 Win)
  11. Official | Toulouse acquire Agustín Rogel from Krylia Sovetov source: https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2019/official-toulouse-acquire-agustin-rogel-from-krylia-sovetov/
  12. Arsenal have reached an agreement to sign Real Madrid and Spain U21 midfielder Dani Ceballos on loan for 2019-20 campaign. With William Saliba also set to complete move from Saint Etienne before returning there on loan next season, big week for #AFC in transfer market
  13. Official: Napoli agrees over the Eljif Elmas(19) transfer as Fenerbahce announces him leaving for a reported amount of €16 million
  14. Sterling or De Bruyne + Javi Martinez? Thank you
  15. Gk: Dani Martin Def: Saliba, Badiashile, Schuurs, Pellegrini Mid: Camavinga, Florentino Luis AM: Doku, Verschaeren, Diatta CF: Pinamonti
  16. Hello I have 5 central défenders for 4 places : tah devrij Godin akanji matip which i have to sell?
  17. Depay and Ziyech (if he gets a move) otherwise Depay and Lemar
  18. I was more than tempted, especially if it weakened him, by losing 2 players, to my one. But at the same time Firmino for me wouldnt be a starter when everyone is fit, due to me also having mane, aubamayang, coutinho, isco .
  19. Robertson and Lucas Hernandez for me. I would take Ziyech and Lingard.
  20. I would keep H.K. The fact that he has offered you 2 high rated players shows how much he wants/rates H.K. For the long term you are better off with H.K.
  21. The idea is to make a side that will hopefully get gametime in the new season and hopefully rise up the ratings. I have only picked players from the BIG 5 leagues. Here is a second select XI: I invite others to make a side and post it. I used footballuser.com for the formation setup.
  22. With a little bit of time on my hands I decided to make a low rated side rated 83 and below and under 21 years of age. The idea is to make a side that will hopefully get gametime in the new season and hopefully rise up the ratings. I have only picked players from the BIG 5 leagues. Here is a select XI: I invite others to make a side and post it. I used footballuser.com for the formation setup.
  23. It's just difficult to decide.. And yes, a little bit. There are many who ask questions, but to answer questions... . You, @TMCosta, @1000dB and @zsp2 are mostly the people who respond...
  24. Two among these players I should buy? Mahrez Ziyech Lingard Lemar Fekir Depay Draxler
  25. I would buy L.Pellegrini, only if you can't get the likes of B.Fernandes, Rodri, Ndombele or L.Torreira. L.Pellegrini will now have a more important role at Roma with D.De rossi transferring to Boca. 1. Mahrez 2. Yes, if he gets of to a great start at MU (once he transfers over) 3. The only ones I can suggest (not to sure though) R.Guerreiro, D.Rose, and N.Taglifico 4. I think both have the potential to reach 92 in the future, L.Hernandez first though because he is in a better team, which will help him rise faster than A.Romagnoli. Of course LH must play well at BM through the course of next season in order to rise quicker.
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